Sunday, February 8, 2009

~THERE'S SUCH A THING AS "SENIOR ABUSE" YA KNOW...~ (HAHA) friend SMART MOUTH BROAD has put me in a corner. NO regard to how very old I am...doesn't care..NOT even! Tagged me! Says I have to tell ten HONEST and INTERESTING facts about myself. My poor heart is pounding! She's just mad cuz I delete stuff and frusterate her! She's out to get me I tell you!! Pure and simple!!
Ok. Here goes.

#1. I am quite lovely to look at. Yes, yes indeed! Quite stunning actually!

#2. I am very slender. (Even though I have had seven children..all 13 to 14 months apart!)
#3. I DO NOT snore!! ( I don't care what ANYBODY says!)

#4. I have VERY tiny feet. :)

#5. I have the cutest dog on earth. AND the smartest! (However, I taught her to "question authority" just like I did my wonderful children. Ok. So I made a few mistakes in life!)

#6. I have the cutest home and the most adorable children ever and all three husbands have been perfection! (I don't CARE what anybody says here either!)
#7. I can play the piano like a concert pianist and sing like a pop star. (Well, I CAN!!)
#8. My waist is as small as Scarlett O'Hara's (Ok..close!) and when I turn sideways people say "Where'd she go??

#9. I'm VERY rich.

#10. I NEVER, EVER tell a lie! I still going to heaven?? :)

One more thing before I go..just for the record..I don't have a clue how to send this thing on (thank God! And I mean that sincerely!)

I think I did that pretty darned well, don't you? (I need a DRINK!!!)

Hugs to my SWEET friend, SMART MOUTH BROAD. I now understand how she got her name!



  1. Well done, Mona... applause applause applause. You and I must be twins because I would have had all the same answers as you. (separated at birth, ya think?) lol

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Hi Mona...You are too funny! were talking about me, weren't ya??? lol...Debbie

  3. Di, OMG! I am so darned proud that you liked it! If nothing else we could be serious soul twins. Age wise there would be a problem! lol A HUGE one! Thanks for the applause! (bowing here.. :)

  4. Debbie, I'm glad I made you smile.
    And...absolutely!! :)

  5. ALERT!! Would someone be sure and tell me if you see SMB lurking about? She isn't going to believe a single word I said! Trust me on this!

  6. That was awesome, Mona. See, I knew you could do it. Oh and #10, that's true but when you tell the truth, you DELETE it. You're right, they don't call me Smart Mouth for nothin'! I love ya!

  7. LOL! Fun stuff and good job, Mona!

  8. Haaaahahahaaa...loved it...absolutely loved it to pieces..
    You go, girl!!
    xo bj

  9. I enjoyed your sense of humor!



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