Saturday, March 28, 2009


Before you walk inside..turn and look behind you through this rose covered arbor. Is is just beginning to come out. Then walk inside.

To the right inside the front door, is a door leading into the kitchen and next to it is this little back hutch filled with collectables.. the right is this tiny inset window that looks out to the front yard..

Right next to the black hutch, you turn a corner and there is a little door and a little set of stairs leading up...

Up you go and around this corner. The little lantern really works..and on up the stairs..

and through this door is the sweetest little room..and bath.

There is a little built in bed for one..but underneath can be pulled out so that two may sleep here. It is a place to cuddle up with a good book or take a nap. Really cozy.

A better view of the little bed..

This a peek inside the bathroom door that is at the end of the little bed. There is also a huge leather chair next to the window..but I ..alas..can't find it. I will print it later if it shows up...

This a the little sink. The walls have all been done in the orange groves of Riverside, CA. by a local artist. Shelia at Note Song has a complete layout of the bathrooms. She was kind enough to do them for me and does a much better job.

I wanted to at least add the picture of the bird..and then we will move on downstairs.

This is not a good shot but you can at least see the way the ceiling is peaked and the little shutters at the windows. I am NOT a good photographer.

Back out of the little guest room and downstairs..

I'll stop here and pick up the downstairs tomorrow and if not..then on Monday. I hope you enjoyed that little tour. I wish I was better at this...but I'm trying! I need to get more shots of the beautiful wall paper. They really are lovely.


  1. A really nice looking home! Really like the paintings with the bird and oranges!
    I could see that the "rooster thing" goes in the family :-) The picture by the stairs and storage door I mean :-)
    Have a nice Sunday now!

  2. Oh, if I could choose a house just for myself I would choose a sweet little cottage tucked away in a grove of trees.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. I loved the bathroom. I have bathroom envy since I don't have one yet.

    The mural on the wall is a great idea which gives the bathroom a vibrancy and shows individuality.

  4. Just fabulous. I wish I could have a bed like the one you show us here. It is precious! That must be an amazing house!!

  5. Oh wow! What a beautiful cozy little place.

  6. Look like a great use of space and has been decorated to embody romance and serenity.

  7. Morning Mona,

    I am in love with that house! That little hide-a-bed area is so cozy and I love the patterns and colors. Oh I love it all!!


  8. What a lovely home!! I think the built in bed and the staircase are my favorite.
    have a super Sunday!!

  9. Hi friend! I really enjoyed catching up on your latest posts. I'm always happy to see that you came by my blog, you always have such positive, uplifting things to say! Love your posts, and you have such a way with words!!!

  10. Oh Mona tell mary alice thanks so much for allowing you to show her BEAUTIFUL home to us..Girl I have my lastest Danille Steel book and am ready to just lay there in that nook and read and a kid I always wanted a bedroom with a window seat in it...Oh and that blue and white tea pot lamp just stole my heart...I have a BIG purse I wonder if she would miss that...Oh come on she has a lantern that works...she'll never miss it!! lol.
    Mona I really have not enjoyed a home more in blogland that your daughters..its all so elegant and quaint...Ca, does have some traffic stoppers and her is one of those...Thank her again dear friend..How my blogging bud doing today? I had a baby shower for my grandson wife yersterday..Yes another little boy due in May..Girls they are coming at me right and left right now..I am just going to give them my checkbook come Christmas time..Hey might as well its empty ha ha!! Hope you have a great day dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Ahhh I wish I lived there :( lol. That is like my ideal home. It's so sweet and charming :)

    All the best,

  12. The house is gorgeous...and I love the way she's decorated it. That little red sleeping nook took my breath away!

  13. Mona,
    This is truly an enchanting cottage. I am so in love with that bathroom and the darling bedroom with that oh so sweet and gorgeous bed and bedding. Thanks for sharing, Cindy


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