Thursday, October 22, 2015


I used my mantel for my banner.  
This years decorationing for Fall has been a wee bit of a struggle but at least I finally got something done!
My new wreath is a wicked bit of decor, isn't it? 
I finally got it all up and it's almost time to take it all down!  
S' least I got it up.
I want to whine about how hard it was to get any of my Halloween UP..but I won't.
*sigh* I'll just  *sigh* suffer in silence...  (which of course you KNOW is a bunch of baloney!)
I hobbled around a bit but with help from PH, it's done.

I found my wreath in the neatest little shop..and ended up buying more than intended.  I bought the wreath AND the little door hanger.

Anything to do with Witches makes me grin!

This little door hanger has SO much detail..had to have it...I mean it was just a "little" thing and
PH gave me some birthday money!
I have to tell you this...the neatest thing happened.  One of my granddaughters asked if one
day she might inherit my Halloween collection..made me feel so good!  I said "Of course!" and she will.  

I want to say haunted houses are so much fun..but..not so sure any more.  
The list of things that happen in our sweet little home growing and growing.
Funny how you can get used to things screams in the night, and melting jewelry and just little stuff like that.  :)
Don't be too sure I'm joking.... :)

Not sure what I was going to do with that little glass pumpkin down there under the table....will I never learn to "stage" before I begin snapping away with my camera?
No..probably not...

LOOK! LOOK!  No, no it wasn't me that hung the Halloween garland made of burlap and detailed with this and was ... Patient Husband!  Of course!
I think hobbling around from piece of furniture to piece of furniture and otherwise using a cane..I really think he felt sorry for me.  
No need.  I felt sorry enough for myself!!

A visit to the Orthopedic PA, a few little white pills and I'm darn near as good as new.
I said  "darn near!"
My sister blogger friend, Tessa of  HERE THERE BE MUSING and I are in the same "knee injury" boat!  Does misery love company?
LOL ... but of course! :)

Big hugs and love,


  1. Mona, love your wreath and I'd love to sit out on your porch. :)

  2. Hi Mona! I guess I missed something. You hurt yourself, your knee? Take care of yourself and I wish you a belated Happy Birthday! Your Fall looks wonderful at your house. Your new wreath is so cute and I do love your porch. Now you had better sit down in one of those sweet chairs.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. hi mona! i love your decorations! i hope that someone has some interest in inheriting some of my stuff!

  4. I too have tons of Halloween...almost as much as Christmas...but no requests to take it! Your home looks adorable as always and I'm betting the trick or treaters love coming over to your place! I wish you would elaborate on your "haunted house"! I love those kinds of stories! Have a good weekend and I'm glad your knee is better!

  5. I love witches too, which is why I always wear a witch hat on Halloween. Love your sweet witch wreath! Glad you are up and hobbling around... I hobble some days too and it's no fun!

  6. Oh i always love your decor for all the various seasons. So fun. Get well soon.

  7. Love all your Halloween decorations. The wreath is so cute as is the door hanger. Everything looks so festive. Take care of yourself. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. I love your wreath Mona! I knew PH would cave in and help you....he's such a sweetie ....and a keeper too! Have a great week end...hugs...

  9. But, happily... Sister-Blogger-Friend, we are both on the mend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

    And it is so lovely, to find a post here! And such a cute post. And a perfect Banner pic.

    Nope, I don't think you need to add any more "haunted houses" to your decor!!!! Noooooooooooooooo.... But the cute witches are cool.

    Pumpkin hugs,

  10. Love love, love your Halloween décor. You are doing much better than I am. Oh well there is still time. Glad your knee has improved. I don't know the cause of your knee problem, but I wanted to share something that might help. I am being treated with Immunological drugs for my cancer and a side effect of the meds for me is gout. Terrible, painful condition. The Dr offered me meds for the gout but I declined, they are giving me enough drugs already. I did some research online and found an article about tart red cherries helping the condition. I found a store that sells the juice and I drink about a cup everyday. It is amazing the benefit this has had. While it does not stop the gout attacks completely, it does greatly lessen the severity and length of each attack. It is supposed to help arthritis also. I will go with a natural cure anytime over prescription drugs.
    Happy Halloween.

  11. Happy to see your post and your fall "touches!"
    Darn knee stuff . . . happy the PA helped, white pills too!

  12. What joy to see you out and about in blog land again! Your Halloween decor is quite charming, Mona!

  13. It is always such a treat to find that you have written a new entry on your blog. I love seeing your beautiful patio and flowers and now your fall and winter decorations. Don't abandon us-keep writing.

  14. I'm in the dreaded knee group as well. Its awful isn't it?? I get shots and then they wear off after a few months

  15. I'm in the dreaded knee group as well. Its awful isn't it?? I get shots and then they wear off after a few months


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