Thursday, February 3, 2011


A winter rose?  I don't know, maybe.  It's late and one of those nights when sleep won't come.  A time when I try to solve anything that needs solving.  No snow storm to listen to where we live...and the winds have finally stopped.  Not a leaf is stirring out there.  I just looked. 
The news is full of horrific news of bad snow storms across the country.  After seeing some of the pictures..perhaps I should just be happy where I am.  I can't  help missing it though.  A bit.

No photo's of the house yet.  Sweet husband did some painting yesterday and I got out the spray we are coming along.  So far...the reviews from friends have been...ok.  Some think the trim around the windows should be red.  I  do NOT want a red and white house! :)  Maybe when it is done they will get the ...picture?  Brown roof, Pomagrante red fascia, white house and brown trim around the windows with red shutters.

Problem..spots of red on the lawn..and a wee bit of white.  I can't aim a paint can straight...good thing Sweetie won't let me have a paint brush.  He got started on the porch but today the winds came up...strong.  No more painting...
If it's nice will try and take photo's.  My poor hanging plants took a bit of a beating from the high winds...   should have brought them inside.  :(
Shouldn't I be tired by now??? 

Garage sales last Saturday only netted one wonderful candle..that smells devine!  Otherwise...nothing. 
Not a sign of my wagon.  Oh well...there is always another go treasure hunting.

Did I tell you that my son's hair caught on fire???  Yep.  Those mussels in Champagne sauce will do it every time...LOL
There's a video to prove it. 


  1. Nothing like the stillness when all is quiet to gather your thoughts and plans.

    Works sounds wonderful, can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. First - and most important - is your son okay?

    Dear friend, it is YOUR home and YOU choose colors, if neighbors don't like it - well that is just too bad. You know that expression "if you can't say something nice....." Hope to see pictures soon.

    Boy, do we miss the snow. Back home they are buried. I told hubby "let's get packing". (o:


  3. Hi Mona, I am up as well...reading your blog and
    then going to try to get back to sleep. It is hard for me sometimes to stay asleep. Must be my
    age. Looking forward to seeing your pics of your
    home improvements. Will be nice to have it done.

  4. Your poorson; high price to pay for mussels; hope they were good. Your house is going to be the nicest one in the area; anxious to see your finished product, but I'm sure not as anxious as you. Remodelling is not easy.

  5. I hope you got some good sleep! I love pretty roses and ours bloom off and on all year here in Florida! Take care! HUGS! ♥

  6. Your house sounds just lovely---cheery and warm and welcoming, like your bright self.

    We've been "snowed in"---mostly slick and icy and it's 13 right now---for three days, but I don't think it had QUITE the temper that was predicted. Just seeing that bright teal blue gone from most of the country is a comfort and a blessing.

    I wish you sweet dreams, sweet Friend,


  7. Poor little up all night Mona! Hope you were able to get some sleep and were able to sleep in a bit! :) It's nice though to be just you and the quiet of the night or morning to gather up your tiny thoughts. We're blessed to jut have some freezing temps and no snow. Some scenes on the TV have been frightening.
    Is your son okay? You're going to have to 'splain! :)
    Thanks for popping in and always be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh my goodness glory girl, I do hope your son is alright and where's the video sweetie???

    Your house is just gonna shot what a bright and beautiful lady lives there. It all sounds quite charmin' girlfriend!

    Your lawn spots 'ill grow out without blimish!

    Yep, be happy where ya are. We have four inches of ice under all the snow and it's not goin' anywhere with out sub~zero weather!!!

    I'm stallin' here gettin' all dolled up like the Michelin Man to go out and do my chores...I'm hopin' for above zero!!! It takes about an hour to do everything I need to. I think I'll go hug my fireplace right not!!!! Heeeehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!!

  9. You are going to write about how your son's hair caught on fire aren't you?

    Here in s/e Missouri we are digging out of a record breaking blizzard. And there is supposed to be another on the way!

    I guess I wasn't paying attention but I just saw "Riverside", put that with the weather and painting and I got Riverside, California. I used to live in Culver City and Palm Desert. Miss some things about California but love living in a small rural town.

    And, we have something else in common...I to have great grandchildren. Although I don't get to see them as often as the grandchildren they are still a joy.

  10. No snowstorms here either, it has been around 39F and sunny today so now most of our snow is gone :-) :-)

    If those night doesn´t come to often I usually enjoys them a lot. Perhaps read a book and drink a cup of cocoa or two (no tea if I like to fall asleep at all that night :-) :-) )

    Have a great day when You wake up!

  11. You'll get your house right eventually Mona.
    That was a lucky escape for your son, oh my!
    I remember once, when I was working, sitting with my boss. He was smoking a cigarette (at work, times were different then) and the smoke was curling up into his curly hair. All curly wurly. Next thing, his hair was alight!
    Should I speak up? Well I did, of course, but I had to stifle a big laughy giggle coming out!

  12. I have trouble sleeping to some nights. Like last night, so I read my mystery book instead of spending time trying to get to sleep.
    But now I'm tired. Your house sounds so nice and I agree with you - you can have the colors that suit you and your husband not everybody else. It will be nice when everything is finished, eh.

  13. I often burn the midnight oil. Don't like doing it though. Lately sleep has eluded me due to illness but hopefully now things will begin to get back to normal. Sounds like you have lots of projects to keep you busy for awhile. Can't wait to see pictures. Now get some sleep and try to rest.

  14. Your cottage is going to be just what YOU want so therefore, it will be beautiful.
    Now, don't fret about the lost was just a bunch of ramblings, I'm sure.:) I promise to write another really soon. Too tired nap today and...I NEED MY NAP!:)
    Hair on fire?? O, I do hope he isn't burned....:(
    Oh, yes, DO get out that pretty tablecloth. It will look stunning in your newly painted cottage.
    hugs, bj

  15. I do believe there are more then one of you/us out there that wonders why we lose followers! I often "lurk" on blogs, but may not comment. Sometimes I just like to see what everyone is doing! But, I do love it when someone leaves a comment on something I've done! I think that's normal...seems you do as well. I know what is stuff and what's not popular...everyday life stuff. I can tell this by the number of comments left. Some, and you may know which I'm referring too, can show a picture, write a word or two and get 30 comments. When I try it...I get nothing! Oh well, it's not a competition, is it?! I always enjoy your posts and glad that you have something to share. By the way, I like your background! Have a pleasant day!

  16. Just popped by to invite you to visit my 2/4 birthday blog for some REVEALING informtion. kt

  17. I've been puppy sitting my daughter's 13 week old rescued pup. He's ever so cute and such a quick learner. Anyway, that has set me back with blogging & visiting blogs & so I'm trying to do a bit of catching up tonight!

    I see you paid me a visit while I was away, today. Always so super to see you've been :)

    As you seem to be quite relaxed about your son's hair having caught alight, I take it he wasn't badly hurt! Thank goodness! The son of an acquaintance of mine had an horrific freak accident when he'd investigated an electric explosion. His face was so badly burnt he was unrecognisable and was in intensive care for weeks. He has, however, opted not to have anything apart from basic reconstructive surgery.

    The wagon will turn up in time ;)


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