Monday, September 8, 2014


Antic's?  :) There are none...I wrote that and then couldn't think of a single thing.
Ate a bagel.
Went into SHOCK at more rainfall today
Read some of my new book..
Sat in the lawn swing.
Drank some coffee
Wished I hadn't
...then dozed off anyway.
Watched the rain fall..

It thundered down on our metal patio roof.....poured off the back...can you see that precious rain there in the corner?

It poured off the front..

It poured off the garage..

Mele went out and lay in it...under the umbrella...she obviously loved the cool dampness..
(bricks and rock hold the umbrella down.  Not so pretty but it works.

...and PH read on!

I should have taken pictures of the thermometer.  It dropped ten degrees right in front of our eyes yesterday..
Today...five degrees.

OH GOOD GRIEF!  I see the sun peeking through.

Then I thought...I HOPE this rain reached our farmers in the Central Valley where it is so desperately needed!  



  1. oh I would love to have heard that rain,,,

  2. Mona, I hope all those farmers get plenty of rain. We are to have rain again this coming Wednesday, that is when I fly to Utah....hope i do not get any delays. Ted will be staying home. He mowed on Friday and today. That is how much our lawn is growing. I laughed about your husband just reading while it rained. Poor little doggie must have loved the rain. Your plants will be growing more. xoxo,Susie

  3. Just an average day, but so fun to be a part of it! Great simply have the most beautiful plants ever! Mele is the sweetest!!!

  4. Wonderful!!!



    Rain, in Southern California!!!


  5. BEEEEEEEEEEEutiful new Header pic!!!!! :-)


  6. Dear Mona ~ Glad you got some much needed rain there. It sounds and looks like you all enjoyed it. Your plants all look so lush there in your patio area.

    Here are some antics for you, every time I open your blog I get a malicious malware warning saying something about an outgoing message from a lady liberty. Next time I'll try to catch more of the info. Scares the you-know-what out of me. I'm glad I've got the malware program. Have you had anyone else have this happen?

    That's it from s.e. FL. Not so hot and humid today which was really nice.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. We on the other have gotten lots of rain this year. Everything is green and beautiful. This Friday it's suppose to turn cold as we get that Arctic blast. I guess fall will come early here in East TN. Hugs!

  8. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Have a nice evening.

  9. Love the new header Mona! I'm so glad you put that particular photo up today because I am getting ready to decorate for Fall & your photo to reminded me that I wanted to copy your style of putting twinkle lights in the baskets. I love how they look at night with the soft light -Beautiful.
    You are lucky to get some rain, although too much at one time can be a worry too. I haven't had any rain, other than one brief shower, for many months. Our rainy Portland weather just seemed to disappear a couple of years ago & was replaced with too much heat & now drought. It is like living in a totally different climate with 90+ heat all summer & has me wishing for rain to return as soon as possible. Now, when have you ever heard someone who lives in the Pacific NW resident hope for rain? Your CA farmers desperately need rain more than anyone. I suspect that the few fruits & veggies that survive to market this fall/winter will be priced sky high.
    Your covered patio alwys looks likes such an oasis with all those healthy green ferns & tropical plants. I have a large covered deck & would love to turn it into an outdoor room much like yours. I recently got some great deals on outdoor rugs & some wicker furniture, so it's a start. I hope next spring to have it all "decked-out" (haha) & ready to enjoy for reading & coffee. I love the lush look of ferns & have always wanted to hang them from my deck, but have never been able to keep them alive. You sure have a green thumb. Is there any special thing you do to keep your looking so lush & green or do I just live too far north for them to do well? Enjoy your cooler temps while they last. I bet Mele loved being able to lie on the cool damp stone. Sort of like a spa moisturizing treatment for her skin. She is such a cute little girl. Keep going on your tech tutorials. You are making real progress.

  10. oh wow....yay!!!!! rain!!! hard to believe you finally are getting some. is it all running off since the ground is so dry? we are actually in need of rain too. i have to water in the morning. i guess this means fall has found you? or is this all just from that storm by mexico? mele is too sweet! teddy has been acting like a new puppy since we have had cool weather for the last 2 days!

