Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...and I thought we were so lucky! That's exactly what you get when you get all puffed up about being cool when the rest of the country is burning up! So...lets just say I deserve a bit of what I'm getting...however...

This morning we turned on the attic fan, early as usual..and it wasn't long before I asked Sweet Husband "What on earth smells so BAD!" He said..."you KNOW I can't smell anything.." and he is right. He has a bad sense of smell..so...I thought it must be coming from outside...but..certainly not from the front of the house.....and..then I remembered.

Remember I told you I hired a new gardener? He said he would be back the next morning with the mulch and some men to do the flower beds.
Well, after trying to reach him for TWO WEEKS and leaving him messages asking him to let me know if he was still going to do the flower beds... he arrived yesterday morning and dropped these off... right near our shed and right in the hottest part of the yard and near the back patio doors!

He said he would be back this morning to finish the flower beds as the men ..um...left them like this...so they couldn't be mulched. Still full of weeds...

He looked at the beds..said the men would be here THIS MORNING to finish weeding..and they would spread the mulch....and once again. Nothing! Not a phone call...nothing!

...and also the darned lawn is browning out...and...

I am desperately trying to keep these alive!! Still no gardener. Should I fire him?
Gosh I hate to do that...but he just won't communicate. I even told him that I would appreciate it if he would just let me KNOW if he couldn't come when he said he would. He looked at me blankly....and namby pamby me just let it go.

Hopefully, he will come in the morning..and finish the job so I can get my poor plants in. I bought the plants because I thought ....yeah..I know! I'm an idiot! I should have known!

My fault. I got in a hurry...I'm out there a couple of time a day watering those poor plants.

I have a question. WHY CAN'T I KEEP ALL MY DUCKS IN A ROW? Sheesh!!!
Patience has never, ever been one of my strong points. I should have waited until the beds were ready before I bought the plants! Pure and simple!!

Hugs and love,


  1. Oh those pesky woulda, coulda, shoulda moments of life. They can make us feel absolutely inept! Here's what you do. You fire the gardener! He is working (and I used the term loosely!) for you, which means you set the rules. And you tell him exactly why. Start looking for another gardener immediately! In the meantime, go to Lowe's or Walmart or a Garden Center, buy some inexpensive big clay pots in different sizes (or whatever strikes your fancy), set the plants you bought, directly into the pots as is and set them outside on your patio, front porch, under a tree, somewhere outside where you can enjoy them until they get permanently planted. You'll still have to water and such, but at least you'll be able to enjoy the color outside where they belong!

    End of problem. You're Welcome!


    LOL! Before you do anything I suggested, you probably should know that I can't even keep a silk plant alive!!! What do I know?!! It sounded good there for a minute though, didn't it!

  2. Hi Mona,
    Yikes! That is a dilema! I would give him a couple more days and then start looking for a new gardener if he doesn't show up!
    We've had the heat most of the summer but not like the south. More like upper 80's and 90's with high humidity. Luckily, we've had a ton of rain so everything has stayed green.
    Come by and say hi when you get a chance, I miss you!

  3. My Friend,


    You have had so much going on in the last few weeks and you certainly don't need this frustration. I say first get a new gardener and then fire this guy. What ever happened to committment and pride of workmanship (is that even a word anymore?) Good grief.

    Heaps of Hugs & TAKE CHARGE - You are the boss.


  4. me, I would fire him. Clearly he is not professional and secondly if cost the client money you are not good to your word in any respect. How is he thinks he can do such a thing with no accountability? Goodness. If I lived closer I cut put them in for you (no charge of course just because i love doing it) and they would survive. Gosh, I'm angry for you Mona. Shame on this person. Tammy

  5. Dear Sweet M...

    Fire the slacker!

    I learned something a long, long time ago about people and it is this...

    We teach them HOW to treat us. If you put up with him not keeping his word (showing up on time, etc.) about something fairly small then he will continue poor behavior with things that are big.

    This is the LITTLE PEBBLE on your head that is saying RUN! The bolder could be something really awful.

    Go to your local Lowe's or Home Depot and look for the POST BOARD where you can find business cards, etc. Lots of men/gardeners would LOVE to make some extra money and actually WORK!

    Bless to you my lovely friend. The guys a jerk. I hope you will be happy he is GONE!


  6. I would get rid of him too! There are so many out of work that would give anything to have a job. I agree with my friend,Rebecca!

    Good luck and know your yard will be on it's way to looking awesome, soon!


  7. I feel your frustration, Mona...and here I thought I was the only one with the problem. I have been complaining about that very same thing with people in this area of the country telling me they would be here tomorrow, then show up days later or never. Where I grew up, if someone told me they would be there tomorrow, they would be there tomorrow...guess people's word doesn't mean a darned thing, any longer.
    Just keep watering those pretty little plants so they don't get fried in the heat.
    Hope your gardener shows up soon.

  8. Good Morning sweet Mona, what can I say but now I know where my gardener went when I fired him he moved to S.Cal and now is doing the same thing to you...Get rid of him girl..I have always figured when someone don't show up they must be rich and don't need my money ha ha!! Girl I could write a book on contractors...I had one time that was suppose to do sheet rock for me and told me he would be back on tuesday...Never heard back from him until 4 years later and he shown up at my door..Duh!! Found out then when they tell me a day I need to ask which month of what year do you mean ha ha!!
    I feel for you girl...I know how hot it's been and then to have Cow S%#@ stacked in this heat WOW!!
    Thanks for coming by my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. FIRE HIM! No question about it! If he doesn´t do as he is supposed to just kick him in his a..! and say good bye!There are plenty more garderners out there that will do their job excellent!
    Have a great day now!

  10. Oh sweet Mona, ya have the patience of a saint! First question...are they doin' the job you hired them for? FIRE THEM, and if you don't want to ask your dear Hubby to fire them. There are good gardeners out there who would jump at the work. I'd hate to see all your new plants die in the process. Good luck girl!

    God bless ya and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

  11. It seems to me you've been more than patient since this started weeks ago! Ask some friends for referrals for someone and let them know you need help quickly! Even a neighborhood teen (or grandchild?) would pull weeds for a few bucks!
    Good luck sweetie!

  12. That's a LOT of plants to throw away and money out of your pocket if he doesn't come take care of them. I say hire someone who wants the work and the money... I have no patience for people that don't do what they say they are going to do.


  13. There is just no since in putting you off time after time and not communicating. Get a new gardener, Fast.

  14. I am one of the least patient people...so I would be frustrated, too! My hubby always wants to hire someone to help him....but he gets frustrated, too! Hope you cool off some! I know that would help! Hugs to you my friend! You have such a green thumb....look at all of your beautiful flowers! ♥

  15. It doesn't sound good Mona. I think I would look for someone else right away.

  16. I know just how you feel, Mona. We had those nasty little critters a few years back and they are hard to get rid of. I think they come and go in cycles as we haven't had them the last couple of years. They are so tiny they could fit through any teeny tiny opening. Howard got some industrial strength spay to finally rid the yard of them. Good luck...have a great weekend despite the unwanted guests.


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