Saturday, February 21, 2009


TWB tagged me to write 6 interesting things about myself.. and as I told her, I have already told just about all there is to know about me and then things that only God knew. AND ..I don't know 6 people that wouldn't reach through this computer and RAP me right between the eyes if I sent it to them!!! The readers I have..I would like to keep..and I told TWB that I hope she doesn't hate me. Ok..Here goes..but they are not all THAT interesting.
1. I love long skirts, cute shoes, soft sweaters, blue jeans and old hats with veils.
2. I LOVE pretty hair clips and have lots of them. My girls always had long curls and lots of scarlet ribbons.
3. I am a chicken poo poo when it comes to people being ticked at me. I hate controversy!
4. NOT a good idea to corner me...or hurt my family.
5. I don't EVER want to be pregnant again!!!! (pretty safe on this one)
6. My favorite pieces of furnature are the rocking chair Patrick gave me and my piano.


  1. Nice picture!

    Hahahahaha! I never want to be pregnant again either, lol!!!

    I'm safe on that one too . . . some months.

    TMI, TMI, TMI!

  2. Oh my..well I tried..the K Mart special picture had one of my old hats on so included it. I am so sorry about that post. I know it was crappy...forgive me. It was trite.

  3. You look lovely..! Thanks for sharing 6 interesting things about you..

  4. I love old hats...I don't have a one but I like 'em.
    I can tell that you really miss Pat....I am so glad God sent you someone else to share your life with.
    hugs, bj

  5. That was fun and you are gorgeous! I love the hat.

  6. Mona thanks so much for your visit to my blog and sweet comments! I don't do tags. They drive me nuts, for some reason. I should write that someplace on my blog I suppose. I'm going to add your blog to my sidebar so I can keep up with you. Big Hugs, and I hope you have a very special day! ♥

  7. Duhhh . . . I meant to say; you're a darling in that hat! ♥

  8. You still came up with a good list. I like that pic of you. Very cute.

    Later I'm going to blog about my weekend and how I'm going. I've got to download some pics. You'll have to pop by.

    Lots of hugs!

  9. What a fun hat, Mona. I'm a baseball hat girl myself.... it hides my bad hair days... lol
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. What a fun post you have... I too love blue jeans, but finding it harder to find really compfy jean ( not ready to give in to elastic waist lines just yet :-) )
    I also have a love of veiled hats. I had a veiled hat in my first wedding and used it with my bedroom decor until our last move.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post. Believe it or not, I too dislike controversy or offending people. :-)

  11. YOU are gorgeous!!!!! Just as pretty on the outside as on the inside. Mona, thank you for being such a sweet friend. God has blessed me with YOU.



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