Friday, August 27, 2010


There is going to be a rumble and a roar and our little home is going to fall into a pit that those tiny little infinitesimal creatures have made.  ANTS!  I'm just waiting for it to happen.  I will probably think at first that it is just another California earthquake... 
They are coming out of every crack and crevise and potted plant, brick and stone on this property.  I have fought them for two years now. 
I put out that powder that is supposed to last for ages...HA!  They ate that stuff like it was ice cream in 105 degree heat!  Or so it seemed.  It did make them pause...but only for moments and then on they seemed in larger numbers than ever.  It had become a battle of the wits.  I lost!  Sometimes I even gave total defeat! 
They have been in the cupboards.  Gotten into, what I thought were sealed containers, crawled into my toaster...even come into my BATHROOM!  Now that is going WAY to far!!

Once I baked this gorgeous chocolate cake..from scratch.  Nice thick chocolate icing with chopped walnuts all over the top.  It was in my lovely crystal cake saver.  The next morning when I woke up...went into the kitchen...MY CAKE WAS BEING DEVOURED BY THOSE LITTLE S.O.B's and I don't cuss!! 
I grabbed the house and garden spray and sprayed completely around the lid and trapped the little suckers and cackled like the evil witch they turned me into!!! 

So..when I tried to go out and plant my new flowers..I was not in the greatest mood anyway, (which don't look to healthy any more..)  and they began to crawl up my pant legs...were on my face...even felt them crawling in my hair..but that could have been panic setting in! 
Finally in a rage of childish temper, I stormed into the garage and got out the recently bought BIG GUNS!
Yesterday and today...I sprayed, parted plants, turned pots over, pulled plants out and sprayed their roots..sprayed branches of bushes, curled hoses, turned over garden decor, sprayed around the two garden sheds, every single crack in the pavement and sidewalks..fireplace, shutters on the front windows, along all the curbing and around the complete foundation of the house and garage...and I think I made a dent.   That was yesterday...

"Yesterday, all my trouble seemed so far away...
Now I know they're here to stay..."   (sorry, that song just came to me...)

So, today, before the heat set in...I was out with my "HOME DEFENSE" cleaning up the hot spots!  Hey.  WAR IS WAR!  Then I calmly went on planting my new plants.  All was quiet on the western front. 

Just a few minutes ago while sitting here...feeling pretty good that I had everything under control...when I felt something crawling on my neck...SMACK! ant!! 
Ok.  Now I'm going to use my LAST restort!  Tears.

Love and hugs,

It's little things like this that make one feel better....


  1. Oh man, let me tell you, you touch the chocolate cake & you die!!! Period. There is no nice negotiations for this type of war. I have not been horrified with ants yet but the citronella ants are about to make their rude entry here in our state. I don't like creepy crawly things nor do I want them in the bathroom peeking when I'm leaking!! Heck no. Hugs to you. Tammy

  2. Oh, Poor Mona! I do feel your pain! Those tiny little critters have been to my house too and they are so hard to get rid of! I hope you kick their teeny little butts! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. I hate ants. I've said the same thing about my house so many times, that it's just going to drop because of them! I have found that they like zucchini and I've planted them for the past couple of years out a little ways away from the house. We haven't had many inside, but eventually they do some damage to the plant (well, the aphids do). Still, I prefer that to having them inside :-)

  4. I'm going to whisper here because I don't want to jinx anything by letting the little buggers hear me, but (shhhhh) I haven't had an invasion by the nasty critters in about (sshhhh) 5 years!! (shh) I don't know why exactly, I see them outside, but they don't seem to want to visit....which is absolutely fine with me!! (shhhhh)


  5. I hate ants and know more people that have had them this year...I am so ready for the hot weather to be over....Have a great weekend

  6. I feel so sorry for You! I know how it is. Once I had a cottage that was just a few yards away from a hughe ant stack. One day when I came in to the room closest to the stack the whole room was filled with thousands of those ants!!!!! Back then we had some seriously poisoness things that I spread around the whole garden and then drove home again. Not a single ant survived. Unfortunally that thing is forbidden nowdays :-)

    But I can at least help You with getting rid of them from Your pots. Ants hate moist or wet soil. So water Your pots heavily for a week or so and they´ll ndie nor move very fast.

    I really hope You win this war!!

  7. Hi Mona,
    Eating the chocolate homemade cake would be the final straw! Sounds like you put up a good fight my dear. In the fall we get those Asian Beatles. OMG, they come and come and come and it drives you about crazy. Hubby sprays and sprays and still, even on a nice sunny winter day they will come back to life.
    I understand your pain.
    Hugs Mona and thanks for your sweet note, I love hearing from you!

  8. Yep---Cake-invading is the final straw. We haven't had any in several years, for some reason. I'm the old softie, prone to rescue one from the sink, or brush one into the garbage can, but when they line up like a little invading army---I TAKE STEPS.

    Best wishes in your battle, and have an antless weekend!!

  9. I know how you feel Mona! One day no day ants on the kitchen floor..bathroom floor...and then on the kitchen counter. Sprayed with what I usually use. Heck they were walking thru it in 30 minutes! Finally out of desperation I got another spray(dont like) and sprayed here and there. They seem to have left but I must be careful as to not hurt my little lovebird and my cat Izzy. So ants. Good luck hon!

  10. As I've shared a bajillion times I grew up in Hacienda Heights, Ca. The tiny black ants NEVER EVER stopped invading our tiny 900SF home. My dad swore up and down our home had been built on an Ant Hill.

    I think it was. We couldn't eve leave a spoon out from breakfast cereal without returning home to find it covered with thousands of tiny black specks...SCARY!

