Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's Saturdays like this that I love!  A garage sale on every corner...and good ones at that!  I found myself wanting to ask...WHY on earth are you selling that?" ...but of course I did not.  I bargained a bit..but I didn't do much of that because everything was beyond reasonable.  How can one ask someone to go lower when the prices are...amazing! 

NOT to mention the fact that it was 70 degree's outside...clear blue skies with the mountains clear and crisp and gorgeous!  A perfect November Fall day here in Southern California!

Here is a sort of overall view of what I bought..with a few things missing. 

One of the missing items is this little clay bunny dish that caught my eye.  At first I was sort of iffy about it...but on closer look...he came home with me.  I think it was...the red ribbon. 
Fifty cents...

There were two of these rooster plates.  Like I need more roosters...but they are indeed my weakness!
I bought them with the hangers.  The pale yellow with the touches of red know...

I bought both for $3.00! Hangers included! Now I ask you.... :)

Who knows...I just love blue and white and it was only $1.00!!  So in the trunk it went.

This was big and sturdy and holds a lot.  I have some but not as large as this and I am running out of room.
$1.00!  :)  Yep, the tools were included!  I didn't need them...but remember, I have lots of Grands that are just beginning to start their lives AND I love to give them things..
When they come to visit...they can load up their cars.  :)

These nice sturdy glasses matched others that I have bought...and..they are half the size.  PERFECT!
You see,  Sugar Pie Honey is always asking for half a glass of iced tea and a full one of these is HALF of what the usual ones you have it! 
25 cents each! 

Four neat little sauce dishes...I can always use these when I am cooking... GREAT for measured ingredients.
25 cents each!

A not so unusual salad bowl... .50 cents.

....and the little bowls added...which I didn't know were like the salad bowl..
25 cents for each dish... Total for the set was $3.00!  NOT bad! (I mean $2.50! :)

I love mixing bowls..and this one was so neat to mix scrambled eggs in...
Did I need for 25 cents I decided I could use it. 

 Not exactly Fitz and Floyd but this little lidded pumpkin cute..for 25 came with me also...I mean it IS still Fall...

I took my pictures with the flash as it was night time when I decided to do this post.  Excuse the glare.
It really is pretty greenery but it sort of faded in the bright light.  $1.00 for this ..and it's nice to have things like this when you want them.
Right?  :) 

I thought this was nice and it was only $1.00 also.  Same sweet seller!    

So...that was my Saturday.  Oh...yes...I also bought three tops to wear under my is a soft melon color, the second is a pretty yellow and the last one is black and the cutest style.  I LOVE black.  I also bought a nice white shirt and everything fit perfectly and was like brand new.  High end department store items...and I am pleased.
Each T was a dollar..and the white long sleeve shirt  was just 25 cents.

I call that a really good "garage sale" Saturday...
And of course there was breakfast after, with hot coffee, hash browns, wheat toast and over easy eggs!
Oh...not to forget the fresh orange juice...and a nap when I got home! 

Love and hugs,
Mona me...was there one on every block where you live?  :)


I nearly forgot!  This lovely Beatrix Potter book...So large and lovely...
JUST 25 cents!  



  1. I wish we had garage sails over here. The few we have are mostly in the big cities. You can never have to many roosters :-) They are grand!

    Have a great day now!

  2. Mona,
    You find the best buys! The book is beautiful! Great buys on all your neat things!!!

  3. did great!!!! I am so jealous.
    I have developed a crazy love for clear glass cereal bowls.....and yours are perfect.
    Good job.

  4. You always find the best stuff, Mona! I LOVE your bunny cute! And of course, I ♥ your blue and white goodies and the rooster plates. And can never have too many of them! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  5. When are you adding on to the house? Just kidding...You have the best luck at garage sales. I love all your choices.....especially the bunny dish.

  6. Good buys. Where on earth do you store all of these items when not using them? You must have a big house, girl!


  7. Oh how fun. All of your treasures are wonderful. Love your rooster plates especially, they are my weakness. I may have to move if more roosters come into the house. lol Glad you had a super day. Hugs, Marty

  8. Mona, you always have such great luck at yard sales...those cute rooster plates would have gone home with me...they are a weakness of mine, too!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  9. Bot oh boy did you score!! Amazing deals! I wouldn't have been able to leave them there either

  10. Hi Sweet Friend,

    Wow, what a stash.....and then a nice breakfast with your "honey". What a wonderful day you had.

    Well, fall has arrived, it was 39 degrees this morning at 6 AM. (o: Yesterday it never reached 60. Snuggle weather.


  11. You made another killing, Mona!! You have so many great sales in your must be the mild weather. We have had zilch! I am loving your rooster plates, I think they look good with cheese and crackers on them for a little informal party...or you can hang them. Love the blue and white vase and the utensil holder, I can always use one more of those!

    Great job! Your breakfast sounded lovely and the nap even better! I wish we could have gained an hour today! ;-D


  12. Well Mona it looks like you made another wonderful hull at the yard sales. I love the bunny. What great prices. Since I adore all things blue and white I would have grabbed up the pitchers in a second. LOL!

