Sunday, February 22, 2009


Our minister asked us today if we had one thing that nobody knew about, one thing we would like to do and have never told a soul for fear of being laughed at, or told how crazy it was..what would it be.
He used to be a lawyer. He said he had a friend that was also a lawyer and one day they were talking and suddenly he said to her "If you could have been anything else in the world..what would it have been?" He said she just stood rooted to the spot and stared at him for a moment and suddenly burst into tears. She said "I would have been a wife and mother. I never wanted to go to college and I never wanted a professional career or to become a lawyer. I was made to go to law school and become a lawyer by my parents..and now it may never happen. It is too late to have children really..and I don't even know how to change being what I am, and I am not happy. I never have been."
He said he has NO idea why he said what he did to her..and felt so bad when she ended up sobbing. He said he began to wonder how many of us are the same. That is when he made the decision to become a minister. He said he did not want to wake up one day at the end of someone else's dream. Thank heavens he did. We love him.
So..I thought about it. So..I will tell you what I wanted to be. I used to dream of being an actress. I never believed I could do such a thing and so..I never did.
I was shy and afraid of criticism. I lost much of my shyness..but not my fear of criticism.

I am not unhappy with what I did with my life. I was meant to be a wife and mother. I think I made some bad decisions in my life..and I do have some regrets...but never about having my babes. I have to think that had I been meant to be an actress I would have been.
I have learned..late..but I have learned that if you want something bad enough..
you can do it. That is old news..I know...but isn't it funny that so few of us really GET it. Most of us drift into what we become or do what is expected of us. How many teachers do you know that adore children..and make a child feel special and really want to learn? Don't we remember every teacher that ever gave of themselves to us? But that is just this one womans opinion..
Goodnight...I think I'm tired. Oh...loved the Acadamy Awards tonight..those dresses!!


  1. Loved the dresses on the Oscars too, well, except for Sophia Loren's. What was she thinking??

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. I just blogged about the awards. I loved the show too.
    Sometimes I think that people who have a flair for art, decorating...even writing could have been on stage. You have a love for the artistic side of life.It shows in what you do here on your blog.It's a creative outlet for many of us.There's that old "left brain..right brain" thing...we are different.

  3. Yes how many does what they want to do in life? I tried to be a gardener and had very fun as long it lasted :-)

    But You know, it´s not to late to be an actress! They always need extras when making films. That has become really big here in Sweden now when the big kompanies are making films here. No money to talk about, but theay all seemes to have rather fun doing it :-)

    Strange what is happening with Mele and Your room! But they do sence things we don´t. I really hopes what ever frigtens her stoppes soon!

    Yes GeeGee is a really nice and warm person. She has the ability to make one feel good all day :-)

  4. I loved this post Mona. I'm at this wierd place/age where I am suddenly realizing that there is so much I want to do and be and try. Some things it is too late for, but the others? I am grabbing them by the tail :)


  5. Oh Mona, what an awesome, thought provoking thought. Life is such a compromise...I know we cannot have it all, but...which compromise has less regrets?

  6. I think you would have made a great actress. Some of the best are truly shy.


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