Friday, September 23, 2011


This old wooden wagon was a gift from my daughter when she thought she was going move from her home..
It is something I could use every season, for Fall blooms, for pumpkins and Halloween displays, for Thanksgiving bundles of Fall leaves and pumpkins and of course for Christmas boughs of greenery and pinecones from our big pine tree..

I brought it from under the old cyprus tree in the back yard, hauled it around to the front..

..hosed it off and filled it with potted Mums and pumpkins...
HOW easy was that?

My sweet daughter has decided not to move at this am trying to return it to her as I know full well she wishes she had it. 
I will miss it. But it should go home. 

This is my daughters pond at her home..

 Another view of the pond.  It is very large.  Usually there is a fountain that is shooting water into the wasn't on this day...(I must get a photo of that pond.)

 This is the front entry to her home..and the wagon used to sit here...
Mary says she gave it to me...but I can see the look in her eyes...she DOES miss her wagon.
She will have had it for 14 years this December.

Much love,

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  1. Mona, how nice of you to think of returning the wagon to your daughter. Maybe you could both share joint custody. Since you have it decorated for the fall season, maybe she could then "borrow" it for winter/Christmas and then you get spring.....and so on.

  2. Dear Beatrice..that is such a nice thought..but as sweet as my daughter is...not sure that would work with her. :) In my family, when I loan things..they seem to be gone forever..seems the girls (including daughter's in law) think if I loan it to belongs to it MUST bve theirs! LOL I don't mind. No..she can have it back. I have so's fine.

  3. Well you could look at it like this - it is one less thing to clutter your home??? How about that?

    I have been in the same place.


  4. Sweet Mona, your rickety old wagon is just a charimin' to and it's just like you to want to give it to your daughter. Your precious like that!!!

    I'm quite envious of her pond. I thought about puttin' in a water feature and then I rethought...and decided I had enough to take care of.

    God bless and have the best weekend Hon! :o)

  5. Mona, I so understand the "Loan" thing. My children always thought the word loan meant to keep. My daughter just spent two nights shopping with me - in my own home. She now has a beautiful bathroom (after shopping in mine) and I have a very plain white one. But I don't mind, if it makes them happy - it just gives me a reason to shop and redecorate. I would love a wagon like that, perhaps you will get lucky and find one of your own. Have a great weekend.

  6. I can see the apple (of your eye) doesn't fall too far from the tree! Her porch is pretty and that pond is wonderful...I know what you mean by "loaning"..I loaned a carpet cleaner to my son...I never saw it again until I visited them in Kentucky! I also "found" my bread maker...well, I bought a new carpet cleaner and I really don't need the bread! Your wagon looks lovely and I bet it will look as nice on her porch. Maybe you could find a look-a-like wagon and give it to her for Christmas!

  7. What a great way to decorate! Looks just beautiful. You have a great family, I can see how proud you are of all of them. Enjoy your weekend. happy autumn

  8. What a lovely wagon and gorgeous Fall display you have set up in it! I can imagine how torn both you and Mary are...she due to the fact that she'd probably really like it back, but knows she can't, due to the fact that you now LOVE it and wish it could stay, but know that it would make her happy to have it back.

    Mary's home looks beautiful, Mona...from what little we've seen here! Her garden pond and all the trees surrounding it are really lovely!!! Her front entrance is incredibly pretty, too! Why on earth would she have wanted to move???

  9. That is a beautiful wagon! Long time since I saw one in such good condition over here.

    I like her pond too!

    Have a great day!

  10. Hi Miss Mona, Hi Abby;

    Oh boy, that is a tough decision. However, you must honor your daughter's decision. If she says that she wants you to have it than I would do as she says.

    Maybe you could tell her that you will "borrow" it until she wants it back. That may work....

    Heaps of Hugs

    Mom says she agrees with me. (o:

  11. Mona, your daughter's house and pond is beautiful! She takes after her mom on decorating I see. Lovely! The wagon is perfect there. Possibly if you give it to her she could let it visit with mom every now and then? Joint custody as it were. I have been meaning to ask..How is Sandy? I do hope she is on the mend!

  12. One thing I know after reading this post, you and your daughter are skillful and creative in decorating your homes.

  13. The wagon is a fantastic piece and I can see the possibilities for year round decorating. The mums and pumpkins are perfect for fall. It would look good at either house and I'm sure it will get settled where it should live. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. The wagon is a true treasure and I'm sure she loves sharing it with you! Enjoy your weekend! I wonder if you are out and about this morning finding treasures! ♥

  15. I love the wagon, you will know what to do.

    Your daughter's water garden is beautiful!

  16. Your wagon looks great!

    Have a nice day Mona :-)

    And by the way, thanks for your recent comment on my Bounty Hunters post.


  17. Hi, Mona! This is my first visit to your blog, and it is SO sweet, SO filled with love for your family! The wagon is really cool, and it looks fantastic the way you have it decorated. I think it is so sweet that you can feel your daughter's reluctant desire to reclaim it. You guys must be very close. Wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. OH that looks so gorgeous Mona!
    I would have a hard time giving back that amazing looking wagon!
    Hugs friend,

  19. OMG Mona,
    That tablescape below is just gorgeous! Super job my friend! Love the china, love that amazing silverware buy, I still tell friends about that one! You should never be intimidated, you have so much talent!

  20. I.Love.That.Wagon.

    I have always wanted one of those! How sweet that you are trying to give it back to your daughter.

  21. Mona, you and I have twin wagons! I love doing things with mine, but right now, it's in the middle of the foyer because I left it there after the storms a few weeks ago threatened. I decided it can just stay there till the coast is clear. No pun intended. ;-)




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