Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm teasing of course. :)
The reason I say this is because I think...I really do think, I got another great deal! I paid MORE then ten dollars this time..but still..I think I stole the following treasure...

Remember the sterling? Yeah..well..this time it's china. :) Noritake. On the way home after finding brand new hard cover novels...for a quarter, and some fifty cent deals..and other little treasures...and thinking our Saturday morning had been a success and so pleased, I was in for a surprise. This was our last stop..a garage sale that we had passed on our way out and decided to stop after breakfast when we were on our way home.

We did! And there, poorly wrapped in a big old cardboard box was this set of Noritake china, place settings for 8, plus gravy bowl and serving pieces.

I couldn't wait to get it home and see what it included. They didn't know exactly what was in the box... I unwrapped a few at the sale to know that...the price they wanted...I WAS GOING TO PAY! I didn't quibble!

I loved the pattern. REALLY did love it.
I think the pattern is just beautiful. The beautiful pale gold does not show up in the picture.

This is the markings on the back. See the M in the middle? I was confused. Where was the name? Where was the numbers? What did the "M" mean. Did it stand for "Mona" :) (I'm kidding!)

It was complete! I wanted to sing and do a jig! I did dance a little jig, but only Sweet Husband saw me. You would have to know him to picture the LOOK on his face. I...think I puzzle the man! So...anyway...

Dinner plates...not a chip! Not a crack!
Adorable little gravy boat! PERFECT!
Cups and saucers. Check!
Are those sweet or what? can see through them when held to the light!!
Oops..tiny chips in both these serving pieces...but...

Are you ready???

$30.00!!! YES! I know, I know! Me too! Just thirty dollar!

And the "M"? I looked it up on the stands for Mystery. Noritake has Mystery china and each has a number...such as Mystery #51...or Mystery #222. Like that.

So far I have looked at hundreds and haven't identified my pattern. I took down numbers that had no photo, but did give a description. If it was close to what I had...I wrote it search is still on. The Mystery china seems to all be discontinued in the early part of the 1900's.

If anyone knows this pattern..please, oh please, write and tell me. I would really appreciate it. you think I got a deal? Now, if my kids won't shame me and get after me for buying it at such a cheap price. They did that last time you know. Darn kids!

Love and hugs, and have a wonderful Sunday!!



  1. MONA!

    I hate you. Simple and as complicated as that!


    KIDDING! rock. I wanna come shoppin' with you!!!!!

    Now...about your last visit to me....

    YOU ARE HYSTERICAL! YOU ARE! I love your visits to me because they ALWAYS make me smile so big. You always bless me. Bless! Bless! Bless! Thank you so very much for being my friend.

    Love to you~

    Rebecca PS: Still hate you...for find that china before me! :)

  2. The china is gorgeous. What a find!
    I love the happy dance, and you got to do it! Way to go, Mona!♥

  3. That is really nice china! and so cheap too. It makes me think of early summer :-)
    Have a great day now!

  4. Woo Hoo Mona,
    That is some gorgeous china! And yes, you got a steal, I mean deal!
    And I only hate you a tiny bit. (just kidding)
    Your so sweet, we all love you!
    Take Care and enjoy that beautiful china!

  5. Congratulation for this pretty and cheap find. It is really a nice pattern and in good condition. Have fun with it!
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Mona, I am really happy for you.. but I'm super happy that this china has found an appreciative owner. It amazes me when people do not realize that value of what they own. It's great to think though that this china making a long journey and ending up where someone loves it!! Good for you!!
    Ladybug Creek

  7. Miss Mona,

    The china is beautiful, so delicate & lovely. We love to see your wonderful treasures - and this is truly a treasure of a find.

    Blessings & Hugs,
    Prudence & Sissy
    Mom too!

  8. Hi Mona! I am so excited for you! And once again, I think something wound up in the hands of someone who will love and appreciate it! It does seem that the garage sale fairies love you, though! lol I hope you are havng a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  9. If you were a squirrel dog, your husband would never go hungry!

  10. Morning, Mona! Well, maybe not hate but I am bummed out! These dishes are so pretty! I have a couple of these plates that a friend gave me that belonged to her mother. Mine don't have any markings on them but I think they're so pretty. You did fabulous and with all the serving pieces.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. G'morn Mona ~ WHAT A FIND! You can go to any local book store (B&Noble) & they have antique price guides ... there are tons of Noritake books with pictures, descriptions, etc for you to find your pattern in. We have sold this pattern before, it is lovely.

    Lucky girl. Wait until you see the coup we found after stopping back a SECOND time at a yard sale yesterday ...

    Have a beautiful day, & may your luck stay with you, my friend.

    Have a lovely summer's day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  12. Mona,
    Beautiful Noritake china and what a deal!!! I have Noritake that was bought in 1980, a blue and white pattern called Splendor. I love it!

