Monday, February 9, 2009

~HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY~ sweet friend,(uh huh..) SMART MOUTH BROAD tagged me with the Honest Scrap meme. The rules are that you have to list 10 HONEST and INTERESTING facts about yourself and then tag another or some others to do the same. SMB was tagged but she chose..for apparently vicious put her poor sweet husband, HARLEY STUD on the chopping block. Then when she was finished with poor HARLEY STUD, as is her nature..she whirled and pointed her finger at poor me. She thought I would crumble in the face of such pressure and fall apart and immediately start deleting all. BUT I fooled her! it is MY turn to whirl and point!
That little tag thing is below. SO those are the rules and BLUE RIDGE GAL is my choice!
It'll keep Di off the streets and out of the least for a bit! :)

Oh..and who loves me? Why, SMB of course! HA!!!


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