Sunday, August 22, 2010


If God was mad at me he must have forgiven me because...
my teeth aren't hurting, Howard is getting better every day, AND....

Saturday, daughter Mary called me and asked if I wasn't too busy, would I come and taste a few of her new cookie recipe's and give her my opinion. She said her son Brock (Alex to us) was coming to do a "photo shoot" for her. She is doing the planning for a little business she is going to open.

Was I too busy to taste fresh baked cookies and give her my opinion? etc.??? I THINK NOT! I went and when I walked into her home, the smell of fresh baked goodies was enough to make a grown woman weep for joy!

This is the sight that greeted me....

Talk about overwhelming! where do you want me to start???

Pure heaven!!
You have GOT to be kidding!!

I need to sit Is that pink???

"Just have a seat Mom..." as she rushed by...notice the blurred picture...this girl was on the MOVE!
" I...wait....Sunflower cookies? Canna I have one... " (already I was beginning to have a slight whine in my voice! )
The photography begins. This is Brock Carter, my grandson...and Mary's oldest.
His beautiful wife, Natalia, is helping him while his mother and I look on.....

I don't know if any of you caught the Discovery channel the other night. They did a show called "Pitchmen." It was all about the men who pitch new items and inventions to the public. Grandson Brock Carter is one of the editors of that documentary. I admit to being excited when I saw his name appear in the credits! MY GRANDSON! I was so proud!

This is a wonderful big bread board!

I love the blue...and I am not really a "blue" person...but who could resist those bluebirds...( I should probably taste one....)

And the PINK! These were enough to make an old lady swoon! Yes! I said SWOON!

I DO love this kitchen! Fantastic for baking! Wish I would have had a kitchen like this with the a family of nine to cook for!

Thes are some of my favorite dishes...I have NO idea WHY my daughter won't give them to me.

I mean...I would give them to her! Well...I would!!!!

Notice she likes her silver unpolished. No use talking to her. I've tried. Yep...ah well.

div> I just keep going back to those bluebirdies!!

See the hunks of chocolate in the middle of the cookies...DO YOU SEE IT???

Chocolate cupcakes on green dishes... makes one smile all over the place! I need to chat with her about those green dishes...I probably have something she might trade for.....

LEMON cupcakes. These were SO lemony! I loved them..but only had a tiny one.....honest...

These are the lime cupcakes...and just delicious! ( you recognize the green cupcake stand?

Right! (I loaned it to her for Easter :)

Close up of those Lime cupcakes...soooo yummy!

What an afternoon! You should have been here!

Just looking...I swear...

This is so tiny...what could it hurt?

I tell you, this was an afternoon to die for! What fun! And..I went home with a load of goodies...

Love you guys!


p.s. Favorite? I just plain do NOT have one... at first I thought it was the lemon cupcakes...then I thought it was the sugar cookies...nope...I finally just gave up. All of it was wonderful! Thank GOD for daughters that bake!!


  1. Big envy sigh. And a wee speck of drool.
    It all looks sooo yummy.
    I'm hungry now...
    Hugs ♥
    PS You look wonderful!

  2. Mona,
    I love this post. Those cookies and cupcakes are just beautiful. I assume she is going to open a bakery business? If so, she will be wonderful! Those lime cupcakes, WOW! I am thinking I would have to take that green cupcake stand back. Next time wear a big coat and stick it under there as you leave, lol!

  3. Dearest Mona,

    What a talented daughter...just the pictures were delicious. (o: Yes, she does belong in business with her delightful baking. Does she get her talent from you? Bet she does...

    Blessings and have a wonderful week. You are a beautiful woman and I am so pleased to hear of your hubby's recovery.

    Heaps of Hugs,
    Joyce & The Bears

  4. Mona, Mona, Mona....I think I died and went to heaven looking at these beautiful pictures. What a delicious variety!Your daughter is so talented. Wish her good luck on her venture.

