Monday, February 23, 2009

HOW pretty are these? I think I will add a few more this year. For awhile last summer they looked sad and small and though I knew they were finally taking off in a burst of growth I didn't realize how much. When my girlfriend came to dinner last evening, she said, "Wow! I could see your house from clear down the street." They have really begun to bloom so beautifully! Spring is in the air and only a month away. I had to go out this morning and take a closer look so decided to take a picture. They really are lovely. These flowers were SO small that I even added three ferns to the bed..and you no longer can even see them.
Springtime is coming!!

This morning when I walked outside to check the flowers in the beds, I REALLY looked carefully at the front porch. I was sort of wondering what new things I might add..what to discard, move or pitch out It has been wet and rather dreary looking and today is also overcast. I usually go out through the garage. I then noticed that things were beginning to look ..sort of like Spring. That really did make me smile. I have a few sweet friends on here that really do need Spring. Badly! So..this is for them. :)


  1. Wow! Such gorgeous pictures. What I miss most about California (beside family & freinds) is that you can have a beautiful garden almost all year round. Your's is beyound beautiful!
    Patricia :o)

  2. Beautiful flowers! What are they? It looks like some kind of Chrysanthemum? I really long for spring now so I loved these pictures!

  3. Patricia, I do love California..I just have always missed the snow of my childhood in Oregon. These flowers amaze me. I will buy more this year..and very soon. I can't recall the name of them..but will remember when I see them. :)

    I am so pleased that you enjoyed the flowers. I will give you the name of them when I find it. Wish I had kept the tag. This year I will catalog everything I plant and the date.
    :) Mona


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