    All the more reason I can't handle 'critters' and 'vermin' of any kind today. I had more than my share as a girl. WAH!

    I love to visit you Miss M. No matter what you are going through you always manage to winkle a big ol' smile outta me!


  11. We have terrible ant problems up here Mona. I've given up the outside battle. As long as I can keep them out of the house I'm happy. When they do come in I try to spray where they are coming in and wipe out their trail with a clorox wipe. It seems to keep them away for a few days anyway. Good luck, I know it's frustrating!

  12. Oh, Mona...I feel for you. I get them from time to time and wonder where they come from. Usually ant traps do the job. I hope you can get rid of them for good. It sounds like you are getting a few tips.


  13. They should know better than to mess with a woman's chocolate!!! I sure hope ya win the war. (knockin' on wood here)Ants are everywhere in the soil this year. Seems I can't even pull a weed without a swarm chargin' up my arm but so far I've kept them out of the house. I've sprayed around the foundation several times this summer.

    I suspect that your dear gardener never showed up to plant your beautiful plants. I'm so sorry girl. I hate it when ya can't depend on people.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!!

  14. The war is raging here in Williamsburg, Virginia as well. We are at battle this very minute!

  15. Mona, I am so feeling your pain! I don't think I've had them quite as bad as you...but I have battled them off and on around here this summer. I can tell you, they hate 409. I sprayed in all over the side of a cabinet where they were coming up and that put a stop to that.

    Last year, I ran by Publix and bought a big, delcious chocolate cake to take to a dinner. I put it on my counter and when I took it to the dinner I arrived, I discovered it was covered in ants!!! I had just paid $20+ for it 25 minutes before. :( It was all out war after that! I almost wrote a post about it. My friends still ask me if I'm bring an "ant cake" when they invite me for dinner. LOL

  16. Things do seem so much worse when it's so HOT! I hope you get a shower and some cool temps! You are too sweet to be hot and bothered! ♥

  17. Oh's that time of year. I always think...perhaps they won't show up this year...WRONG!

    Did the tears work?



  18. Kill them girl I have faith you can do it...nasty little things..ha ha!! Love ya sweet friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  19. Oh, Mona...I know just how you feel. I think you should just move and let the ants have the house.
    :) Balisha

  20. Terro, Mona, Terro ... the best any bait ever. They eat it take it back to the nest & everybody DIES! Can be found at some grocery stores but usually a hardware store. After 2 years of this out they don't bother visiting us anymore.

    Thank you for your sweet comments, they were greatly appreciated.

    We are still wrapped up in the new house & nearing an end hopefully this week once the carpet & flooring arrive. Can hardly wait to get the new tenants in it.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  21. LOL! I hope it's not the ants that have you up visitng at 2 am! I'm just as bad. I was up at 2 with my daughter, tried to go back to bed but couldn't sleep! It's 3:40 now and here I am!

    We have a family reunion every Labor Day weekend. It started when Hubby was a kid. When we bought his grandparent's home we inherited the party too! It used to be a reall big deal with lots of people but now not very many show up. Some just can't make the trip and the younger ones have more fun things to do with a 3 day weekend! I'm working like mad trying to get ready for it anyway. So I haven't been out visiting the blogs or posting much.

    The kids have had a great first few weeks in school. Hubby is looking forward to fall and the cool weather. Love your fall background too!

  22. LOL, sorry Mona, but we had that same battle at our house a few years ago, but Amdro won it for us. We tried Home Defense, but it didn't work!
    Good luck.

  23. Oh, Mona. I was so hoping you had found the "final" defense against those pesky pests!

    We have a problem with them here on our farm, as well. Since we farm organically, we use no chemicals and even the "best" organic measures have done nothing to keep them away.

    So much for [wo]man's dominion over the earth. LOL

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  24. Now you've got me scratchin'! I do feel for you. Hopefully you win this battle soon!

  25. oh, head itches....smack!!
    I hate those little daughter has them every single year about this time. She is a regular on our local exterminators list.
    I've never had them but I have tons of English Ivy just outside my front door and ROLLY POLLYs
    come under my door. We just keep the door jam sprayed and the rollies die just inside. I guess I need to cut all my ivy away but...I just LOVE English Ivy..
    Good luck, dear heart.

  26. Oh I hate those ants, Mona. I can't seem to get rid of them especially in the yard and their bite hurts...Christine

  27. Hi Mona,
    Oh my, I do not like ants either at all! I dislike all bugs. Well maybe except for ladybugs, I don't mind ladybugs at all. Right now we are being bothered by spiders. The heat is bring them inside..The war is on at our house too....
    Kick those little pestey ants behinds...
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  28. Been there! Done that! I too have a cake story to tell. It was awful. I dump the cake and pan all in our woods. The pan is probable still out there somewhere. Hope you get to the bottom of your troubles.

  29. Oh no, oh no! I hope you finally discover the secret to rid yourself of those wretched ants. Ugh.

  30. Oh no! I always believed that my old town of Buena Park, CA was really on top of an ant hill and THEY tolerated US!! You've just proven that very thing. Hopefully, it's just the hot weather that's bringing them out. We have fire ants here and let me tell you, just a couple of bite from them, and you're miserable for weeks. We use something called Ambros. It seems to work. They eat it and take it to the queen. It takes a few days for it to work which is really hard to wait for because you can't go into "their area" until they're dead. But it's working so far.

    So glad you came by my blog to say hi. I had been thinking about you and next thing I know, there you are!! Always a pleasure when you visit.
    Many blessings, to you dear lady,
    Patricia :o)


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