  13. I'm always looking for china sets at the 2nd hand shops but never see anything worth taking home. Generally not full sets either. This was a great find on your part! You must live in a great area since the yard sales have such wonderful finds, Mona..... Lucky you!


  14. oh dear Mona, I haven't gotten over the silver yet and you throw another bargain at me! LOL! Beautiful china, but I can't tell you its origin, but aren't you having fun searching for it? I know I would. I'm going bargain shopping with you. You should buy a lottery ticket! LOL!

  15. Great find, Mona. That lovely pattern looks like it could be from the 1930-1940 era. It found a wonderful home with you.

  16. Mona,,

    You must have a lucky star!!! Dishes are sooooooo pretty!!!!! Hope to find such a treasure some day. Happy for you. Antique Rose

  17. Wow! Those are beautiful, Mona. What a deal!..Christine

  18. Oh how beautiful. You found such a treasure, and I love the pattern. The colors are so pretty and to find a complete set is just amazing. The price is just unreal. The serving pieces are so pretty too. I don't know the pattern, but it is truly lovely. Great find. Wuch a wonderful blessing. Hugs, Marty

  19. Way to go Mona! I'm so happy for you. You sure do find the best deals. Makes me want to go to garage sales now.

    I have found a few of those plates at thrift stores and I'll have to check to see what mine says on the back. I'll let you know if it's anything different.

    You are so lucky to have the whole set. Like I said, I just find one or two at a time and am trying to put a set together. I love this pattern.


  20. Oh Mona! What a great find! You lucky girl -- you MUST be living right! Love them -- yes I think that M IS for Mona! Now, you'll just have to invite the rest of us over for dinner so we can enjoy them up close!

  21. Hi Mona! Wow, what a bargain! The dishes are beautiful! I would LOVE to go hunting with you! And yes, I think they were meant for you.. M for Mona!!

  22. Mona you rock! That set would be worth several hundred dollars. If its thin...its probably bone china. You lucky girl you!

  23. Another unbelievable find! I really love this pattern and I say it's time for a dinner party! What time will it be ready? ♥ Hugs! ♥

  24. The china is so beautiful!! You were very lucky today!!

  25. Well, if you decide you didn't get a deal, I will take it off your hands for oh uh say $25. And then you will only be out $5 and I will have an ugly set of china. Yea, it really is ugly--I think you got taken. Why don't you just sell it to me? Ha!

    That is gorgeous and I think may be the deal of a lifetime. Have fun and enjoy it! God bless.

  26. Your new china is so delicate and lovely. You definitely are the queen of finding the best treasures!!! Happy collecting...

  27. Mona, congrats - no hating here. BUT, someone young sold Grandma's china for a song. That's why I refuse to give valuable or well loved items to young relatives unless, they beg, beg & beg and with the stipulation that before giving it away or garage selling ask me first if I would like it back.

  28. I don't know much about china, but that set is beautiful! You did good :-)

  29. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.! That's what I am! What a GREAT find and a beautiful pattern!

  30. I'm not sure if I hate you or not, but I love the China. Well, maybe I DO hate you!!!

  31. OMGosh. What a glorious find, my Granny Walden had a set of this china that belonged to her mother on the farm. I might be just a little envious but could never ever hate you for your magnificent nose for a great find!

    Have a fun day sweet Mona filled with summer blessings!!!

  32. It's beautiful! You really hit the jackpot Mona!

  33. Yay! Now do we get to see a fall tablescape with all you're incredible treasures together?

    Do not feel guilty, not one bit. There was just a story out of Fresno that a man paid $45 for a box of negatives at a garage sale. The man who had the sale had got the box from a wharehouse sale in LA. It contained negatives of some on Ansel Adams early Yosemite photos that were thought to have burned in a fire. They have been authenticated and said to be worth $2 MILLION !!!

    Keep yours eyes open at those sales Mona, with your luck you might find an origianl Picasso or something!

    BTW, I did catch Sarah batting her eyes at hubby! Good thing he was sound asleep "watching" the Giants and Dodgers!

  34. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, WOMAN...this is BREATHTAKING. This set is out of this world beautiful. Dang......U.DID.GOOD!
    I love that pretty pattern. OMGosh!!!

    I'm with DAWN...if you buy a framed picture at a sale, be sure and look behind it...probably the Mona Lisa or something original worth a million, trillion dollars. You are one lucky lady...
    Have fun with it all.
    xo bj

  35. It looks like Haviland, huh. Love it and enjoy!!

  36. I wish we lived closer so I could follow you around and get these great deals and benefit from your style and grace. Hugs!

  37. The "M" on the back stands for Morimura Brothers, who were the original makers of Noritake China. The backstamp on your dishes indicates they are from around 1933.

    Most websites list many Noritake patterns as "mystery" because hundreds of pattern records were lost in a huge fire, so the pattern is unknown, or a "mystery".

    I did find your's "Aberdale 3808".


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