Friday, September 16, 2011

~FALL where's the pumpkins?~

 Tootsie...this was about all I could come up with..but there will be more by next Friday....I hope!
I was determined to make it this Friday...with at least something.

Little yellow wheelbarrow has found it's way to our new back patio...well..the walkway is new at least.
Just widened the patio about 6 feet or so and added the walkway  SO nice to be able to walk the full length of the house...and not get my feet soaked in the wet grass.

The piece you see hanging on the wall behind the swing was once out on the fence in the back yard...just rotting away!  So I took it down..a couple of days ago and added butter yellow pots and three different ivy plants.  I think it warmed that large area of white wall up very well.

And yes..the cover on the swing is an old bedspread...but sometimes one has to make do.
The ties are made from the material I used to cover the cushion on the swing.  I IS outside and I will never be a TOOTSIE! 
Thank you for inspiring me, sweet blogging friend!  There are flowers in the material...does that count?  :)

Hugs and love,


  1. LOVE the wheelbarrow and I have the perfect spot for it in my front yard. :-)))

  2. That wheelbarrow does look splendid. You've been very creative with it, as usual. Well done.

  3. Looks so nice! I just realized that I have forgotten to buy mums :-) Well we had frost last night and will get it this night as well so I hope all the remaining mosquitoes and moose flies will die now :-)

    One can never have to many roosters :-) (about Your previos post :-) )

    Have a great day!

  4. Love everything outside! The wheelbarrow is just wonderful! I know you can spend lots of time outside where you live! Enjoy your weekend! Do you have some garage sales to go to? Can't wait to hear what you find! ♥

  5. Everything looks great! I have to comment on the previous post. I do like the rooster lamp...chickens and roosters are really popular. I have to also comment on the plate next to the lamp. My Mother-in-law had a whole set of those and my son has them now. I always loved them!

  6. I just adore your house. I could spend hours and hours just looking around. You have cute little touches everywhere. It makes me happy every time I see it.

    Glad to hear things have quieted down for you :)

  7. OMG this is just gorgeous Mona!
    I love what you have done, the wheelbarrow full of flowers is just outstanding!
    Everything is charming and colorful and a great setting to enjoy the outdoors!
    You done good! Love it!
    Hope all is well over there in the big state of Calif.

  8. Oooooooooh, you have a YELLOW frog!! Whereever did you find a yellow frog?? Love all the touches of yellow on your patio. So perfect! And you have a yellow frog!!

  9. Lovely, Mona. The pumpkins are at my place!

  10. It's all lovely Mona. You really are talented at putting things together to make inviting rooms both inside and outside your home. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. It's all just SO inviting, Sweetpea!! I love all the florals and all the little extra touches.

    And a pumpkin just suddenly appeared on my back-door table (repository of a scavenger hunt's worth of assorted stuff left there when we went in or out).

    And I DO hope that's an Autumn leaf that just drifted down the right side of the page---I don't have my glasses on, and it looked like a little red lobster at first.

    Always LOVE looking at your lovely home!!


  12. I Love all of the yellow that you have used. The yellow wheelbarrow is just great! Your yard is beautiful. Have a nice Sunday, sandi

  13. Oh, boy...your flowers look amazing.
    When I think of California, I think of beautiful flowers.
    I didn't have any this year...maybe next. :)
    xo bj

  14. Hi ya cutie, oh my goodness your wheelbarrel is awesome. I wish our flowers hadn't suffered here so much this summer, now we're having fall rains and cold, next week the promise of 80's. go figure.. lol I hope you're having a super w/k. hugs ~lynne~

  15. I love your welcoming porch -- wish I could just pop over for a cup of coffee and a chat! Oh well, guess I'll just have to settle for being "bloggy neighbors". Have a week filled with happiness.

