Monday, September 26, 2011


..hardly ever...but I did this time!  My bid was the highest for the antique doll carriage..and..
here it is!

They called me on Sunday afternoon to say I had won...and was really surprised.  I bid $50 below the asking price..
No..this was not a garage sale steal! :)  I paid..but not really all that much for something so old and in PERFECT condition.
:( WHY didn't I hide that cord???)

Not a single solitary broken piece of wicker..the wheels...perfect.  Mint original condition.
I went over it with a fine tooth comb before I bid...$125 got it.  The lovely material that covers the inside (which I didn't show but should have) the original as well. 

Showing off my doll...I mean her dress.  The bedding in the carriage was found on ebay and came in a  set.  Two pillows..the first layer is a satin trimmed in lace..then comes the lace covered mattress and cover..then other coverlet and then a final layer of lace.  The tiny pillows and their covers are just beautiful..
I thought it was perfect for the carriage and I have had it for some time now....just waiting! 
I am SO pleased.  I have wanted one of these for years..and years..

I wanted to show you the label that I found on the bottom of the carriage.  I hope you can read it.
It is from J.C. Penny's Inc.  Says it was made by a baby carriage factory and holds (I think) up to 150 pounds.  Then it says to see picture on the left,  and shows a man standing in the doll carriage holding onto the handle. 
VERY old picture ...

You can see the lace topper in this photo..the lace on top is my dolls dress.

I wanted to show you the little bonnet up close.  All those roses are hand made by the seamstress...You can see the edges of the little pillows.  You can sort of see the hand dyed roses on the gown..

Unfortunately this little gown does not show up well in the photo.

And there you have doll carriage..and a couple of dollies..

Did I NEED this little carriage?
Do I feel guilty for buying something like this at my age?
Will a tiny Great granddaughter get it? 
 No..not this time..
I have always decorated with toys because that is all I had around my home for many years and got used to sitting the childrens playthings around.  The family room in our home looked a little like a toy store..with the room turned into a play room with little tables lining the walls and tiny stools I painted different primary colors for them to sit on.  A library of books to read and crayons, chalk and little chalk boards.  Dolls, blocks..the works...and they looked beautiful. 
It's where my little ones learned to keep house...tiny refrigerator and stove..little dishes..trucks..:) 
 I still play with a truck!  Toyota 2000 Prerunner to be exact!  Mint condition! :)

Maybe I miss those days...I DO.  I miss my babes.
So..I continue to decorate with toys..

I am off to bed..and like a little girl again, I will sleep peacefully.  My dollies, Teddy bears, my husband and all my family are safe and tucked in.  I know.  I checked.
Love and hugs..

P.S. for Prudence and Joyce at The Bears Blog.  Just be claws..I mean because. :)
(..just wait until she tries to take me out!)


  1. I am so HAPPY for you...I had my fingers crossed when you said you had made a bid!! It really is lovely, Mona, as is the bedding and I thought the doll was real!! Gorgeous!!

    I miss those days of playing with my daughters and all their toys. If only then I knew how quickly the time would I hold on to every moment!

    Sleep tight!


  2. Oh Miss Mona,

    The baby buggy is wonderful - BEAUTIFUL. AND...Abby you fit perfectly in the carriage. It's like it was MFY (made for you).

    I think you should claim it as YOURS. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

    We love you all.

  3. Mona, the carriage is beautiful. The $125.00 was well spent. I have a carriage in my collection but it's so different from yours right down to the doll and bedding. I'll take a picture some day to show you. I love your babies, where did you get them? They're beautiful. I also decorate with toys and at Christmas more so. I think it's because I didn't have many toys as a child so I'm having them now. Thanks for sharing this wonderful find. Enjoy your week.

  4. Beautiful old buggy, Mona! You have a nice doll collection that will appreciate taking turns napping in it, too...

  5. Great find esp. since you love it. It's okay to have something that brings you joy.

  6. Is that like Hubby sayin' he won his very expensive boat motor on EBay??? Heeehehehe!!!!

    Both she and the little antique carriage a simply beautiful.

    Good for you sweetie, I so want you to have the desires of your heart 'cause you are a precious one!

    God bless and enjoy this day and your sweet babies! :o)

  7. Mona!!! How exciting to finally get this gorgeous carriage! I have never seen one is such perfect shape and isn't it perfect for your babies! A doll buggy wouldn't be big enough for these beautiful reborns! I love all of their exquisite gowns and the lace bedding for the carriage! You really have put together something lovely that you will enjoy! What a wonderful way to display these beauties! And did you need it? OF COURSE YOU DID! Why....because I said so! heehee! Hugs to you my friend! ♥♥♥

  8. Your pictures today put my teeth on edge. I just adore the carriage and the dolls and the clothes and the bear. You know that don't you. I am so envious (in a nice way). I too have toys everywhere, especially now that my grandson shares my life! My doll Emily (who goes to bed with me every night) would love to get in that carriage. She doesn't have one! (weep). She would like one (not a chance)(yet)(still hoping)!!! but she does get my company every night and a pretty shawl to snuggle down into.
    Please don't ever change Mona xxx
    ps I thought I had flota in my eyes at first when I saw those falling leaves. Aren't they pretty. Your Blog looks lovely today.

  9. Congratulations! It is very beautiful! Now I want to see that wagon as well :-)

    Have a great day!
    P.S. I'm glad You´ll keep this one to Your self, it doesn´t matter how cute the grand daughter is, it woun´t hold for long if she gets a chance to play with it :-) :-) :-)

  10. I love your babies and carriage. i hope you are up off the floor. Thanks for sharing and stopping by. Love your music. Richard from my old Historic House.

  11. It's fun to get something that you've wanted for so long, and now you can love it up close! Congrats! It looks like a beauty and you have the perfect collection to use it with. Have fun!

  12. My daughter would LOVE about that carriage! How great is that? I am a huge Eva Cassidy fan, I used to play her a lot in my yoga class. Beautiful. Thank you for your nice comment over at Team Skelley. :)

  13. I love the carriage. You have just the touch for decorating with those precious dolls. Balisha

  14. thats a beautiful buggy.. I've been making custom reborns for 5 years now and I am so happy to see someone happy with theirs..



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