Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok...this is a "you're an idiot" story!
I went into a Thrift a second hand store..and..did my usual walk through. I looked up on a shelf...and spotted this lovely cat. He reminded me of "Scratches" the cat we had owned for years and who help raise the children by keeping them in line with.."Better watch out. Scratches is watching you!" I know..I know..I used a wee bit of fear to keep things in line at times..especially when there was WAY too much rough housing for WAY too long! Scratch used to attack them when things got crazy!

Anyway..I walked by a second time and asked the lady behind the counter why it was behind the desk..and why it was so high up and was it for sale. She said yes, that it was..and I ...asked..the price! She said $39.95. Wow...said I. Why so high? She said because the owner says it is a Goebel. "Aha!" said I wisely and shook my head in understanding. I walked away.

I thought about it. I LOVED Goebels. And this one was huge. Wow. All I had were some little bunnies. So..I marched back..and said "ok..I think I will take it!" and laid my other items up on the counter. Little things..amounting to..not a lot. A line is beginning to form behind and a woman me asks me a question about something I am buying and we begin to chat. The lady writes it all up..and I take out my bank card..and she gives me a total.
I am still chatting with the woman behind me and the counter woman does not speak very good english but I usually have no trouble as I am used to her. I swipe my card and then..still chatting away...I sign my name and out the door I I walk out something dawns on me. WHAT DID SHE SAY THE TOTAL WAS??!! I walk to the car where Howard is patiently waiting reading his paper. I get in and not saying a word look in the bag and pull out the reciept. OH GOOD LORD! And I do NOT mean that in a bad way. I needed HIS help! I had paid $99.95 for! I looked at Howard and I must have been a bit white. I told him what the problem was. He said.."Well go back and tell them you misunderstood!" I didn't. I should have but I didn't. The NEXT time I will listen carefully and not chat with anyone while I am doing business! A lesson every day. Be careful. Listen carefully. Keep your eyes and ears ..aware. A lesson every single day. :) You know?


  1. Oh Mona lesson will learned girl..I love the cat and hey its Scrathes remember...Now I did the thrift store also my self today and girl I did my happy dance got another Ironstone soup tureen and a sugar bowl and a small Ironstone soup tureen...hey last week at this time I didn't owe one piece of Ironstone and now I have 4 I thing me started a new collection...of course I have no place to put them now I have to clear a spot for my new treasures...its like a sickness with me when I start a collection girl...Oh my girls are going to hate me when I die and they have to clean this house out ha ha!!Hope you have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles , love ya sis Gl♥ria

  2. Well it's only money...that cat is awfully cute!

    I've done that myself before. It's so embarrassing that I did like you and just kept the item feeling like I over paid for it every time I looked at it.

    I had to laugh about you correcting yourself with it being a 2nd hand shop rather then a thrift store. LOL


  3. Ahhh, I've done the same thing, girlfriend. I love your cat and if you do, too, then it's all ok.
    Happy 'day..
    xo bj

  4. Hi Mona,
    What a story, I think your cat is so cute! Look on e-bay, who knows maybe its worth a lot more and you got a great deal! Have a lovely week-end. Cindy

  5. Goebels are expensive especially if in mint condition.... guess we will have to call you Chatty Cathy you lip flapper you. LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

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  7. I too think you got a bargain and if he reminds you of Scratches, all the better.

  8. Who hasen´t done something like that :-) and yes, we should go back but who does :-) and does we learn anything so we don´t do it again? No, no, no :-) :-) :-)

  9. Ouch! That hurt.

    I love your page. I want a rooster now.

  10. Gloria! You find the neatest things and I never find soup tureens. Never! I remember when I didn't like I love it! Goodness we change. Don't we?
    I could have had a lovely one for what I paid for the price of Scratches!

    Joanne Kennedy. ONLY MONEY?!! LOL's over now. And he is lovely. The picture does not do him justice! You noted the "Thrift Store? thing! Joanne is the one that enlightened me on the difference between "Thrift Store" and "Second hand!" are SO right...

    Cynthia... I have to tell you...I DID look on ebay! And..LOL I paid WAY more. Oh well! Like I said..a lesson learned.

    The Blue Ridge Gal... OH HUSH! You knew from day one that I was a bit of a "lip flapper!" (a..bit?) LOL

    Life's Moments... Sharon..thank you so much for stopping by. You made me feel better. Sorta... :)
    You have a good weekend too.

    Gaston Studio...Yeah...and I do like him! He is in perfect I get past the "money" I will be happy I have him. I do call him Scratches.. :) are right.

    Christer...YOU are always right on the MONEY! LOL :)

    Patti Cakes..yeah it was a bit of an owie! HUGE owie actually! Glad you like my rooster. I went through several before I chose him.

  11. Hi Mona,

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. You are a sweet sweet soul. I am very touched by your caring nature, thank you so much.

    As for your post, WOW!! I would've been shocked too! But you're right, a lesson learned. ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Marcia... It was a pleasure. I meant every single word I said. I'm here if I can help!

  13. Hi Mona...wanted to come by and say hello. My your blog is just looking beautiful! Love the banner, and the sides. So nice! I have oodles of stuff, and I hate getting rid of any of it. Hope you have a wonderful week-end, big hugs, Kathleen

  14. Oh Mona, I am so with seems I learn so MUCH MORE from the negative experiences of life. Now why is that?

  15. Wow. At least the cat is adorable!!! :)

    All the best,

  16. Mona, I loved this story because I could see myself do the same thing! The cat is very unique and I'm glad you got it, even if you paid more than you expected. Yes, that is me as a little girl in my banner. Thanks for the compliment. I enjoy your blog. I've discovered some lovely blogs and enjoy them very much. Have a nice weekend and God Bless! Nancy

  17. It's 12:30 here. I can't believe it. I've been trying to get my fly line on the reel. Not getting anywhere. LOL How in the world will I ever get a fish. heehee.

    Off to bed. Have a great Saturday!

  18. Hi Mona...You are too funny!! I love your kitty! I have done that...misunderstand the price and keep it anyway. About my tablescape stuff...part of the plates are hanging on the wall and I take them down for the kidding! My daughter got married and moved out and I have taken over her closet and her linen closet. I need to stop collecting or I will run out of space eventually!! I LOVE your new header! I am a rooster fanatic and yours is sooo cute!!! Have a great weekend...Debbie


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