Friday, March 27, 2009


This is the beautiful drive leading to my daughters home.

This is the front of the little cottage.

The entry has a little dutch door. I love the stained glass. The rooster picture you see on the side is a mosiac piece of artwork. I should have taken a closeup of it for you. I will try to remember to do that.

This home is famous..and you can find it in Emilie Barnes' "Welcome Home" book if you are fortunate enough to own one of the very old copies. Oddly enough I bought my daughter the book The "Twelve Teas's of Christmas" the year she bought the home...not knowing that she would actually be buying it that very week. I was stunned and delighted when I found out! Emilie has been kind enough to write Mary a lovely letter inside the book "Welcome Home" and that book has now become a treasure. If you own an old copy of the book, my daughters address is inside the front cover as it is in "The Twelve Tea's of Christmas." The home has now been done over beautifully but stays the same in most ways. Nothing of the home has been compromised except some of the floors that were in very bad condition. The upstairs floors are original. More tomorrow.. if time permits.
I will take you inside and show you around. We will walk through the entire home and even peek into closets if you wish. ~smile! Two of the bathrooms were posted for me on Shelia's NOTE SONG but there are actually three more bathrooms to be seen! YOU will love them all. I know Shelia would have done a much better job presenting them..but I must grow up sometime.
Have wonderful weekend. If you can think of something you would like to see..just ask and I will take a picture of it. I would have posted more but it has gotten too late and my cold is still hanging on. Hugs..


  1. That place is so wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing it. Loved her front door.

  2. The stained glass front door is awesome and I love her picture of a rooster on the side wall.

  3. Cannot wait to see the interior... It's just so cute on the outside and love the barn red color of it.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. What a beautiful home, Mona! Will you be showing us the back portion of the yard? I love the entrance! Have a great weekend...Debbie

  5. Good morning dear. I was asleep when John came in this morning. He said, "I see the sales of cockerels has risen." Still sleepy I couldn't figure out what in the world he was talking about. Then I realized he'd seen my two new roosters. heehee

  6. GM Mona..this is going to be a fun tour..can't wait to see it all..I loved the bathrooms ah Shelia so know it will be special..Hope you have a great weekend dear friend...I off to baby shower for my grandson's wife today...hugs and smiles dear friend...Gl♥ria

  7. It looks so fine and it has the same colour as most cottages in southern Sweden! Looking forward to se the rest of it.

  8. Oh, charming. Love it, love it!

  9. What a fantastic blog you have going here....I love it!!
    I followed you over from Patty-Cake's. I hope you don't mind?
    I too am coping with cancer. I had a malignant Melonoma removed that had gone into my saliva gland and am now on Chemo for 6 weeks. Really, I'm just so grateful that they got it all out and I have so much to be thankful for. I think I was meant to find your blog today lady. It truly lifted my spirits :)
    Take good care and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Such a lovely house. the color is unique.. i hope you can show us the ineteriors too. Thanks..

  11. Oh I love it Mona, it looks like a fairy tale cottage :) I've always wanted a door like that. I can't wait to see more :) Love the new look with the roosters and checkers! Oh by the way, I got my polka dot dish today! Yay!!!! Hope your co'd is better.


  12. Casey!...I am SO glad to see you! I'm glad you like the home and you are welcome!

    Gaston Studio...I hope you were able to see the details. The picture is a broken china mosiac and is lovely. Stained glass was original I think.

    The Blue Ridge soon as I finish here we are headed inside.

    prof en retraite..Thank you Debbie.
    Yes..I will show you the yard.
    We will take a walk on the grounds as well..and see the barns..

    Patti Cakes... Now ..THAT is funny! You and I and our Roosters!!!

    Happy To Be... I'm glad you found the two bathrooms at Sheila's. There are three more coming. :)

    The Cottage by the Crane Lake.... are just a cottage person. NO doubt about it! :)

    Balisha...Ahhh...I could almost hear you saying that!! I am so glad you liked it that much!!
    Mary is going to be so pleased!!
    She and her husband worked hard on it as did my son, Danny.

    Midlife, Menopause... Boy..what a sweet thing to say. I am glad you found me too!! My baby sister is going through the same thing you has not been easy for her or any of us. They got all of hers too, her treatments are finished but she will be on the pills for five full years. I understand. Glad I was able to give you a bit of a lift! That delights me! :)

    2L3B's...Loida..I am so glad to see you! Not that I deserve it. We definitely are going inside. This place is so big it is going to take some work.. :) I will try and not be forced to abandon this project!! I am really enjoying myself doing it. I am so glad you are enjoying it.

    Swaddle Cottage... I'm glad you like the home..and my header and background. It was fun working on it. And your poky doty dish..sigh..we won't go there..LOL
    Patience is NOT one of my share!!! :)
    My co'd is better...thank heavens!

  13. Mona, your daughters house is gorgeous! I especially love the cross on the front glass door. It is a piece of heaven, she is fortunate to call it home.

    As per the mean girl, can you block her? Don't let people limit who you are and how you express yourself. You hurt no one, you speak your own story, don't let anyone take that from you. Be strong Mona you are a sweet soul and I am very grateful to have crossed your path.
    Hugs Marcia

  14. Marcia...I am fine. It has been quiet but I learned how easy it is to be misunderstood. Wrongly worded or someone for some reason we cannot comprehend, takes issue with you for reasons unknown to you...there is just nothing you can do. I wanted so badly to try and explain tell her she totally misunderstood me and what I was about and ...I just gave up at that point. It cost me one of my dear readers but they are family so it is understandable.
    She is a good woman. She has been through a lot...more than most and she might have issues that I know nothing of. So...leaving her alone is in my best interest. I love people and this saddens me greatly. I am fine. Sad at times..but fine.
    Hugs to you Marcia..and thanks for caring.

  15. This is just beautiful. I would love to live in a place like this.

  16. Hi Mona,
    I just love this so much. What a wonderful cottage and what history. Cindy


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