Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We have been visiting my favorite thrift stores on Sundays after breakfast out. Makes for a nice day. This is what I found this time. I think my bunny is a Goebel
but there are no markings on him. He was just $1.00. My blue log cabin plate says Lincolns Birthplace, Kentucky on it. The back say Old English Saffordshire. Probably a souvenir. Same with the Old Church Tower but I liked them and they were very inexpensive. :) Love that!!
I almost came home empty handed. Then suddenly I saw a table with lots of blue on it..and the bunny..
Nothing like a cute bunny or some dishes to make my day!! Or both!


  1. You did good too. I had a good day. It's my birthday. Got flowers and birthday cake.

  2. I LOVE your thrift store finds! What a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I have a little rabbit very much like the one you found. I've had it for years. So sweet.

    those flowers you showed yesterday are beyond gorgeous! What are they?? And how is your puppy dog???


  3. I am so glad you came to visit me girl..I just love your blog and added you to my list to follow..WOW! I just read your proflle and see where you also married your lifes love like I did and lost your in 97 and I lost mine in 99..I also got remaried in 05..to a very nice man..we are companions and helpmates as I like to call us..I also see you live in calif as I do...and girl you look GREAT!! for a Great Grandma..I also notice we both follow alot of the same blogs..Now Lynne from Lynne's gifts from the heart is one of my best friends in blogland...we both started our blogs at the same time...but knew each other from RMS...Did you know her DH is in the hospital with his heart and thats why she has not posted..I have asked for prayers for her and Bill..
    Now I would love to see your daughter home...I bet it is lovely..and when Emilie Barnes came to Sutter Creek in 97 is when I got by book and she signed it for me..she just wrote "Happy Tea" any hoo now that I used up your whole cooment form here...I am just so glad you came by thanks so much and I will be back for sure...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. What? No roses on the bunny's butt? You've gotta do something about that.

  5. SMB...this bunny too tiny! Send me bigger bunny and I will put roses on his bunnybutt for you. :)
    I need to get back to painting..just sooo much fun!


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