Monday, July 26, 2010


Time is slipping by me so fast. Today was Monday...again. Wasn't it JUST Monday?
The clock just ticks faster and faster...I used to hear my mother say things like that..."where does the time go?"
I had a little white Pom before Mele, Winnie was her name. She died and I was heart broken..and never wanted another dog. Or so I thought...
Then Christmas came..and there she was in a lovely shopping bag with a bow on her neck....from my husband, Frank.
Yes, I know. You kind of flinch when someone takes out their photo's...but today..I did just that...I mean, would you look at that ornery little girl up there...Frank's pants were in shreds around the hem..but that's why he wore them...because she could chew on them... :) His poor slippers were trashed! He didn't care..not a bit!

Just look at how tiny she was. Mele. She wouldn't mind me, didn't know her name, chewed on everything in sight but time passed...

...then she began to know her name...and come to me...FINALLY! I had forgotten what it was like to train a tiny puppy...exasperating!! :) And the clock ticked on...and she grew into this beautiful creature....

...and now I have this wonderful, sweet loving companion that is never far from me.
Under my chair, in my lap curled up at my back, behind my knees in bed...(yes, she sleeps with me...always has and yes...I know about the kennel method..but it's not for me) To each his own, I say.
I am this tiny little dogs world...she was there through the death of my second husband, Frank, just as Winnie was with me through the death of Patrick. When everyone else went back to their lives...these two wonderful, precious dogs were there for me. See her beautiful fur? It has been soaked in many tears...just as Winnie's was.
So...that is my thoughts for this evening. Love, from whatever source, is a precious gift. If I had my life to live over...I would probably do it all the same and I would get another puppy...
Turn around they're tiny, turn around and they're grown...I treasure every single moment with her...the clock is ticking....

Love and hugs,


  1. Yes times just flies! I feel it was yesterday that my old Erna was born on my kitchen floor, now she´s over thirteen years old!! Her sons are seven this september!!

    Naturally our dogs sleeps in our beds :-) Thankfully they think it´s to hot after ten minutes otherwise I would get a heat stroke even in the middle of the winter :-) :-) They do after all weigh from 90 pounds and more :-) :-)

    Than good that we have them!
    Have a great day now!
    It seemes I´m back on track again :-)

  2. Well now you've made me cry.
    But they're good tears, tears of remembrance.
    Time does tick by so fast. And I'm so very glad you're in this moment of time. ♥

  3. Beautiful post about the dogs who love you, comfort you,soak up the tears, and just offer love and joy of life in return. Your Mele is very pretty, she looks to e the perfect companion to cuddle up to and express your hurts and joys.

  4. Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.................................................

  5. Dear Miss Mona,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful pictures of Mele. She is precious and she has so much love in that little face.

    Pets bring so much joy into our lives, and their unconditional love is just amazing. We did giggle over the puppy pants picture.

    Thank you for sharing, and we love you.

    Prudence & Sissy
    (especially Mom)

  6. Nothing like the canine love!

  7. Mele looked like a little brown snowball when she was tiny. Just have to give our pups all the love we have for as long as we can. Such special creatures.


  8. Mele is just a doll. My daughter has wanted a pomeranian ever since our visit! I think all that beautifuly soft fur got to her, along with those big brown eyes and that cute little nose! Our dogs have short hair so she was fascinatied by Mele's coat. And she was very well behaved with my kids! I'm glad you can count on her and she on you.

  9. Mona, she is beautiful~then and now! No kenneling for me and my pal either! In fact...I'm lucky my dog lets me share her home! Ha~! We are so fortunate to have our little pals.
    What a beautiful post Mona,
    Hugs, Sharon

  10. Your little Mele is a beauty! But have you realized how her face has changed when she grew up? At the puppy photo she is just a cute puppy without any special expression in her face. But at the next photo I can really see her face smiling and she looks so expectant what a new game with the photo her mistress will share with her. Unbelievable how much personality she got in this time. I really understand why you love her so much. And yes, time is ticking steadily. But for all of us! And when it will happen that your cute little friend will leave you, don't hesitate to buy immediately a new one. It is no replacement of your Mele but a new friend with a different but great personality and nothing dries tears better than a new friend. But I hope, there will be many years follow with your cutie Mele.
    Greetings, Johanna

  11. Mona you have me crying with this sweet post. All so true my friend. She is beautiful!

  12. Mele is truly precious. I remember my grandmother saying all those things about aging and I swore that I would never say such inane things...but here I am. The truth is, I never thought I'd get old but I messed that up. And I keep losing Wednesdays!

