Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Actually she is.  She really is.  She likes me a lot and she has this rather ...advanced 6 year old little girl that thinks she is 30.  They come to visit ..probably oftener than sweet husband would like.  But...I like her...and the tiny "30 year old"  child.

So Monday morning I went out to water my plants and my "Peach of a neighbor" was out watering her lawn.
She waved at me and then sort of motioned for me to walk across the street..so I did.
She said "Your neighbor on the left came to your door last night while you were gone and knocked.  She knocked and knocked and I finally shouted over that you were not home and walked across the street.  She had a box of peaches for you from her tree and I said I would take them and give them to you today...but...when I admired them she gave them to me and said she would get you more.  I tried to refuse but she insisted.  So I took them."  
I said "Oh"....

The funny part of the story is that my neighbor on the left is closer than the neighbor across the street.  So...why did she offer to take them.....being neighborly I guess.  Bless her heart!

But...the neighbor on the left never came.  I guess the neighbor across the street knew this...because in her words, they "spy" on me! :)

So this morning my neighbor across the street came over with....

...four peaches.  Wasn't that nice of her? 
I thought so too! :)


We'll have them on our cereal in the morning....


  1. Sweet friend,

    "A peach for a peach". (o:


  2. They look delicious, Mona... have you eaten them yet? Were they as good as they look? Sorry about the spy. Some people are just nosey that way. LOL


  3. Why did she not just place them by your door instead of giving them to the other neighbor???

    Sometimes people just amaze me.

  4. I agree with Gail, why didn´t she just leave them by Your door? A little note could tell from whom they came. Well I do hope they will come later on with some peaches to You :-)

    Have a great day!

  5. Hmmmm... spies in the neighborhood, and then taking them? Wonder why she didn't just leave them on the porch with short note saying where they came from and for you to enjoy??? That's a tale for another day. They sure look yummy.
    hugs ~lynne~

  6. My next door neightbor just gave us some peaches too. Aren't they soooooo good and how sweet to have such "peachy" neighbors. Hugs, marty

  7. Hmmmm wonder if the peach neighbor thought the other neighbor would give them to you. Hmmmmm will we ever know.
    At least you got four, hah. Funny.

  8. Neighbors are funny. My hubby has told me never to complain about a neighbor because someone worse could move in!!

    The peaches look delicious. It will be another month before they are in season here. Can't wait!


  9. Well YUMMO! I never think of peaches without thinking of my Grampa. He loved them, especially with ice cream. It took me a long, long time to each a fresh peach. When I was little I insisted the "fuzz" on the outside be removed. Now that I'm OLD I wonder what was in my head?


    Sweet friends. It's what life is all about!

    Love, Rebecca PS: Your baby sista looks just like YOU! xo

  10. Well - you got four peaches - wish you had more - they looked good enough to eat!


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