Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is Mele. Pronounced May Lay. Not that it matters..anyway. There seems to be a problem. Doesn't she look healthy? Bright eyed..happy? Well, for the past two nights she won't come to bed at night.
She has slept at my feet since she was 6 weeks old. Night before last when I put her to bed, I lift her up as the bed is too high, or so she says :) she began acting like she saw something..jerking her head this way and that..watching something I couldn't see. Then like a shot, she was off the bed and gone. I looked around..saw a little fly on the ceiling..and killed it, then went and got her and put her back on the bed. The minute I walked into the bedroom with her, she began shaking and her heart was racing. not..a nervous dog..a yapper and normally very brave. Too brave. How could it be that tiny fly that frightened her as they are usually something she playfully chases?! Now here she was squirming to get away so she could run..and she refused to return. All night long.
Last night...same thing. Exactly. Acting like she sees something..and streaking from the room and refusing to return. Heart pounding, shaking and strugging to get free and run. Three times I carried her back, spent time talking soothingly to her, held her (not easy to do) and tried to just calm her obvious fear. Nothing worked. She was gone exactly as before when I loosened my grip. I finally gave up..couldn't sleep and was now wide awake. I blogged, unsuccessfully, played scrabble until nearly 3.
I finally was able to get to sleep. I slept late.. and this morning, though she did not come into the bedroom..she jumped into my lap the moment I sat down in the living room and kissed my hands and face almost apologetically. I am mystified. What is she seeing and what is spooking her?? She is obviouisly watching something..what?? Is she hearing something I cannot hear.
Being in California and living on top of a fault...that entered my mind but T looked at me like I was losing I let that one go. :) Any idea's? I hate having her upset like that and I miss her at my feet! I can see one night..but not two. What could it be?


  1. Hi..just came over looking for the post "STILL" but found this one instead...
    I have no earthly idea what could be scaring your little dog. If you find out, please post...I am so curious.
    hugs, bj

  2. Yes when you figure it out let us know.

  3. Maybe there's lost spirit roaming around your room..? Or probably sensing something, a kind of premonition perhaps..? My grandma told me this kind of story when I was a kid, that animals are so keen that they can see and feel the presence of spirits.. a sort of paranormal beings.. Whoa, I'm not scaring you, I'm just sharing my thoughts.. I hope I'm wrong though. If you found out, please tell us.. Take care my friend and God bless you. Thanks for sharing..
    Best regards,
    Loida of 2L3B's

  4. Well dogs can sence things we can´t so who knows what it can be. But on the other hand it can have been a shadow that suddenly appered and scared Mele. Then the room suddenly is scary to her. Hope You can find out what it is that scares mele soon!

  5. 2L3bs..Interesting that you should mention that. It crossed my mind as it looked like she was certainly watching something..
    However..the logical part of my mind stepped in and said.."naw..that cannot be it." I am a skeptic about such things..but..I have had some very odd experiences..always explained away..and the ones that couldn't be..I put away..WAY in the back of my knows.
    :) Thank you SO much for your input. At least I don't feel nuts for having thought such a thing.

  6. Dearest Mona,

    Thanks that you took my comment positively. Spirit or not, what we all need are prayers. For us and for them. I mean, lost spirits if I am right needs some back up prayers from us to send them to where they belong.

    My experience with the supernaturals are basically only on photos. Learn about ORBS and you will realize spirits are everywhere.. They can't hurt us anyway. I got handful of photo shots containing ORBS. I just prayed for them.

    Thanks my friend. I like your honest way of saying what's on your heart.

    Hugs from Loida of 2L3B's


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