  16. What a lovely place you have for sitting outside :) Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Hi darling, hope you're having a great w/k. I'm so glad you're enjoying Mary Carol's Fall Open House. You would love her, she is the sweetest most generous down to earth person going..there's more to come, I hope people aren't getting bored with all the photos... hugs ~lynne~

  18. Really delicious that wheelbarrow full of beautiful flowers.

  19. Love how you re-use/re-purpose! The bedspread looks great as a cover for the swing and the wheel barrel is exploding with blooms :)

  20. I love your creamy wheelbarrow! Gorgeous arrangement of plants. Your garden looks amazing!!
    Your swing is adorable, love using what you have ♥

  21. Thanks for finding my blog. You don´t speak my language but I speak yours. Your blog is simply beautiful, I'll keep on visiting from now onwards. Love.

  22. Wow! Your patio is amazing! The swing, the metal chairs and the plants too. The stones really made your place wonderful! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Take care!

  23. Absolutely WOW! I loved that wheelbarrow. :)

  24. My Dear One, Thanks for stopping by, My Old Historic House. I sure do appreciate the nice comment. I love your swing, I am sure if I had it in my yard, I'd never get out of it. Great music also. LOL. Richard

  25. Gode billeder.
    Den smukke trillebør og de flotte røde stole og bord kunne jeg godt bruge i min have.

  26. Hi Mona...

    I just read your sweet note and came right over, sweet lady! It was sooo good getting a visit from has been awhile since we have chatted, right? I hope that my note is finding you and your dear family all doing well! It looks like you are keeping busy, busy! Ohhh my goodness...your yard is just gorgeous! And...I love, love, LOVE your cute yellow wheelbarrow! It's sooo beautiful with all of the flowers! I need to keep my eye out for a cute little wheelbarrow like that idea!

    Well sweet friend, it looks like you are really enjoying your new back porch and walkway! It turned out gorgeous, you know! It kind of reminds me of my back porch only yours is much larger. I have a little metal table and chairs like yours...and a swing! Girl, honey and I spend alot of time in that old swing...we just love it! Sure wished that I would have thought about using a bedspread for the top cover before I went to all the trouble of taking it apart and sewing a new one! was a hassle! Anyway, I think that was a great idea!

    So glad that you stopped by for a visit, my friend! Sure appreciated all of those sweet compliments. I DO love decorating for Fall!

    Have a wonderfully, sweet day, Darlin'!
    Love ya,

  27. Hi darling, I hope this finding you having a super day. I'm so glad you're enjoying the tour. I so appreciate you stopping in each day.. I look forward to your visits and sweet comments. hugs ~lynne~

  28. Oh sweetie, as ususaly you have hit the ball outta the park again. Everything is just beautiful....just like you.

    I've miss you so much this summer. Now I'm playin' catch up.

    God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!! :o)

  29. How pretty everything looks! I love that wheelbarrow filled with those great plants!

    Thanks for your visit, please come back, I just posted some new fall decor!


  30. Oh I love your yard, it is so pretty. Ours is so small, just about a postage stamp and that's it. I miss our larger one and all the beautiful flowers and grass. The wheelbarrow is such an amazing idea and it looks fabulous with all the plants. I would love to be sitting on your patio and just enjoying it all. So pretty. I am recovering from pneumonia. Just the pits, but I am on the way to healing. We're off to Maui in 2 weeks, so I have to get better in a hurry. Hugs, Marty

  31. Your wheelbarrow is just great and I love the burgundy chairs and table. Your garage sale finds in the last post are great too. Love the lamp and the tiny Christmas decoration especially!

  32. Hi sweetie, you girls have got to stop making me cry... your comment touched my heart so much Mona.. girl blogging is certainly my life line right now, I'm so lucky to have all of you in my life..hugs ~lynne~

  33. ROCKED this post!!! I love it all...I was grinning ear to ear seeing you talking to me in here!!! I think that wheelbarrow is adorable...and that bedspread makes a great cover!!! I can't wait to see what you share next week!!!
    thanks so much for linking in...your gardens are looking very nice...great post...and love that you thought of me!
    hugs from Alberta sweet friend!

  34. I absolutely love the wheel barrow. I am an avid gardener-- the pic on my blog is from my garden. Don't know if you noticed this, but you left a comment regarding my ribbon pumpkin. Thank you so much for sharing those thoughts with me.


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