Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Done, done, done and I'm so happy.  I'm NOT going to do any more projects for awhile.
I always love the results but having rooms torn up starts out to seem so simple and then you realize how much "stuff" you have  when you start trying to put it all back...which... (puff puff) never, ever goes back the same way. 
Also...I am GOING to catch up in my visits to you, I promise!  I am so very far behind.
I guess I could "peddle" faster, couldn't I.

Accent wall before~

 Of course Ray arrived  exactly at 8 am.  Me, thinking I was being funny, met him at the door smiling and said "I've got great news!  You don't have to work today after all!"  
Ray didn't laugh!!  He looked at and the smile faded from his face and he said "THAT does NOT make me happy!"  
I quickly said..."I'm kidding!  I'm kidding, Ray!  It's a joke!"   
Well folks..:( Ray never completely gained his humor back the rest of the day!)  Lesson:  Don't try and be funny with folks you don't know all that well.   It can backfire on you.

" He spoke not a word but went straight to his work"...really fits the start of  the wall papering day.
As the day progressed..things got lighter..but..since I wanted my wallpapering done..

 Here are the after pictures...  :)  The roses in the wallpaper look much lighter in the light from the window.

This is one of the pictures that the colors of the roses in the wallpaper was the most true.
In most of the photo's they looked sort of washed out a bit.

Both the living room and guest room accent walls are done..The bedroom still has to be put back together..tomorrow for sure!

The wall colors are the same as the couch..but I had a difficult time getting the lighting right.
Anyway..you get the idea...
Aren't you pleased it's all behind me?   I promise  (oops, the bedroom)  well, I'll show that later when it's all presentable.  Okay?
Red, white and blue isn't exactly going to look great in here, is it?  :)

Big hugs..


  1. Oh, I SO love this!!!! When may I move in??? This is so ME!!!
    Your home has such charm and personality! Just like YOU do, I would imagine!
    Our homes truly ARE a reflection of US, don't you think???

  2. It all looks so delightfully rosy and cosy and really...just perfect, Mona! It's a scene taken right out of one of those magical, beautifully illustrated children's storybooks of old that draws the viewer right into the picture, marvelling at all the loveliness to behold. The last picture you posted, with precious little Mele sitting so pertly and looking so beautiful, like a perfectly posed ornament, is just too gorgeous!

    I cannot wait to see the guest room!

  3. Its like being in a rose garden ! quite lovely Mona! Im sure you are comfy cozy in there. You just need to burn some rose scented candles in there now. then you'll really feel like youre in a garden!
    too funny about Ray and his unsense of humor! lol!
    have a great day

  4. Your "flowery" personality shines through your house and garden. You feel relaxed whether you are inside or outside. Your home is both warm and inviting. Lovely Job and I'll bet PH is breathing easier now with all the mess gone and things back in place. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Oh, it's just so beautiful! All of your pictures look like a magazine shoot. I love that last picture too with your little Mele standing there looking at you. I'm looking forward to seeing the guest room.

    And I understand about all the accumulation of stuff and moving it. That's why I hate to have things done. Love it when it's finished, but it's the moving out and in of stuff.

  6. Oh Mona, that's so pretty and cottagey!! I love it. :)

  7. just like out of a magazine shoot!

  8. Hi Mona! Oh, I love your pretty accent wall! It looks so lovely in your living room. You're feeling like you have a brand new house! Yay! Well, that Ray, not everyone can be fun lovin' like us, can they? Oh, when you get a chance pop in as I'm making doll clothes again.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. oh mona...it looks perfect! ray needs to find his sense of humor!

  10. Oh it looks ever so much more cottage~y! I do love it!

  11. Beautiful, just like a page out of a magazine. I think your home should be featured as the home of the month in the " Old Painted Cottage" website. They feature a different home every month. I know yours would be a big hit.
    I could sit in your living room for hours just looking at all the pretty things.

  12. -grin- Nope, Ralph doesn't look like a man, who can be kidded with. -giggles-

    It-is-lovely! Like being in a soft rose garden. Like walking into a rose garden magic ball, or whatever they are called. Warm. Cozy. Peaceful. Comforting. And just plain pretty.

    You have done wonders, my Dear!

    And this ability, to picture how a room will be, when you pick all the right things... Simply amazes me. I don't have it. :-) I can't 'picture', ahead of time. People who can, amaze me.

    Oh I know what I like. And I know the type of wallpaper to look for, to please myself. And the color paint, to look for... To please me.

    But that wider picture... seeing what it should look like after all is done, I didn't get that gene. :-)))

    Yes, please just sit back and enjoy what you have done now. Dare I say Rest??? -grin-

    hugs, hugs, hugs,

  13. Stunning....romantic....homey....I could go on and on! I love it Mona....hugs....

  14. Looking good Mona. Looking forward to seeing the bedroom when you get it back together. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Mona, That paper hanger may be too serious. :), I love his work . That wall looks sweet. I know what you are saying about trying to put things back....I go through that at Holidays. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. Oh so beautiful. The wall paper is perfect. You have created quite the perfect room and displayed everything so nicely. It is fun to just sit and look upon your pictures and enjoy the beauty.

  17. Lovely, Mona! So warm and inviting!

  18. Looks good Mona. You know how I love roses. So I really like the wallpaper. Take time putting things back together, you don't want to wear your self out.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  19. I love the wallpaper in both your bedroom and living room. Everything looks so romantic and cozy. The picture where Mele is looking so proud of herself (or your pretty living room décor) is precious. You have a great eye for decorating.

  20. Mona you will have to keep the red, white and blue to the kitchen. Your lounge is a dream, the cutest thing is that little bunny under the table. NOW REST>>.....

  21. So pretty . . . all pinked up in roses!

  22. If I had wallpaper it would be roses. Very pretty. I like your bedroom as well.


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