  5. OH MY GOSH!! Was that a Day in Heaven or WHAT?!! Each one, a work of art! Tiny little masterpieces all from one kitchen? I would have had to try every single one! Wow! Your daughter is AMAZING! Blessings~Sharon

  6. OMG, all those cookies and cupcakes look so yummy Mona, I would have had to try them all... just to be sure, you understand. Good luck to your daughter on her new business venture!

  7. Hi Mona! Wow! What gorgeous looking cookies and cupcakes! I mean they are really PRETTY! There must have been a reason for all the baking, right? Lucky you!~Hugs, Patti

  8. You were indeed like a kid in a candy shop! You look beautiful, my friend! And what a talented daughter you have! AMAZING! I've never seen anything like it....all so pretty and delicious, too! WOW! What FUN! ♥♥♥

  9. Sheer bliss. Delight.

    To have birthed and raised such a talented young person---that would be enough. But to be in midst of all this treasure---such beauty and such deliciousness?

    How did she EVER get all those different flavors and shapes and all that decorating done, still in time to arrange all the wonderful settings and just the right plate and the tea vignette and all the other lovely scenes?

    Wow. I'm in awe. Three kinds, and I'd have had to call a Hazmat Team to clean my kitchen.

    Wow. Just WOW.

  10. They all look so pretty and delicious!! Lucky you, to spend a day sampling those goodies!

  11. were in Sweet Heaven! Beautiful cookies, love those sunflower shaped especially1 Congrats on the Grandson...Who wouldn't be proud! Great post!

  12. OMG!!! What talent. Her goodies are decorated so beautiful. I watch these TV shows on Cupcakes Wars etc and she needs to get into it. Hers are much more beautiful. Too pretty to eat. LOL! I bet you had a sugar high from that tasting adventure.

  13. These are just about the most beautiful cookies and cupcakes I've ever seen. The best part is that they are not at all overdone! They just look like delicious treats that would be impossible to resist. I don't suppose she lives in Austin by any chance? No? Darn!! These are cookies I would buy.

  14. I'm not sure what your daughter's business will be, but I feel sure that it will be a success. The baked goods all look delicious and (almost) too pretty to eat. As a blue lover and a bird lover, I was nearly swooning over the bluebird cookies which looked adorable with that beautiful tea cup. Of course the lime cupcakes on the green cake plates made me drool a bit and then those sunflower cookies ... cute, cute, cute.
    Lucky you to have such a talented daughter. Hope your teeth are feeling all better soon.

  15. did i miss something here? is your daughter starting a business? a girl after my own heart! her baking is gorgeous! and don't worry about your comment. there is nothing to apologize for. when i see the word satanism it makes all sorts of bad things come ut of my mouth!!!

  16. I hope she was making those to look at and not eat. They are just works of art. Know you are proud of such a talented grandson. I don't like all the chocolate I will be glad to take care of it for you.

  17. You know Mona, I'm not that far away, just up in the high desert. I could come down and help you eat those goodies your daughter makes, if you want ;-) They look delicious!

  18. I can certainly imagine how good those tasted since I got to try her cookies first hand! Mmmm...lemon cupcakes! I'm usually a chocolate person but I do love lemon cake!

    What a neat field your grandson is in. I hope we get to see some of his photos. I'll watch for that show!

  19. What a wonderfully talented daughter you must have. The sweets are just beautiful.

  20. Hi Dear Mona! You're just too cute! Oh, what a wonderful array of goodies! Your most lovely daughter - who looks so much like you, by the way - must be going to open a sweet shop! :)
    The cookies and cupcakes look divine! How nice to have a photographer in the family too!
    Does your daughter still live in the Emily Barnes house? You know I got to excited when you showed me the bathroom! I went to Amazon and ordered 3 Emily Barnes books! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Your daughter is immensely talented! Can't imagine where she gets that from! :)

  22. Hi Shelia...yes, Mary is the one that lives in Emilie Barns are exactly right!!
    She is about to sell it though. All of the children are gone and it has five bedrooms five bathrooms...not to mention the disconnected rooms...with fireplace.. :) We will all miss it so was a wonderful time in our lives..

