Thursday, September 4, 2014


...I think about getting started on a bit of decorating..but I say..."tomorrow..tomorrow I will get out there and dig around in the shed and find those boxes..
So..I go out to the shed..

...slide the door open, peek inside and shut the door again.  
Too hot today!
Too tired!
Maybe tomorrow...maybe..

At this rate.. well...
You see..
To get to those boxes...I have to go through..HALLOWEEN,  then THANKSGIVING,,and then CHRISTMAS.. not to mention SPRINGTIME and then EASTER,  ST. PATRICK'S,  and SUMMERTIME'S  JULY 4th...and finally...finally...way, way in the back is  FALL!

I need some sort of organization here...those big plastic cartons stuffed full. sweet neighbor across the street came for her morning coffee and chit chat..and said..looking me square in the eye,  "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU??  ARE YOU ALRIGHT?
I just sat down in my chair and sipped on my coffee and said....
"Why do you ask?"  and braced myself for what was to come!
  It came! the morning before the heat hits us...
back to the shed I go!  
I have to get serious here!

*Goodbye Joan Rivers!  You made me laugh!  Back when who had the whitest clothes out there on the clotheslines...what floor wax was the best.  When there was little else for us but being a housewife OR a secretary.   I was starting high school when you were finishing... what a time it all was.  You were brave, so brave when you stepped out there and made your mark.
Rest in Peace!


  1. Your sunflower crow wreath is cute! I have been feeling so much the same way as you. It has been miserably hot and humid here. I finally managed to get some end-of-summer looking sunflowers in my basket on the front door. The thought of going through my seasonal stuff to get my fall stuff out made me tired to even think about. I get a little spark of inspiration from people's blogs and then fizzle out before actually getting anything done. Am hoping to perk up and get more in the mood after this weekend. We are supposed to have some cooler weather for a couple of days. It will be nice to feel some cool breezes for a change.

  2. Hi, Mona..I just don't generally decorate much for fall..I do have a fallish wreath but as I'm not fond of the fall colors, I just usually stay with white ironstone and the deep, dark reds.
    I do love to decorate at Christmas and only a very tiny bit at Halloween and really, that's about it. I do have sunflowers...I like the red ones, tho...and some white ones.
    Your wreath is lovely....

  3. I love this! I am right there with you sorting through the holiday bins.It's a good thing woman would never enjoy the changing of seasons as much! I also shall miss Joan Rivers.....such a big part of my life! Love your wreath!

  4. this year i have been slow to decorate. i am, however, giving away everything that i am not using this year. i too have an attic full of boxes which are all out of order. i am hoping to to the same thing with all of my holiday things. by next yer my attic should have only a fraction of what i have now! at least, i hope so!

  5. Now I know why we don't decorate for fall.It is tooooo hard to get to the boxes. Although it is Spring here at the moment. Some of the Prunus trees are just starting to blossom.
    Wait for a cool day, or better still wait until one of the grand kids comes around.
    HUgs Kay

  6. Your new header is pretty Mona and I am right there with you as far as changing the look. If it were not for another very kind blogger who helped me, I would still have the original one I started with. I had to laugh about your comment on the reading of directions. I too consider that the 2nd choice.
    Fall is my favorite time of year, but its hard to get in the mood to decorate when its 90 outside so I wait until Oct.
    So sad about Joan Rivers. She was one of those special people that you just think will be here forever making us laugh.

  7. PLease do not hurt yourself, to get Autumn stuff out. It is hot where you are. Please...


  8. Yes, it is a shock to have Joan Rivers die.

    My husband was running our family corner drug store... And years ago, she came in, on a Sat. afternoon. She was appearing somewhere in the area, and just walking along Broadway.

    Our store, was begun at time of Civil War. We keep it as original as possible. Many people love to come in, and "soak in" an old drug store ambiance. She was one of them.

    My husband and Joan chatted for a while. He said she was a very nice woman.

    Think her on stage persona and her real life persona, where very different. She was wildly hilarious, on stage. In Real Life, she was just a nice woman.

    My hope is that she is at peace.


  9. I hope Joan rests in peace too. And I know the heat is unbearable sometimes - I think hitting the shed early in the am is a good idea. Bet you have a lot of wonderful decorations!

  10. Love your header . . . must have found the "fall bin" way in the back . . ,
    Good for you . . .

    Indeed . . . Joan Rivers was HER OWN PERSON . . . And did her own thing! No one else like her!


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