Sunday, February 22, 2009


Nope..she refused to enter the room last night. I tried twice and let her alone. Same reaction. I enticed her into the bedroom with a treat in my hand yesterday afternoon..but even though she entered..she immediately left..where she would normally have stretched out on the rug and waited for me to make the bed. She no longer waits for me outside the bathroom door like you used to also.
This is upsetting to me..because during the day she seems totally fine. In the above picture which I took just moments ago..she laying watching the birds that flock on the grass beneath the feeders. NO idea what the problem is.

I'm going to take her to a vet for a check up on Tuesday...maybe she has an ear infecton or something. Hope it is something simple.


  1. Hi Patti,
    Our Laddie won't sleep in our bedroom anymore either. We have a loveseat that he sleeps on, but when the light goes out...he's out of there.

  2. I think our animals especially dogs can see and sense things we cannot. I have had my dog stare and growl at no one, that I can see anyway. I don't think it is anything for you to be scared of. She could see someone she may not know and it bothers her. That does not mean it isn't someone you wouldn't know and love. I do believe our loved ones from the other side come and visit. When my youngest daughter was small she would see my husbands grandma. I couldn't see her, but I think small ones are more in tune to that sort of thing. It didn't bother me. It could just be the fly freaked her out who knows. Dogs are funny. Just see what happens in the next few days or weeks. Let her go back on her own, she will.

  3. Hi Patti, and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! And yes, I do make the lamps! I read your Sunday post, and browsed the rest of your blog. You know what? after seeing the picture of you in your hat I have to say I think you have "actress" written all over you! It's a great picture! I remember when I was about 22 years old a friend had asked me the same question. My answer way back then was "I want to live long enough to be a Gramma". I felt then that I would be a good Mom and I was, (but like you not without some regrets) My kids are parents now which means that I got my wish; I AM A GRAMMA! And very happy for it! So have a good week, I'll be checking back!


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