Sunday, March 29, 2009

~FAMOUS BARN CON'T..Emilie Barne's old home

This is looking down the stairs...and into the dining room. You can see just a corner of the counter top that is part of the kitchen.

Going downstairs this is a view from the landing on the stairs and shows part of the kitchen.

And down the stairs we go...

... into the large living/family room below. All of the bookcases, trim and cabinets were done by son Danny. The fireplace is huge! All of the windows are shuttered and inset enough that Maryalice had a birdcage sitting on the windowsill. Reminds me of the home I saw in an English cottage in one of Beatrix potters movies. Can you see the little door in the fireplace? That is where wood is stored. If you look closely you can see many family picture on the mantel of my great grandmother and grandfather. I also would like to add that my son, Dan, built the coffee table. You can hardly lift it. (Mary's dog is still a pup and chewed up her couch..she was a little embarrassed about that..but refuses to buy anything not necessary during these difficult economic times. I told her NO ONE on here cared. We are all pet lovers!)
Her sweet doggie is a VERY large one! ~smile~

Facing the fireplace to your left is this lovely Sunroom. It looks out to a beautiful patio, fountain and pool. On the far side of the pool are steps leading up to a large lovely fireplace and outdoor eating/sitting area. There are four fireplace on the property. All very large. Maryalice is beginning to decorate for what you see on the table are large Easter eggs.

This is the far end of the Sunroom. I can see now that I need to go back and get some pictures of the huge old antique hutch that does not show in the picture...

At the opposite end of the Sunroom (you can see a corner of one of the dining room chairs) is a little wall with windows that you can see through..and a little door right beside it. There is a tiny wall that Maryalice has hung some old pictures on. The old sofa table is mine. Mary was just going to use it for awhile until I had room for it but you KNOW how that goes with daughters! ~smile~ The windows look right into the dining room that you saw into from the stair landing.

I took a picture of the ceiling because I thought you might like to see the lovely beams and beadboard. This is not original. It used to be a regular ceiling but this one was added. There is also hand painted vines and berries around the ceiling fans.

Another view so you can sort of get the scope of the room. See that door over there? It leads to the master bedroom. We will walk over there and see what's inside tomorrow.



  1. Beautiful home and great pictures you took to share with us!

  2. What a lovely cottage! You are right to be proud of it! Thank you for sharing! Have a great day!

  3. I'm so green with envy over this cottage! It's so beautiful and yet so comfortable... bet she adores living in it.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. GM Mona...Now girl this just made my day to see more pictures of Maryalice's beautiful home..WOW!! your daughter can really decorate all these nooks and crannies in this house...just wonderful thnak her again for letting us share her wonderful home with us..May you Mona have a blessed and safe ya sis..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. What a lovely home! Thanks so much for sharing it. It's absolutely georgeous! Nancy.

  6. So pretty! Love it!

    I'm on my lunch break killing time.

  7. Your son is talented! It all looks so charming! I love the little door!

    All the best,

  8. I Love LOVE this home! Especially love the staircase and the little built in bed. Its gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting pics.

    Marcia :)

  9. I've sure enjoyed my tour of this wonderful home. It has so much character!!!

  10. OH that was just what I needed this afternoon - a little cottagey pick-me-up :) Can't wait to see the rest.


  11. It was my very first visit to your beautiful blog, I enjoyed it sooooo much! Your daughters house is just beautiful, I have one of Emilie's books on tea that I just had out a week or so ago, it was a treat to see her cottage, thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for sharing your heart about your life, it really touched me!

    Donna Lynn

  12. I loved the comment you left me on my grocery shopping post at French Lique.. Costco.. a little unorthodox for a first date but what the heck... looks like he's made up for it since then!
    have a wonderful day... I hope you come back again for a visit soon! hugs. Dixie

  13. I'm just about to have a fit over this beautiful home. I just love classy and so much character!
    xo bj

  14. More and more beauty revealed every day. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is the most perfect and beautiful cottage I have ever seen. I love what they have done and the decorating is outstanding. They need a blog. Cindy


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