  23. Dawn...we have already gotten to see one of Alex's films. It showed at our local theatre. "The Lost Sparrow's Of Roodepoort. He directed it. He did it while in college. Traveled to was about children of Africa that have lost their parent to Aids..and the ones that also have Aids themselves. We don't know how fortunate we are...
    It was a wonderful film...

  24. Mona...

    Girlfriend...first about your shutters. I'm already LOVIN' mine black. I can't believe it. My guy got the 2nd of the five sets up last night and I'm over the moon happy with the way they look. The contrast is FAB and I'm thrilled to death with how they look. We'd babied the other ones for so long was TIME to say goodbye. Your comment to me made me smile so big. PINK SHUTTERS would not look good on my taupe colored house. ahahha


    You tell your girl this for me...

    Last week I met a friend at a cupcake place here in OKCity. No way, no how do those cupcakes look anywhere close to as good as your daughters. I'm sooo impressed. You tell her from me I think everything looks divine. Scrumptious. I would buy one of her treats anytime anywhere!

    Blessings to you Miss Mona. I love your big YOUNG HEART!


  25. Goodmorning Ms. Mona... I would've thought I died and went to confections heaven. OH MY they all look so good. I would have had to try each & every one of these treats. They all almost to pretty to eat but I'm SO SURE I would get over that in a hurry. Yum. Hugs. Tammy

  26. Oh how I wanna come too! I could just get lost in all that chocolate and sugar art! It's simply magnificent!!! Oooooo, You are so blessed and I'm soooo jealous you lucky gal you.

    I'm just thrilled that you are Hubs are doin' great. My Hubby had a wisdom tooth extracted this morning. He came home for some soft scrambles, grabbed up some gauze, his drugs (against my better judgment) and went to a cattle auction barn 60 miles away. Since he was too "sick" to go to work and all. Heeehehehehe!!!

    God bless you sweet Mona and have a terrific week!!!

  27. Thank good I don´t live near any one baking such delicious cookies :-) They would shorten my life with years :-) :-) :-) All look delicious but I just love chocolate :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!
    I´m glad that You both are getting better!

  28. Mona, I am drooling in my socks. Each picture is a complete delight. Just gorgeous.


    Hugs, Barb ♥

  29. Cupcake heaven! for sure. Such beautiful creations. Your daughter is very talented in her presentations, fabulous!

    Have a wonderful eve ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  30. Okay I cannot pick a favorite, there are SO many yummy looking treats here! My mouth is watering and I have nothing sweet in the house. What was I thinking? She is SO talented!!!!!


  31. Oh what a heavenly invitation, wish I had one like yours!! I would love to savor those cookies and lemon cupcakes!!!! Wonderful post! Lori

  32. Thanks For Your Support and Help! We Had a Great Time!!

    I Hope To See You Soon.

    Please, Say Hello To Howard.

    P.D Don't Forget On Thursday PITCHMEN!!

  33. Oh Mona those pastries look so yummy! I can taste the lime cupcakes right now and the yellow flower shaped cookies have my mouth watering!

    Good to see you back...I was worried about you and Howard. Good to hear everything went well with surgeries.

  34. Wow! These are spectacular! These all look delectable! I love the way in which they were all displayed. I recently passed along my cake stands, teapots and display pieces to my cousin to use for a bridal tea she is throwing. I can't wait to see her pictures. She lives out of state. Well now I will be wanting a sugar fix today.... eek! Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't know if that house is haunted but it did sell. I haven't met the owners, hopefully they are happy there.

  35. Oh Mona, Mary's cookies are sooo
    them favorites are the sunflowers and the lemon and lime cupcakes.....oh my gosh....little works of art ! Thanks for sharing
    the pictures......

  36. Where did she get the adorable blue and white tea cups? I NEED to know what they are!


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