  13. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, I love that pretty little Mele! What an adorable puppy!! Aren't our little fuzzy faces just the most wonderful little gifts from God? My heart is just smiling!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Just truly darling my Dear friend...I had my 3 Yorkie girls when Wally died and they fast became my whole life...when others went home and I was alone I still had my fur babies that loved me and they had many tears on them before they died...I have never gotten another I can't take the pain from losing them...Life is like a roll of toilet paper girl the closer it gets to the end the faster it goes...Hugs and smiles to you today my Dear friend...It was great talking to you the other day on the phone..You sound like a young girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. Some of our most important friends in life speak only with their eyes and walk on four paws.

    Lovely post, Mona.

  16. I have cried and laughed over all my animals too Mona and I would never be without them. Even my chickens all had personalities. When I had to part with my favourite hen, Hilda, I was very sad. I went to the chicken house to clean out her eggbox and there! she'd left me an egg in it, like a goodbye present. That made me cry (a lot) and I've cried over it since too.
    I soaked the fur of my ginger cat, Jasper, each time one of my sons left home.
    Where would we be without these animal friends? so trusting and forgiving and sensitive to all our emotions.
    Blessings, Star

  17. Such a cutie! They are like miniature kids to us. LOL! So much company. I miss my pom which I had had for fourteen years. It was black and white.The pictures of your when it was little is just so sweet. Like little puffs of fur LOL!

  18. Now you have all made ME cry, with your warm, kind and understanding comments. Thank you! Thank you SO much!

  19. What a face! So darling. You will never forget your other little one but having a new one sure makes some of the hurt go away!

  20. What a sweet memory! And yes, time does fly! Beautiful companion!

  21. Hi Mona,
    Our pets are like our children for sure.. and its so fun to look back at their baby I mean puppy pictures. They go through our lives up and downs with us for sure and feel our loses as well.
    They even feel their own lose, when our family dog "Kona" past away her best friend "Lola" a boxer that belongs to my daughter, well Lola wimpperd for days and walked all over the house and yard looking for her.It was so sad.
    Dogs are people too...
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  22. G'day Mona ~ I share your tears of remembering my/our faithful 'children' that gave to us without question the most beautiful caring love one could ask for, over the years.

    What a cutie she is ...
    Have a great summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  23. So super cute and yes they really become a major part of our lives and family. Treasure her you shall...

  24. Okay...tears...what a very sweet baby and I know just what you mean. My Gigi girl is always there for me and gives me so much comfort. They are special little friends aren't they?


  25. I love all of my dogs that I've been so blessed to own. I'll always have a dog in my life!

  26. Aww Mona she is so sweet. Who'd have thought these sweet little critters could win over our hearts and give us such comfort. Thank you for sharing this with makes us appreciate our own little bundles of joy. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday....Maura

  27. Mele may be all grown up but she's still a tiny little fuzzball. She's just beautiful and sounds like the best companion a gal could have. You shared her love so eloquently.

    Ya have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday sweet Mona! You have Mele because you only deserve the BEST!!!

  28. Mona, Mele is beautiful! I never thought about life going on all around you after a death and the comfort a pet brings. It brings tears to my eyes as I read your post and thought of how a cat showed up on Mother's patio the night after Dad's funeral and climbed the screen patio door insisting on being let in. Slowly, but surely Mom claimed it as her own and he is living full time with her refusing to leave the house.

  29. What a sweet little baby. Your post makes me also think of my kids, how quickly they grow up and how excited they are to go out on their own. Even if I am not ready.

    Thanks for the post.

  30. What a gift our "Fur Babies" are.....each one has
    their own special personality. I am so thankful
    to have my dog's. It keeps us caring and nurturing .....


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