Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last week a dear friends daughter that I love very much and used to care for when she was a baby, called and said she would love to bring her two little girls over to see the house for Halloween.  I thought it was a wonderful idea and invited them for lunch. 
Unfortunately something came up and they were unable to make it on that particular we postponed until the following week and they promised to confirm.  When I heard nothing by the end of the week, Friday, I wrote and said that I supposed something had once again come up..and with many apologies my friends sweet daughter called me asked if she and her mother and the girls could come on Halloween day.  They had gotten really busy and had forgotten.

I told her I would check with my daughter as we usually planned something for that day but I would get back to her in a couple of hours, which I did. 
We decided that they would come at 11 AM on Sunday, Halloween day.  So...

I found these adorable little Martha Steward treat bags complete with Witches.  I went to See's Candies and bought cute little ghosts and tiny pumpkins wrapped in orange foil and fixed up adorable little treats for each little girl. 

I had my daughter bake and package the big pumpkin cookies for them.

I made chicken and tuna salad sandwiches and put them on a pretty paper lace doily and made a nice potato salad to go with them.  Nothing formal...or dressy but I wanted it to be nice.

Then as the hour approached I put the water on to boil for the tea... out my pretty china plates, fresh fruit...

and added a plate of cookies for dessert to go with our ice cream.  My sweet son in law even drove across town to deliver them to me in time.

I had gotten up early and cleaned the house spic and span, laid out pretty guest towels.  Saturday had been hectic as Howard has not been at his best lately and not feeling too well.  I'd had to take him into the hospital at 4 AM and he seemed much better but I was running a bit behind so had to sort of rush around.  
While the tea water was heating...I ran in and freshened up.  It was now about five minutes after 11.
I waited...and kept looking out the window.  
You see, my friend had never met my husband yet or been to my home.  Her daughter had, so this was rather important to me.  
The clock ticked...minutes passed and no one came.  And...I waited.  At 11:45 I ...decided to check my blog and my email to kill time.  
There was a note from my friends daughter saying "I don't think we are going to make it over today.  I woke up with a terrible headache, (migraine) and I think I will stay in bed so I can take the girls out trick or treating tonight."  I'm so sorry."  The message was sent a couple of hours earlier.  She said she didn't call because she thought we might still be in bed!  Bless her heart!  I thought that was very thoughtful.

Lesson?  Check your email often?  Yes, but I have two phones.  A land line and a cell and they have both numbers but didn't think to call I guess.  
So...Halloween was not the greatest day for me....however when Sweet Husband returned from his bike ride...he grinned and said "you mean I get to eat the sandwiches?"  THAT made me smile...sort of.
We had a nice lunch...and enjoyed every moment.  Sort of...

The reason I have all the photo's above is because I took them and sent them to my friends daughter so they could see I really tried to have nice lunch for them...and since they couldn't make least they could see the photo's...and perhaps another time.  I said I felt bad the little ones didn't get the treats but that I would just give them to Howard Grandchildren even though they were too big for them really so they wouldn't go to waste...and that perhaps we could do it another time...

I just think in a case like that, it is always good to call.  NOT everyone reads their email all the time.  At least I don't.  Perhaps I should.
Technology is wonderful..but surely telephones are still important and very useful.
Should I have sent the photo's?  Probably not, now that I think about it because they called on the phone right away.  It seemed like a good idea at the time...
Lovn' hugs,

P.S. I took a long nap and felt better when I woke up.  Not quite so cranky! :)


  1. Mona,

    You are the sweetest, kindness, most loving person I know. I would not have reacted with such grace and forgiveness. I am so thankful that we met. Just think, I was afraid of blogging - well not anymore.

    Blessings, your table setting was stunning. And I am glad you and hubby enjoyed the tea party.


  2. Hi Mona,
    I wish I could have come to that beautiful luncheon that you so lovingly made!
    I would have been early to boot!
    And you are very sweet but I would have been quite irritated about the whole thing!
    I think you were quite clever to have sent the pics!
    And the pics are quite beautiful indeed!
    I want to move to Calif. so I can visit you and Karen and Gloria!

  3. Mona, how gracious of you. I understand migraines because I suffer with them but you should have been called. The lunch looked so lovely, wish I could have been there, I also would have been early. i am glad Howard enjoyed your pretty sandwiches. What a sweetie!
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Oh man! This all looks so delightful -- I'll bet your husband did grin to see what he would enjoy. I'm so sorry that those little girls didn't get the opportunity to enjoy your wonderful treat.

  5. Oh Mona...I'm not as nice as you go through all that trouble to do something for someone and they are a no show...and who in the heck checks their emails when they are running around making lunch and cleaning house..
    Now I would have send the pics alos letting them know this is what you won't get next time you come to my house..Girl that's just rude..I had people do that to me for dinner one time...Didn't show and no call and when I called them they said or was that today?? anyhoo I hope all is well in your world my dear friend..I might try and call you this week...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. That would have bothered me...cancellations and then technically a no show.

    Hope Howard is doing much better.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. What a shame Mona, and I feel like you that a phone call would have been nice. However, if she had a migraine, she probably didn't want to talk to anyone, just hide in the dark, so I can understand that.

    Hope Howard is much, much better. And just think, you don't have to clean the house now.

  8. Oh baby, what a disappointment all around that was for ya. Nobody checks their email all the time, especially when your settin' up the most charmin' little luncheon I've ever seen. Honey, I would of been there with (cow) bells on!!!

