Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You would think by my age that I would have learned when to do certain things.  Taking ones car in to be serviced on Veteran's day...was NOT the best time..and the place was packed! 

Look!  I actually got to wear my coat!  It only lasted a day or so..but it was actually cool that day.  Ann took this one of me on the front porch, then we were off to get our cars serviced...

This was one of the scenes on Veterans Day at the dealership.  Poor folks looked tired out.  He at least had the television to look at.
My friend, Ann went with me and we kept each other company.  That helped.  It just was not the place to be when many people were home from work and trying to do the same thing we were doing.

I haven't been posting because I wanted to do some visiting...and besides I've  had "Blogger's block"  big time!
 There is such a thing isn't there?   They say when you can't sleep get up and do something.  Make a list of things you want to accomplish. Read.  Drink hot milk. (gag!)
Tea? No!  Certainly not coffee!  Water?  Well...not wise if you want to stay asleep!

I think I am off to visit more blogs.  Chalk me up as a waste of your time.  That's ok.  I deserve it.

Wait!  I do have something! Ok, it's not much but I have decided to learn to scrapbook.  A friend talked me into giving it a try.  My question is ....WHEN did scrapbooking get so complicated.  I went to Michaels TWICE...and came home loaded with all sort of stuff. I spent about $140!  Can you imagine? 
I think I am helping Martha Stewart become richer!  I simply cannot go back into that store!
Do you ever get the feeling you have a Tiger by the tail?  Bit off more than you can chew?  Gotten in over your head?  Yeah..well..me too!  It used to be all one needed was a scrapbook and some glue.  What happened???  I think my adventure in Scrapbooking is going to come to a quick end.

Love and hugs..and...have a wonderful day.  I'll get back to you later with some of the trouble I have brought on myself!  :)  It's no wonder I can't sleep!


  1. It is so typical, we all think it is a great ides to do something on a free day and forgets that everyone else is free that day too :-) :-) Thankfully I have a garage close to work so I just leave it there while I´m working.

    Hobbies has a tendency to become expensive :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!
    By the way, I love hot milk :-) :-) :-)

  2. Dearest Friend,

    What a beautiful woman you are. Can't wait to hear more about your scrape booking. Whatever you do turns into an art form - that's just the way you are. (o:

    Blessings to you this day, sweet friend.


  3. Ya, I put together a couple of scrapbooks for our grandsons when they were born.. YIKES.. talk about expensive. Plus I got paper items and glue everywhere. I'm better off just pecking away at my computer and forgetting about trying to be a good grandma. HA!

  4. It is a good thing Michael's is hours from my house. I always come out with large canvases, new brushes and loads of paints.

    Marcy scrapbooks and gifts pages for Christmas. The children add to their growing albums...too much work for me.

  5. hi mona...i have so much scrapbooking stuff! good heavens. send me your address and i will send you some stuff. i really need to get rid of some stuff.teddy gets a piece of steak, a piece of chicken and a piece of fish each day. she eats it with her dry food. sometimes she gets veal and once in a while she gets liver. she also loves seafood of any kind. chows were bred in northern china and ate a diet of seafood and that gene is still very strong! i am going to make some of the stars so i will post pics when i do!

  6. Hi Mona,
    What a day yoo had! and you have decided to start scrapbooking;wow. I've thought about it, but I don't think I would have the time; at this point,I'm slow as molasses with everything I do. Don't you just love being old. and sleeping at night...that's another something else. My brain won't stop. Keep us posted on your Scrapbook.

  7. Not a scrapbooker...tried with friends once, just didn't catch with me. It is a very expensive hobby for sure!

  8. I'm not a scrapbooker but probably should be. It's just anoter venue for getting to write. Can you go through your pictures and start writing stories pertaining to them. Maybe you do that already.
    What are your Thanksgiving plans??
    Ladybug Creek

  9. Hi Mona,
    Yes indeed scrapbooking can be expensive! But you don't have to spend a ton to make something nice.
    I always love your posts no matter what the topic might be!

  10. Hot milk is wonderful...IF you add chocolate to it. :))
    There is a Sleepy Time tea that I used to keep on hand for sleepless nights. Has something in it that makes one drowsy. I had forgotten all about it until now.
    Mona, I have NEVER had bloggers block. I can hardly do one post for thinking of another. I think I have about 16 posts in drafts. CRAZY !!
    Seems everywhere I look, tho, I see something to blog about. Now, when I get really busy and no time to take pics and work up posts, I will just reach back and get one from the past.
    I sure wouldn't mind reading some of your stories you did in the past. They were just like reading a book.:)

    Sorry you had such a time at the car place.

  11. I have not caught the scrapebook fever....It seems that it takes a lot of time as well as money.


  12. Mona, I do things when everyone else has the same idea in mind, too! Have a great week...

  13. I had a mound of things to do the other day. I had a dentist appointment ( folks I'd rather give birth but a my age it ain't gonna happen), a tire goin' flat, a car to be serviced...etc. Now this is how twisted and organized I am. I found a service center near the dentist office and pulled the car in to fix the flat and change the oil as I walked to the Dentist office. Teeth shinny bright I picked up my finished car and went on about my business.

