Thursday, July 29, 2010


I know that summer has just gotten out of the gate..but already I am watching for wonderful items for Fall..

I admit to longing for those lovely Fall colors...and I admit Fall is my favorite time of year and the saddest time of year for me...still it is when I come alive.

While I am out going to garage sales, I am alway looking, searching, for Fall and Halloween items. I just can't help it. I haven't been posting those things...but..I am this time. Ready? :) Just one, ok?

I fell in love with this VERY heavy black candle holder..(the candle is mine and my favorite shade of orange. Price? $3.00.

These two tiny little pitchers with tiny succulents in them... $3.00.

Ok..I don't need any more of these...but I just can't resist Rhonda's creations. She is a delightful lady. Her Etsy site is Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs.

I bought this delightful little chocolate cake. So sweet.
If you decide to shop with watch the the photo's can be misleading when taken up close. She states the sizes of measure. :)

Now this little cake I did not buy...remind me to tell you that story sometime.

This cake is my very favorite one.
Each time I bought something from Rhonda...she sent a little I have this collection of cupcakes. I bought a couple and the tiny ones were her precious little gifts. Nice huh? :)

And this...well..this was bought years ago. It smelled delightful and made you hungry and for a long time it was the only faux goodie I had..
Then I bought this one...I guess I went nuts over that dark chocolate...again..I have no idea where I bought it as it is OLD!

Another Rhonda creation...LOVE it! I keep these in my little glass front hutch..

And here is where I keep my favorite little faux cake...all those tiny roses are handmade...and of course my most prized garage sale find. MY SILVERWARE! International sterling silver that I found at a garage sale for just $10.00!! The pattern is "Prelude."

It was a complete set with tiny butter knives with each place setting, and...four lovely sterling serving spoons and many various other silver plated flatware. ALL for $10.00 are right! I STILL cannot believe my luck!

Just one of my milk glass compotes by Westmoreland. An Ebay find. I love real looking faux fruit.

Favorite apples in another Westmoreland compote. The first one of these I found on Ebay arrived broken to a million pieces. I had to find took time..but..I found one finally.

Ok. is a good one for you.

Most of you probably know Rebecca at A Gathering Of Thoughts? Well...I had to laugh the other day when she featured her lovely home...and...showed her OLD and OUTDATED family room...and guess what! Mine is just like hers USED to be! I laughed, and laughed...but..outdated or not...I am not going to do anything else...this room is gonna stay exacty as it is...(almost.) I have already painted it and put in new carpeting of a lovely moss green..."Clover" by Grand Tehton to be exact. So...I will just go and look at Rebecca's when I need a beautiful new look. Ok, Rebecca? :)

Love and hugs,



  1. Mona, stop! You're making me so hungry! Those faux cakes are just georgeous! And low cal right?

  2. You're making me hungry, too!
    I love your family room. It screams cozy comfy, and I love cozy comfy.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you find many wonderful treasures! Hugs♥

  3. Mona,
    I love those faux cakes. The little blue and white pitchers are great! Mona, your family room is so cozy and inviting. Love it!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen faux pastries quite like this before. How interesting!
    Of course my eyes gravitated toward the milk glass. Love it!
    Take care, Mona... Have a super weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. Miss Mona,

    Good Morning. YUMMY - boy, are we hungry - darn, then Mom explained about the goodies. Thank you for sharing.

    Mom has a friend in Colorado who collects everything Halloween. Each year we send her something, this year Mom made her a 4" doll dressed in a lion costume. We will post her on our Blog next week. Then in September Mom is making a scene in a cut out pumpkin (fake) for her. (o:

    Thank you for sharing, we enjoy seeing all of your beautiful things.

    Prudence & Sissy
    (especially Mom)

  6. Those small pitchers are just to cute! Like them a lot. Since pastry almost never looks like that over here most people would understand that they were fake :-) But I admire the work put down into them all!! A fantastic job!
    Have a great day now!

  7. Stop the presses...I've found your secret to sweetness! Girl, now all I want to do is lick all that luscious lookin' icing off those "fake" but very real lookin' cakes. Their so very pretty but I fear I could not live with 'em. All I'd want to do is eat. I've been tryin' to stay off the sugar to help boost my immune system but baby, I've got a sweet tooth...especially when it comes to chocolate. MMmmmmmm. You home is always so pretty and charming....a definite reflection of you sweet lady!

    God bless and have a fabulous weekend!!!

  8. Mona -- I'm like you, I love Fall and the colors. How clever you are to be on the lookout for additions to your fall decor now (I'm always looking for Christmas Santa mugs at Goodwill and it's surprising how many show up in the summer). Not quite ready to give up on Summer yet, but surely ready to give up the awful heat we've had this year!


  9. Oh Mona I just love all of your treasures. Your tiny little sweet delights are divine. Happy collecting...

  10. Mona, those cakes of Rhonda's are incredible! I met her several years ago when we both sold on ebay and she is just the sweetest person, not to mention so talented!
    I am not ready for fall! When you live in Oregon, you wait way too long for summer to arrive, and the rain comes back all too soon:(

  11. Mona, those cakes are simply adorable...they look so real, too. Love the square fruit compote.

  12. I love all of your little cakes and pastries Mona! I can't get enough of the faux food. I think it started when I was little. It reminds me of tea parties and play time :)


  13. Cute faux cakes! The little green one looks perfect under glass. Good enough to eat!


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