Friday, October 23, 2015


....Because PH hates projects!  
That's okay.  He's sweet about it.  

Thank heavens for sweet loyal blogger friends that are kind enough to come visit even when I haven't been around.  I don't deserve it...but thank you so much!

What happened to my left knee is that I pushed a heavy rolled up hose under the hedge in the back yard with the inside of my left foot and felt a snap in my knee.  Nothing more..but the following day I woke up and tried to stand on my feet..and I knew I was in trouble.
It started last late March and I've been working on trying to find relief ever since.  Shots in the knee cap and now a double dose of pills.   Which seem to be working.  At least I am walking again.

My son and my neighbor from across the street and of course PH, got the beam up for me.  If I could get rid of the cottage cheese ceiling, I would, and will..but right now, my projects are about to drive PH out of his mind.  So..later.. :)

Everyone chipped in...yep..everyone except Mele' and I!
I now have a beam across my family room separating the dining from the fireplace area.  
Next is the wallpaper, which has arrived.
However..I had injured my knee by the time the paper arrived so I was totally out of commission was my wallpaper hanger, Ray.  He had climbed a new ladder trying it out and it collapsed on him, breaking three of his toes on his left foot.  So... :)  It all worked out.  I mean I am NOT happy about his being injured, but I'm pleased that I didn't interfere with his work schedule.

There is a LOT to move in this room and even though Ray moves the furniture..I need to move everything breakable, take down drapes and blinds and pictures..etc.  So..We should be ready soon.
I was hoping before Thanksgiving.  Hoping..yep..

Next comes the wallpaper and who knows what else.  And I know I also need to rethink those lamps!  It looks junky right now..but it won't.
I need to get rid of the one by the wall.  A friend wants it anyway.

As you can see, this room gets lots and lots of light, so I think the plaid wallpaper will be fine.
(I hope!)
I just realized recently that ..once that wallpaper is up..I won't like those chairs..which were never my favorites.  The light makes them look fuchsia.  They aren''s the light and my camera seems to do that all on it's own??  I wonder why that is??.  New furniture is NOT in the cards right now.  Beside, that would give my sweet PH a heart attack.  Not because of the price but because of the upheavel.  He hates that! :)

Look..aren't these cute.  My granddaughter in law bought them for me for my birthday!  Little nut or candy dishes for the season!   SO cute!

The living room is pretty clear..not much going on there..just a witch and a crow...
The flower arrangement on this little side table has black roses in it..but.. of course I cut them off so you can't see them!
The beautiful pale yellow afghan on the back of the chair.  An ebay find for ten dollars...Lovely!
.....and a few velvet pumpkins..I bought these the same day I bought the front door wreath.

 The family room always has my little scarecrow couple every year.  An artist on ebay made them.  I had to bid on them and got lucky..For some reason they had not been discovered..   Hand made items like this are treasures.  The flower arrangement on the floor belongs on the dining room table.  It's now outside on the patio table!    Another case of perfect staging!!! :(

 Full view of the coffee table in the living room.  Purple spiders and a skull added the coffee table centerpiece..and that's fine.  Purple roses at a bit of Halloween too.  Oh..and a fat rat helps too!

That's all I have...

Thank you so much for coming to visit..  I appreciated it so much.  
I  am going to try and get back to fairly regular blogging...I've missed it.  

I have letters to write too.  

Love and hugs..


  1. Oh my . . . good news that you have felt some relief from your knee injury . . .
    Good news that PH is still patient and husband!
    Good news that neighbors and family are helpers . . .
    Why "cottage cheese/popcorn ceilings" were ever invented us beyond me . . .
    One thing I have realized about you us if you "have a plan" you'll eventually carry it out . . . sore knee or not!
    Carry on . . . Plaid Walpaper here she comes!

  2. Sometimes an 'u' gets put in place instead of an 'I" . .
    It is called . . ."arthritic fingers!"

  3. Oh dear friend, my wrist and ankle are giving me pain... arthritis I think! Sorry about your knee:( Happy you got help to put up that pretty beam! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  4. Morning Mona, I just love the Rooster lamp you have there for all of us to see. Sending hugs from chilly Florida

  5. So that's what happened to your knee! Poor Mona! Praying for fast healing and even though you're feeling better, take it easy!! How exciting to be getting so much done. Love your beam. We've had lots of beams in homes and have some in our den now but I had them painted! :) The wallpaper will look great and sorry about the toes of your wallpaper hanger! It never ends, does it?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I can't wait to see your plaid wallpaper! I hate my popcorn ceiling too, need to get them further up the page on my list of things I need to do! Have a great week end....hugs...

  7. You have such a delightfully playful imagination which really comes out in your Halloween decorating! it is so much fun seeing all you get up to and today, no less so...that skull artfully taking centre stage in the midst of your gorgeous table arrangement had me catching my breath and then really chuckling...and then, I saw the rat! Just wicked! You are every little child's dream grandmother!

    I am so glad you finally got your beam! I know how much you have wanted it! I look forward to seeing the papered due time, of course! What a sweet neighbour you have, coming over to help with getting that beam up! And, of course, both your handyman son and Howard, without whom it would not have happened. And yes, I can quite believe you are already busily thinking up the next project to be tackled! It's soooooooo good to have you back!!

