Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yep, it's here!  It arrived yesterday...Summer, that is.   One day early just but that's just fine.  It topped out at 99 degree's and today edged over 100.  In a way, it's good.  It would have seemed really strange to keep going without our usual Southern California HOT weather.

See?  Just exactly what I was looking for...
I had everyone on the lookout for a little wicker coffee table.  I had resorted to using a little round metal table..and then Saturday the call came.  Sweet husbands daughter in law called to say she had "found exactly what you are looking for ....I think!"   She was so excited! 
Sunday we went for dinner and she proudly escorted me into the garage and here is what I saw!!

It even came with a really lovely piece of glass specially cut for the top.  
I was delighted!  My search was over!  Price? $12.00!!
I call that a deal!

 Two coats of white Satin spray paint later...and it looks like this.  I am just so pleased.
It matches exactly the little end table I bought at another garage sale a few weeks ago. 
The glass top was not even scratched.

Even the items on top of this sweet little table are from garage sales..ok..well...the froggy was $3.00 at an Estate sale..but...the silk African Violet was just 50 cents. 

I must tell you this.  It is getting more and more difficult to buy ANYTHING from a regular store.  It really is!  (except undies and shoes.. :)

See the little end table over there?  Matches!!  :)

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately...just lost my "git up and go"...you know?  So..some of my followers "got up and went" and I don't blame them one single bit! 


Sandy is doing well..pain is now controled.  We are pleased with that news.
Thank you, always, for your prayers.  Thank you!


  1. I want that table! It is gorgeous and $12!

  2. Hi Mona, you are SO right in saying it's hard to buy in regular retail stores (except for undies and socks for me). We really look forward to our weekly thrift store "adventures." Your wicker table looks wonderful with its new coat of white paint. I know what you mean about some days not having the time or desire to blog - happens to everyone. My problem is not having enough time to post and then read and reply to all comments and then read other blogs and comment...could be a full time process, but not.

  3. What a wonderful table! It looks great in white. And the price...wow!

  4. I like that table! I´ve been looking for something similar myself but seen none so far!

    have a great day!

  5. I will follow you always even when you aren't around. :) Pinky Swear Promise! It's you I adore. Then you blog.

    Love your girly. That wicker coffee table was a steal. Shame on you...

    (Silverware come to my mind!) :)


  6. I am always so impressed with the way you decorate your home with these carefully sought after pieces and the amazing transformation you achieve when you repaint. I can certainly see how addictive this hobby of yours is! So glad to hear Sandy is in a better position with her health! Controlled pain gives one a new lease on life. Big hugs, Mona. We love and miss you but completely understand! XOXO

  7. You did so good Mona! I want a little table just like that! And I know what you mean, it is getting harder to buy retail when you can find such great deals out there!
    Don't worry about me I won't get up and leave, I love visiting with you!
    Big Hugs,

  8. Rebecca...THAT was funny! Yep, that silverware was a steal and my children still tease me and say I should have taken it back and told them what it was worth! *sigh*

    So happy everyone likes that little table. What fun when you acquire something you have searched for... :)
    And..thanks for your loyalty...I LOVE my followers!! See you soon...I need to get busy and do some visiting..catch up..etc.

  9. Hi Sweet friend,

    Well, we certainly "ain't" gettin' up n goin'. We love you and understand - family comes first.

    The table is beautiful.

    Sandy remains in our prayers - you too.


  10. I've been hoping to find wicker furniture for years but have had no luck. I'm happy to hear there's still some out there somewhere and I'll just keep on looking until I get lucky. You've done some amazing salvage work here my friend. It's all so lovely.

  11. Gmorn Mona ~ Have had you all in prayer since I first read about your daughter. I just read your back writes & saw she was out & about but fighting ... know that our hearts are with you all. May God bless her with healing.

    I so love that wicker table painted. Paint can sure transform, can't it. We found our wee round glass top wicker table & (2) chairs for $25 at a sale ... love them. Every porch should have a wicker set ... it just brings such a beauty & welcoming to a home front.

    Know that I think of you often, Mona. Have a beautiful day.

    TTFN ~

  12. Hi Mona,
    I love your new table and that was a steal! No need to apologize one bit...no obligation...just fun, right? :)

  13. Mona - lovely table! I promise, I haven't 'got up and went' at all. Just haven't gotten straightened out yet from our trip and all of the complications that we came home to. I am days behind in all my favorite places!

  14. Oh Mona girl I love your table redo. It is just gorgeous and looks so pretty with your other setting. Great job!

  15. Mona I love your blog and you, and I will never leave either. You inspire me so much. I love your table, and it looks beautiful in white. I'm so glad your daughter's pain is better. I will keep her, and all the family in my prayers. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

  16. What a great looking table...Patience has paid off...
    Wish you were here to see all the stuff that my daughter is fixing to sell...They bought a new home and very little went to the new house...she is having an indoor garage sell at the old house in two weeks and it is going to be gynormous! I can just hear the people when they come away with their great finds...
    Bargain hunting is a blast, isn't it?
    so glad your daughter is doing better...

  17. Mona, what a steal of a deal.. I wish we had those types of bargains around here. I would be out and about looking all the time. Have to report on the chair cushions.. no luck. I was so disappointed when she came Father's Day without them... guess something else will come along, but man alive those would have been so perfect...oh boo hoo!!! hugs ~lynne~

  18. Hey! I am still here..just haven't posted! Glad to hear Sandy's pain is being controlled. Just wish she didn't have pain to be controlled! The table is a steal girl and it looks really good there on your porch.

  19. Perfect piece and so glad it was a bargain.

  20. O so glad to hear Sandy is doing better. Bless her heart..
    o, and I adore this coffee table..
    I haven't been going to garage sales yet this summer. Just have so much I need to get rid of, I don't want to bring another piece in this house until I've cleared out a little more.
    I have only 1 red and white check and just love it. It isn't big enuf for my large table but I use it on other tables. I need to do a 4th July table setting and now that you've mentioned it, I will use my red and white one, too. :)
    You are always so inspiring to me.
    love, bj


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