Sunday, August 31, 2014


This post is a public apology to the two bloggers I shared "the mirror" situation with.
As I said..they were both most kind and I meant to make it clear in my post that any reserve or negitivity about the situation was on my part alone.  Nothing they said or did at all had anything to do with how I felt..  If I did not make that clear...please let me make it even more clear now.
Once again.they were nothing but kind, open with nothing at all said about their not believing.

I apologize if what I wrote came across wrong.  Both are lovely bloggers.  I try to stay clear of anything controversial...but this may be one of those subject to stay clear of.
I was going to delete the post...but so many have commented...that I hate to do that.
On the other hand, each and every one of you is special to me.  Most especially one that I have offended.
I publicly apologize to that person..and the second person should they read the post.
Thank you to all who wanted to hear the story...
I will think on it but at this time...perhaps not.
On to other things...Okay?
:)  Hope your long weekend is going well.


  1. Hi Sweet Mona! Just stopping by to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm sorry to hear some of your set arrived broken. I hope not too many pieces will have to be replaced. I hope it's cooling off for you. We are back and forth: upper 90s today, upper 80s tomorrow, 99 Thursday. I am in KS, and we are having more humidity than usual this summer, which makes the "feels like" temps over 100 fairly often. And yet we had some wonderfully cool days in July! Oh! I put a link to your blog in my latest post. The only thing is that hardly anyone reads my blog! :O) Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend. God Bless You and Yours, Bess

  2. oh mona....i am so sorry this happened. it is the nature of internet communication. when it comes down to it, we don't really know each other, all of us that communicate on our computers. so we are bound to step on each others toes sometimes.i hope this can be worked out because i know how this must make you feel.

  3. Dear Mona, Any one that knows you and really read the post would know that you would not criticize any one. Put a smile on your face and forget it.
    I'm sending big cheery hugs to you.

  4. You are so sweet, Mona....please don't let this affect you posts in any about whatever is on your mind! We all love you just the way you are....hugs, Penny

  5. Mona, you can only do so much. I don't understand the controversy but NO ONE would or could believe anything but the BEST intentions of you! May peace flood your heart and put these thoughts behind you!

  6. Well, as far as I can see and I read your post, there was nothing in it that required an apology. We express things from time to time and and that is all you were doing. The mirror sounds like a most interesting story and one that I would have enjoyed reading. You shared with us a story or a bit of one and I thought that was cool. Maybe I am going to ask you to write me a letter not on blogger when you have some spare time and fill me in on the mirror. Only if you feel you can write about it. If you feel you shouldn't write about it, then that is OK - I would not be offended. YOU of all people I know have only the best and kindest intentions and I really do not understand what, if any, of the fuss would be about. Relax, forget about it - You did not offend anyone honey. lol

  7. And Jaz hit the nail on the head. Said what I considered saying. That communication on the Net, is wonderful. But Net written words, can be misunderstood, at times.

    You would not hurt a fly!!!!! We know that!!!!

    Tell me a story-you-can't-explain, any time!!!!!!!!

    Hugsssssssssssss, Tessa~

  8. Oh my, what did I miss? Anyway, you are a Dear Lady, just been under the weather for the past few days.

  9. If anyone really knows you . . . you are all about love and caring . . . all best intent from you.

    Please do not fret . . . Not worth it to add to your day!
    Promise me . . . !!!!

  10. Mona, Put this behind you. You are truly a beautiful caring person and would not hurt any one. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Oh dear Mona....You have nothing to apologize for. It reminds me of the time I commented on a blog post and used the wrong name for the writer. She wrote a post about readers not using her right name. I never commented again, because it wasn't intentional and she kind of hurt my feelings.

    You just go ahead and tell whatever you want....we all love to read your posts...what ever they are about. I always look to see if you have written something make my day.
    Hugs, Balisha

  12. I have been misunderstood on blogger too, to my consternation. I once asked someone why she did a religious post every week. It was a perfectly innocent question, but she took offence. That has bothered me ever since, but perhaps we should all be less critical of each other. Now you forget all about it, whatever it was and move forward,
    star x

  13. Mona, I do not for one second believe that you have offended anyone by your comments. It is the person on the receiving end that has a problem. All of us who read your pist truly know that you would never write anythkng to offend anyone. As others have commented, just put it all behind you, my friend.

  14. Hi Mona.....
    You are a precious lady!! I always enjoy stopping by to see ya.

  15. Mona, I hope everything has worked out fine. I can't even imagine you hurting anyone on purpose or the wall paper dude would have had two broken legs. LOL Just kidding. If you kept your cool during the glue spillage you are a kind person. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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