    Just please don't go around kicking any heavy objects of any description again, ok? I know you have learnt a painful lesson.

  8. I am so very sorry to hear about your knee. It is so miserable when you can't get around like you are used to doing and doing things for yourself. I am sure it drives you crazy. Scary about your wallpaper guy, too. Hope he is recovering okay.
    Your decorations are all cute...and your room is going to be great when you are done with it. I like the idea of a beam to divide the space. Smart idea. Your hubby sounds like mine. He does not do well with any sort of upheaval. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

    ps. IF you have the time pop by my blog and sign up for the giveaway for my son's new company.

  9. I'm sorry that you've been injured in the line of duty!
    I haven't been around for a while but I see that you are still look ideas for new projects. Good for you!

  10. Oh, Sweetpea!!
    So glad to see your cheery self, but so sorry about all the mishaps and delays. Your decor is amazing, as always, and nobody would know you've been out of commission, with all that's going on.

    We've had quite a year ourselves, with the renovation of the downstairs kitchen, and we're just now getting back into order and neatening up after all the upheaval of our own. It's PINK and white and I love it---I've been planning this kitchen for 65 tears, since the night I painted my dollhouse kitchen walls pink with my Mother's 39c bottle of nail polish.

    So glad to see you cheery and bright, and enjoying your charming home and sweet PH.


  11. Sorry to hear about what happened to your knee but am glad you are starting to getting around once again. Your Halloween decorations are cute. Love the beam. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. i'm glad your knee is better.

    Patience with projects is a good thing.

  13. Best part! Well 2 best parts! Your knee is so much better!!! (Mine toooo!) And you are full of "piss and vinegar" again!!! -giggggggles- Ever hear that saying?????? Full of piss and vinegar! It sezzzzzz it all, doesn't it????

    Anyway, I know how incapacitated both of us have been, with our knees. And I know how wonderful it is, to know we can walk around again. You are doing your walking, your way. And I am doing mine, my way. All in all, being able to walk, rocks!

    I don't get a kick out of changing things. You do. We each do, what makes us happy. If not now, when????? :-))))

    Lots and lots of pumpkin hugs, Sister-Blogger-Friend!


  14. Oh and another best part!

    Blogging is being fun for you again!!!!!


    Pumpkin hugs,

  15. Mona, Hoping your knee is coming along nicely. We love our projects at times, don't we. My husband is talking one for Christmas. I'll have to do a post on it. Can't wait to see your wall paper up. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. Glad the knee is getting better and you don't need surgery. You are a go get 'em gal! You get an idea and really follow through. I get lots of ideas but run out of steam...or money...before I do it! You look all decorated for the big day next week and I hope the wallpaper looks great. I do love plaid! Have a great weekend and be sure to give an extra big hug to PH...he deserves it! Ha!

  17. i am so happy to see you posting more again! everything looks wonderful mona!

  18. Oh Mona, I am so sorry about your knee. It has been bothering you for quite a while. I hope that it gets better. You need to stay off of it and let it heal.
    I like the beam very much and it looks great. Everything looks so Halloweenish. I think the wallpaper will look good. Plaid is the rage right now.
    Take care of yourself and feel better. It's about time for me to make a trip out to see you. Maybe when the hotel puts up all their decorations and we can splurge on lunch in the restaurant. I haven't been to the Mission Inn for a couple of years, but it was magical.
    Take care my dear sweet friend.

  19. Hi Mona,
    Love the beam and I think plaid wallpaper will be lovely.
    Sorry about your knee. I miss blogging and just wanted to stop over and say hi.
    Big hugs friend,

  20. I've missed you---so sorry abut your knee. But you find out who loves and appreciates you when you are down for the count. I broke my arm in three places in June...oh man. I'm still not up to par. We get by though.

    You have such a cool home, I absolutely love all 'your stuff'. Hang on to it all!

    Jane xx

  21. Love, love, love your Halloween decorations. Your family room looks so cozy and the addition of the beam is perfect.
    Glad your knee is feeling better.

  22. It's VERY messy to scrape off cottage cheese ceiling. We opted, when we lived in Maryland to have it done professionally. The stuff goes have to put plastic down over everything. Let the professionals do it when you decide to have it done. It's an ugly job. xo The beam looks super nice on your ceiling!

  23. Hi Mona, I haven't able to visit a lot of blog the past couple of weeks, but was sorry to read about your knew mishap today. I do hope that you are feeling better and that you had a wonderful recent birthday celebration. Thanks goodness for patient husband Howard, relatives and friends for helping with that beam which looks terrific.

  24. oh no! so sad that you hurt yourself. but glad to hear that you are recovering. we need to be in our tiptop best shape for the holidays! lol! I hope you get your wallpaper all up in time for Thanksgiving. I have things I want to do around here too.. but they will have to wait til after the holidays at this point. oh well!
    have a great day my friend!

  25. Thanks ever so much for coming by and leaving a comment. Love it.

    We too still have cottage cheese ceilings and will as long as we live here. I'm not up to the mess of taking them down. I'm trying to figure out how to put in new flooring without moving anything! Maybe my laziness is more than just an occasional Saturday thing!

  26. Good Monday Morning, I'm like you, I want to get back to my Blog as I have really missed it. What a wonderful job you do on your home. I can see our taste is sure alike.
    Barbara in Florida


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