  13. I'm jealous! You got some GREAT stuff!!! I love the rose swag :-) We have lots of GS's in my neighborhood, but I ALWAYS have to work on Saturdays (retail..yuk), so by the time Sunday rolls around all the good GS stuff is gone. Woe is me.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Lori Lynn ♥

  14. Hi Mona, just stopped in from Christer's blog and WOW you have some great finds. Grenville and I enjoy yard sales and flea markets and try,sometimes not too successfully, only to buy something we can use - or can give away. Also thrift stores are great haunts of ours. And you are right about never having ennough glass mixing bowls and the little bowls to set things out in when cooking.

  15. You know how to find the treasures!

    I think my favorite is the rabbit...great bargains, every one.

  16. Ummm, great buys..loving the book the best of all.

    I have been such a good girl..trying so hard to clean out my cottage of things I never use. I've avoided the garage sales like the plague.
    I've carted box after box of things to the Salvation Army, Goodwill and other thrift places..and am working, as we speck, on loading another box. whew...I am beginning to think I am a ....shhhhh....hush.....hoarder. THERE...I SAID IT...

  17. Oh what great deals Mona!
    You really did good girl!
    Our garage sale season is pretty much over. We have had some nice weather but generally its just too cold!

  18. If I ever make it to California I want to go shopping with you. 'Course I would need a freight car to come back to Alabama. I vote my favorites of this trip is the rose swag on the piano and the cute pumkin that wasn't Fitz and Floyd.
    You lucky duck.

  19. Sorry, we can spell pumpkin in Alabama we just can't type. Oh well can't win them all.

  20. I too went garage saling on Saturday and was amazed at all the garage sales everywhere. Perfect day for it too. I spent only $8 and came home with several Christmas presents! I wonder if the first week of November is the best garage saling week of the year.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog today!


  21. Love the rooster! I always love the roosters. :-)

  22. Love the rooster plates too! You always find such great garage sales Mona; alas, there's not much in our community that I want to visit.

  23. Girl, from the wonderful little bunny (smitten here...I collect such wonderful bunnies) to the great find of the just rock!!!

    What grand treasures ya always have to share with us. Ya always bring a smile to me face and a song to my heart!

    (Poor little Sarah Grace(Gracie in my last post) broke her arm in two places..SIGH!!!)

    God bless ya and have the most extraordinary day sweetie!!!

  24. Mona you always did the best stuff girl..I love the blue/white that would look great in my kitchen if I had room for it ha ha!! told you on the phone the other day I have stuff stuufef under stuff right now..Maybe now without posting any more I can clear some of it out...Hope you have a GREAT week ya, Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  25. I would have so much fun going with you! Of course we would have to fight over some of those great things! I love the book! ♥

  26. Awesome finds and great deals. Sounds like a fun Saturday!♥

  27. You sure know where to find treasures; wonderful pictures; I would have given anything to be with you. Lovley post.

  28. Oh those rooster plates! Love em! I picked up a love seat Friday, did I need it, no but like you I couldn't resist! I teased in my post about it that I would throw out Hubby's recliner but for now they are residing happily side by side!

  29. I just had to come back and say thank you and Merci. This is why I love blogging. You discover the nicest people like you Mona.

  30. Hi Mona you sure have A good eye for A bargain I wish we had good sales like that here.
    Hugs Mary.

  31. HI Mona,
    You did have a fun Sat. No sales on our block with weekend..come to think of it we have been in our house now for 6 months and no one has had a garage sale..
    I sewed all weekend since it rained and I didn't want to go out. I had the fireplace going, a bunt cake in the over, the T.V on and the sewing machine humming, yep that was my weekend..
    You found some really neat stuff..I love the little bunny!..
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  32. I love Jemima Puddle Duck! You took away such nice things. I love them all!

    Deanna :D

  33. made out like a bandit!!! Did you ever watch "Rudy" yet?

  34. Hi Mona,
    Just coming by to say hi and wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    I hope all is well and that you find lot's of goodies at your next garage sale!


  36. Dearest precious Mike! Have I told you lately that I love you?!! I can hardly wait until July! Give my best friend a hug for me..I miss you two!!! Terribly!!
    A million hugs!

  37. Nope we just don't have that many but if you do find a yard sale, get there EARLY because tier is not much left by 7:05 ... It makes me frustrated!!!!
    My hubby has a pick up if iever need one but I am loving an SUV again!
    I am so glad you stopped by! Hugs from this end the county!

  38. hi mona! what a haul! it is so much fun to find bargains isn't it? joyce

  39. Oh, Mona what BEAUTIES you have found. It that pitcher marked Delft (or Holland anything)? It is awesome. The little blue pottery piece looks like that gorgeous TX pottery ... If only we had sales like this.

    Such a 'rush' when one finds such beautiful items as have you ...

    Have a great week!
    TFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  40. Hi Mona!! No!! I tried to find some garage sale this weekend to no avail! Waaa!! But look at all of your treasures you found! I love everything. The little bunny is adorable, all of your bowls and especially those Rooster plates - they're gorgeous!
    Well, to answer your question, I have bird plates in my tiny hutch at the moment and Christmas is coming. Wonder if I could find some Christmasy Rooster plates? Oh, that would be wonderful! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;) Oh, and I love that first photo of you. I haven't seen it before. You were and still are a very beautiful woman! hubba hubba :)

  41. So many wonderful treasures Mona! You find the best! Thanks for your sweet visit -- you're such a sweet blog friend.


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