    I fear I would of not been as nice or understanding as you but your just that kinda gal!

    I hope Hubby is feelin' bright and perky again and I'm so glad you both decided to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. When life hands ya lemons baby! Heeehehehe!

    Take care sweetie and have the most wonderfully bless are a treasure beautiful Mona!

  9. Sorry your friends pooped out on you at the last minute, but I will bet Howard had a great time eating all that delicious looking food, especially those gorgeous cookies!

  10. Oh Miss Mona...that very thing has happened to me before. :( Your luncheon table looked lovely and I would have loved to dine with you.

    At the very least all of us were able to see once again your handiwork! Truly beautiful my friend. I'd have enjoyed every single bite and your company as well.

    Maybe some day! :)

    Love to you...Rebecca

  11. To be honest, I think it was plain rude of them not to call you! They must have known this was important to You so a call was the least they could do! Besides, there are pills against migraine :-)

    I hope Howard feel better now!
    Take care!

  12. Mona - what everyone else said!!! Quadrupled! BUT - I sure wish I could have come to your lovely luncheon tea. And those little ones would have been charmed by everything. You are a DEAR! Love, Kim

  13. Mona~~~

    You are just too sweet. You really went out of your way to make this a special luncheon and I think you were right to send the photos so they could see what they missed. I hope it never happens again. But we did get to see the photos and hear about the lovely spread you were putting we are the true lucky ones!


  14. I KNOW I posted a post this morning about your kind invitation and your sweet nature and the scrumptiousness of that lunch table, but seem to have put it somewhere unfindable.!!

    Anyway---all that, and wish WE could have all been there!!

  15. Mona,
    I have had that happen to me several times. It hurts a bit. I say that the person who is supposed to come over should be the one to call to cancel. I'm sorry but I don't always look at my email.

    The last time that happened to me, my poor husband and I had made a large barbeque dinner. I'll be blunt, we spent a lot of money trying to make everything nice and have enough so that everyone could eat to their hearts content. I had invited about ten people and two of the ten were my sister and brother in-law. They never showed up and neither did the five other people we invited. We had a married couple and a single friend show up. Well, we didn't check our text messages on our cells that day, nor did we check our email. We were busy cooking and cleaning to think about checking those things!

    Well, at least you and your DH had a fine lunch together.

    Deanna :D

  16. Well I'm with everyone else, I would have been upset too. However, that being said, we are from the lost generation. While we think we are up to date with knowing how to blog and use emails and have a cell phone, we don't use them like the younger generation does.

    They text or email everything! Younger people are ALWAYS checking their cell phones to see who emailed or text them. So perhaps, she thought she was doing what was best.

    While I would have been sad and very disappointed I don't think I would be mad at her.

    I also would not have given away the cookies and candy. I would have eaten them...but then again, that's me :)

  17. I'm sure you were upset but I think you handled it with such grace and love. You could have stayed angry but that would not have done any good. You were smart to admit your disappointment and then go on with your day.
    God bless you. We all know people do disappoint us at times don't they.

  18. WOW Mona I wish I lived near you I would not have missed out on that spread for did well it looked are A very kind Person.
    Hugs Mary.

  19. Hi sweet lady...

    Well my dear, I was coming over to say thank you for your sweet visit to my place today...I always enjoy your visits and wonderful notes! You always...always brighten my day, sweet friend!

    Ohhh my...what to say? I'm so sorry about your guests not showing...especially since you went to so much trouble! I think that everything was really lovely! I'm with Cindy...wished that I lived closer...I would have gladly joined you!!! By the way, those were the cutest little trick-or-treat goodie bags! Too bad that the little girls missed out on really wasn't their fault! Shoot...grown-ups! They can ruin it for a kid! wink! Mona, the cookies that your daughter baked and decorated are just gorgeous! Ohhh..and those are my favorite cookie...frosted sugar cookies! Your daughter is really talented! I'm guessing that she has a bakery business? Anyway, I'm so sorry about the mix-up...I would have been very disappointed as well! (and cranky!) Well...there's one way to look at it...there were just more goodies for you and honey to enjoy!

    Love ya, sweet lady!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  20. What a sweet lady you are, Mona..I would probably have sat down, cried awhile and then ate all the sandwiches and cookies, got sick and had to go to bed and watch LifeTime movies the rest of the day!! :)))

    Actually, JOANNE is right. Everyone nowdays looks at their phone or checks their email 25 times a day. I check mine more than that!! Too afraid I'll miss something. People just don't use the phone like we always did.

    So sorry this happened..I know you were disappointed and hurt. They should have called and I consider it extremely rude of someone not to call when they have been invited to eat.Shame on them!!
    {{{{{{{biggest hug}}}}}}}}}}}}
    xo bj

  21. Oh...your special lunch looks so lovely....that
    happened to me once and it was a big disappointment. I bet Howard loved all the little
    sandwiches....Mary's cookies are so beautiful !
    You are a wonderful you Mona

  22. I have never read this blog. This is my first because my daughter said I should. Personally, I think you cannot teach a person class. Take that how you will.

  23. I am new to this blog but while I feel the etiquette was not followed on the part of the guest, yet unarrived, could airing this publicly in such a manner not be considered just as lacking in etiquette. Such a close friend surely must either have had a horrific accident or as mentioned earlier, lacking in class and thus forgiven, of course. If, in fact, the lack of class mentioned by the poster was meant to be on the part of the hostess for the comments. Hmmm.


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