  11. Wow Mona your new picture is pretty. Look at you changing you look so go nice of Tessa to help you, she is a sweetheart. You are so lucky to have gotten rain. You would think San Diego would have gotten some, but not a drop. I was hoping for some free water to water my garden. Seeing rain anymore is getting to be like seeing it snow. Your little fur baby is precious but that thick coat has got to be torture for her in this hot weather.

  12. Now you are showing off Mona with that fantastic new header.. How precious that rain looks. Some times you just want to go out in it and do a happy dance. That is if we didn't have to get changed.
    We had a big thunder storm in the night. Woopie no watering for awhile.
    Hugs Kay

  13. Your new header picture is really pretty! It must have been cozy there on the porch with the rain pouring down all around. Mele is so cute there basking in the raindrops. It must have felt cool and good to her tummy.

  14. I'm so happy you have rain! I do hope all the farmers out there get some too...we enjoy the fruits of those farmer's labors! It's been dry this September so far..a few rain days but this is the driest it's been all summer. The temps are up and down and I know it's going to be very cool this coming weekend. Fall will arrive and I'm not ready! Your patio area looks so relaxing with all that rain coming down!

  15. Just popping in to say Hi, Mona, and I see you are up to your usual ANTICS! lol We are dropping to a high of 50 something for 3 days later this week. Where has our summer gone? I am NOT ready for winter weather yet- xo Diana

  16. Mele has the idea . . . spread that tummy out on the cooler patio stone!
    Like your header Mona . . . you have learned "how to make a header" . . .
    Good for you!
    Happy to hear about your cooler weather temperatures too. Hope it continues . . .

  17. Hi Mona, so nice to visit here tonight. I am in So Ca and glad we are getting the much needed rain. Feel bad for the people who are getting flooded. Your header is really nice!

  18. Mona I am so glad you are getting some rain. It is still warm here but we have been having some showers enough to keep things green. I love your new header. Have a blessed day. Madeline


  19. From antics to antiques to attics to all-around fun---we never know WHAT we'll encounter when we drop in. That's the fun of life---the surprise of good things.

    We had the windows open all day yesterday, and last night's MOON!!! Gorgeous.

    love and,


  20. I am so glad that you got rain because all we got was just enough to wet the ground. I don't think you could even measure it.
    Yesterday was very HOT, HUMID and cloudy. I kept praying that we would get some rain, but NO. I understand that by Sunday it will be 100 degrees. Yuk, I am so tired of humidity and heat - will we ever get rain and cooler weather?
    Stay cool my friend and nap on that great swing.

  21. Mona, everytime I stop by, your site looks better and better! I am so glad you got rain again! I have been reading about how California has been so low on water! Have a great night!

  22. I'll bet you are not singing "Rain, rain go away." So glad you got some rain. Now I just hope it's not TOO much. Your pictures are lovely.

  23. Rain, rain and more rain was what we had here for 2 full days and received about 4 inches. Glad you also got some of this downpour cause it's much needed in CA and wish I could send some to y'all. Reading outdoors while the rain falls around is a perfect way to spend my opinion!

  24. I am glad you got some rain - I know w you needed some out out there. And let me say the picture in your header is just gorgeous.

  25. Hi Mona.....glad you got some rain. It rained here some yesterday but then, we have had a lot more rain than you. I would have been happy to share. Looks like Mel and PH are enjoying the cool and damp. Your header picture is wonderful and it's you. I bet you will be a pro soon. If I ever take the plunge you will have to help me!

  26. Glad to hear you got some much needed rain. Do you live near where the earthquake was a few weeks back? My daughter was at Berkeley University on business and she definitely felt it. No real damage in that area, but a 23 year old Midwestern girl, all that shaking and rumbling was a bit scary. Prayers go out for those who did get hurt and had property damage. Jane

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