    Scrapbookin' these days...I'm just waaaay to spastic to sit still that long.

    Have a great day sweetie...have ya tried taking a little Melatonin from the health food store to help with the sleep? Just sayin.....

    God bless you beautiful Mona and have a glorious day!!! :o)

  14. You are going to love scrapbooking Mona. I know it.
    Oh dear! you did boo boo when you went to the garage on Veterans' Day, didn't you. I bet you don't do that again.
    Blessings, Star

  15. Hi Mona! It is always a delight to stop by and pay a visit to you. Your humor and optimism is always a treat for me. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words this morning!


  16. Scrapbooking used to be a way of gathering your souveniers of your life to help keep the memories. Now it's turned into an enterprise to line the pockets of the manufacturers and is waaaay to complicated for mere mortals. There's no reason you can't just keep it simple and true to the original purpose....as long as you can resist all that CUTE! :)

  17. Oh no! The scrapbooking bug got you! I have been lucky enough to stay away from that. I only doit at my girl friends house. I refuse to start because so many cute things keep coming out and of course you "Just have to have it". Pretty soon, the supplies take over and you have to move out and get a new home :)

    It is fun though.

    I know what you mean about blog burn out. I have it now. I just don't have a lot of time to post anything and then when I do have time, I want to read other blogs. I've been super bad about posting messages too :(

  18. G'day Mona ~ This is one thing I have no interest in at all. I hope you enjoy learning how to do it.

    Every now & then there is a slump for me in blogging but I get right back up & move along. I so understand where you are coming from.

    I love that Delft jug on your previous write, Mona.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  19. You have Dances With Wolves on your music thingy! When it came on all I could do was listen. After all this time it still brings tears to my eyes. I need to go dig out the soundtrack.
    Talk about going off topic..
    I love you, Mona.
    Oh, and thanks for the lovely music!

  20. Hi Mona,
    You have the most beautiful hair and the prettiest face, and you are sweet on top of all that.

    I'm sorry you had a bad day and had to wait forever for your car service. I just love the photo of the couple with her head on his shoulder, how cute.

    I never got into scrapbooking but I think that all hobbies are expensive. I cannot go into a craft store without spending a small fortune.

    Cheer up girl, better days are ahead and yes, we all suffer from blogger block!


  21. Mona -- I always love yoru show and tell! Stop on by an put your name in the hat for my little giveaway -- would love to see you win this little holiday apron!

  22. Hi Mona! Im new to blogging and JUST found you! SOOO glad I did! You are HALARIOUS!!! Your post made me actually Laugh Out Loud!!! The picture of the couple ASLEEP at dealership...FUNNY! And I LOVE your coat. I am HEAD OVER HEELS Crazy about your site! I WILL be following! I have an interior design business and blog, im doing 14 days of christmas trees and would LOVE and appreciate if you would come visit! And I have a GIVEAWAY through today!

    *ENTER PAMPERING Give-Away Here *

    blessings xoxokara

  23. OH YEAH! And Mele...Precious! I have had Pomeranians forever! Love them, such good pups! Shes BEYOND ADORABLE!


  24. Oh, Mona - scrapbooking. A giant tarbaby! Addictive, expensive and truly - who will ever want to look at them but ME? But I love doing them and finding all the little bits and pieces. So much of what I create is either digital (blogging) or ephemeral (food) and I love the look of pages that I've created and can touch and feel. Maybe I'll have a romantic minded grandchild one day who will treasure them.

  25. Hi Mona, No surprise that so many others choose a holiday to get their vehicle serviced. Glad we're retired and can go anytime :-) That couple did look rather bored, but at least the wife cfaught a nap - good thinking on her part! Scrapbooking can be addictive and costly so I have heard and your post proved that. But many people do have lots of fun and hope you do as well.

    By the way, I really do enjoy your posts and photos of your yard and garage sale finds. We are thrift store fans here.

  26. I don't scrapbook but I visit Michaels for so many other things that will eventually bankrupt me, I'm sure!
    Love that photo of you Mona, you're truly a handsome woman!

  27. Hi Mona. You will love scrapbooking I went through that phase.I have some nice pages done.hope you enjoy it.
    Hugs Mary.

  28. LOL! Mona, you and I are certainly two peas from the same pod! I can't resist all the pretty scrapbook papers and cute stickers for every occasion! Ha! I don't have one scrapbook page to show for all the money I've spent! I do use some of it for other crafts but most of it is in some cute little organized drawers that I also couldn't resits! I hope you will do better than me and put a book together!
    Hugs and Love,

  29. I love the idea of scrap booking but somehow I can just see me getting out of hand buying up all the sweets bits and baubbles. Mix that with the fabric and such I already by and I'd be in the poor house eh? Have fun and just relax as you go. I dont' think there is any one way to do it. It's all about YOUR vision. Hugs. Tammy


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