Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Not just any red..but ROSE red.

So much has kept me preoccupied this week.  First, was reading my blogging friend, Diane's new novel!
I know many of you are probably doing the same thing.  I cannot get over that she actually didn't just talk about it, she DID IT!
Congratulations Diane!  
Nana Diana Takes a Break is her blog...she'll make you smile..
(I can't get the link to work..but will work on it.)
If I wasn't making a bed or doing dishes or other household chores, I was reading Diane's new book.
It grabbed me and kept me interested from beginning to end.
I finally finished it night before last and refused to go to bed until I found out what happened in the end.
I even answered the book club questions.  :)

A couple of days of feeling ill...then I got busy and baked my PH some chocolate chip cookies. 
My neighbor got some..the gardener got two this morning.  They go fast!

THEN MY FLORAL arrangement arrived.  
The woman who did this arrangement's name is Terri.  She is on Etsy under "Beguiled Again" which I think is just charming.  After scouring both Etsy and Ebay..she is the absolute best I've found.  The small white arrangements in the silver spooner and sugar bowl..were done by her.  
It's in an old compote with tiny baby roses and green leaves trailing on it with ornate handles on each end.  Perfect for my flowery living room.  You can tell this lady loves what she does!  It shows.

See the wall behind the couch? It will be covered with my roses wallpaper by tomorrow evening.  
My pretty red toile wallpaper went up in the kitchen today.  
It came yesterday and my paper hanger, Ray, agreed to come at 8 this morning.  It is just..
BEAUTIFUL!  Just wait until you see!

Just remember..what goes up..must come down...spinning wheel...  LOL  (sorry).

The family room?  How about red plaid?  I'm kidding! I'm kidding! :)

Big hugs,


  1. Miss Mona~

    I've missed checking in on your bloggie so much and I hope this finds you well. Are you going to show pics of the wallpaper/toile and roses? I am so behind in everything that I'm not sure if I missed it even though I did some backtracking!

    My Mr. AGPMan and I are fine. Worn down from the kitchen remodel taking so long. But, we are doing OK and happy to finally be almost done. Always a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel...even if it sometimes takes us longer to get through the thing, right?

    I thought of you a lot last months as my cousin, Kathy, passed away and she was about the age your daughter was when she passed. Gone too soon. We know she is in heaven and that makes our loss a bit more bearable.

    Anyway...just had to say I and can't wait to see what all you are doing. Always beautiful and cottage! My Momma loves rose red, too.


  2. I LOVE your home!!!! Just beautiful!!! I did not KNOW Diane had written a book!!! I MUST read it, too!!!!

  3. you have such a pretty home Mona! looking forward to more pics!
    happy thursday!

  4. As always dear Mona, your home is beautiful, homey, warm and has the touch of "Invite" to give one a cozy feeling. My Mum love the red rose pattern too. She even had it on her good dishes. You certainly have been busy. How's HP holding up - you're not neglecting him with all this work are you.....wait a minute, I see you baked him cookies. ha,ha Much love sweetie.

  5. Beautiful surroundings for a great lady...especially since you bake!...:)JP

  6. You have been missed during your absence and I was on the point of sending an enquiring email, then thought I'd check your blog quickly today, before doing so. What a lovely surprise to find you are back...and to know the reason for your absence was nothing were having fun: reading, baking, getting wallpaper hung, enjoying your gorgeous new floral arrangement and just getting on with the day to day stuff of living your life!

    And...there's a promise of more to come when you do the big reveal of your lounge and kitchen walls tomorrow. Can't wait!

    So good to have you back! X

  7. Rose Red!!!! Wonderful!!! I am certainly called by all shades of rose red, myself. All one has to do, is look around my rooms. :-)

    Can hardly wait to see the new walls in your home. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

    But hearing that you have been ill for a couple of days. Not gooood! Hope it is all gone now. :-)


  8. i can't wait to see it all!!! you have been busy!

  9. wow, everything is amazing, I haven't read Nana Dianna 's book yet but I did order it, I can't wait to see what you do!

  10. Hi Mona! Oh, what a beautiful arrangement and your living room looks beautiful. I can't imagine it looking any prettier but I'll wait to see your wallpaper! I've got to order Diana's book, it sounded so good in her review of it. Don't we have talented blogging friends? More wallpaper? :) Can't wait to see your kitchen too! Thanks for popping in to see me and we just pulled off a gazillion panels of wallpaper in this house. Believe me, it was not pretty! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Mona your flower arrangement is just beautiful. Will be looking forward to seeing the new wall paper when it is up. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. What makes you happy, makes me happy, Mona. It's beautiful.

  13. You make me want to go back cookies now Mona! I just cannot wait to see the new kitchen in red toile! It's going to be just smashing!!! Hope y'all are having a wonderful start to summer! Hugs!!

  14. I like floral and plaid combinations! I have got to get my hands on Diana's book. Wonderful to know that it was interesting throughout! Thanks for the review...

  15. Mona i cant wait to see your new wallpapers! So fun to get a whole new look! How long does it take then to hang it?

  16. that arrangement is perfect with your beautiful sofa.. really perfect.. ha ha on the plaid, can't wait to see it.... i love the dish in your header. mother had one but just blue flowers and gold trim on the edge, with out the dark band.

  17. I just finished Diana's book yesterday. I just could not put it down. Isn't it wonderful? I hope she writes another.

    Your home is so lovely. I think that flower arrangement is just beautiful. It's perfect in your room.

    Please post pictures of the wallpaper. It must look wonderful.

  18. Very pretty Mona! Can't wait to see the kitchen! I love red, including plaid!PH is a good guy to let you decorate as girlie as you like!

  19. Darling Mona, the flower arrangement you have on the coffee table is so beautiful. The colour of the flowers is just right with the flowers in the lounge. I can't wait to see the wall paper.
    HUgs Kay and Wilbur

  20. June 12

    Wheeeee!!!! YOur Banner picture is nice-and-big again!!!!!!!!!


  21. Just now catching up to my blogger list and I have already see your pretty a Toile paper . . .
    Pretty floral Mona . . .


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