Saturday, August 30, 2014


This is the mirror that some of you have asked about.  
The one I spoke of as being "haunted"...
I don't know where it came from..other than it was acquired by my two sons when they first left home and moved into an apartment together.  I believe someone gave it to them..but neither of them can remember where it came from.  Of course they were just in their late teens when it came into their possession.
It was painted a pale green..and my son, Mike, stripped it and sanded it and finished the wood to the beautiful sheen it is today.

When the wallpaper was hung last week..I dug it out from the the guest room and put it back on the wall.  
Due to certain circumstances...happenings concerning the mirror..I had removed it from the wall and put it under the bed in the guest room..then felt bad (for some odd reason) and pulled it out and put it in the closet.
It has always been a favorite of mine.  I believe the two oldest boys were 18 and 19 when I got it from them.
They are now 59 and almost 58 years old.

Sometimes you think you want to hear a story about something..but when you hear find you really do not.
Ask anyone who has seen flying saucers and told of it.  You KNOW full well what happens to them.  
I have even had a witness to the strange happenings with this mirror...not a family member.  I don't even speak of this in my own family.  
My fear?
That I will be ruined in blogland forever..and someone out there will attached some sort of "evil" to it and thus to me.  Of course I'm scared.  
But I want answers..and there apparently aren't any.

I've thought of getting rid of it..but...I still love that mirror and even I, do not want to believe what I've seen.

.  The back is solid wood..and it is obviously very old.  Naturally it has a history..but one knows.

Briefly...different things have happened IN the mirror...I've even sent photo's to those two people...but that was foolish too..because it all could have been thought to be wasn't, but it could have been.
And of course there is debunking from my family members.    It's's this and it's that.  
Good thought.  That theory was tested.  

Now it is back on the wall.  
Let me think on this.  After IS a good Halloween story..and..I could tell my story as fiction, just a sort of fictious ghost story?  As I said..I have to think about all of this..


P.S.   I have inadvertantly hurt feeling over what I wrote so I have deleted those few lines.  May I say once more that no one I've shared this story with has been anything but kind.   Only my own worry about sharing the incidents with the mirror made me regret sharing the story.   I have also written a personal letter of apology above.


  1. Mona think hard. Don't let any one doubt you, or what you saw. I believe you really saw some thing. By the way, what a great job of restoring it, Good job Mike.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Ok, I love the watch the "haunted" shows on TV and have even gone on a few ghosts hunts myself. I never would doubt you, of all people, if you say you saw something paranormal or just unexplained. I would love to hear the story Mona. I won't think you're crazy! You'd have to know my family to understand that! We have our own stories to tell! Have a good Labor Day weekend!

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  4. I would also love to hear the full story of your lovely mirror. It's definitely piqued my curiosity. I am not one to judge what others firmly believe they have encountered. I have certainly had occasions when the hairs on my back prickled, but I have not ever personally 'seen' anything. Besides, who doesn't love a ghostly tale!
    I am wondering? Did you get the email I recently sent? I attached far too many pictures, and I don't know whether Gmail permits this? Please let me know if you didn't receive it.
    Big hug, Des xx

  5. Mona I cant think of a thing short of finding out that you are an axe murderer or something awful that would change the way you friends feel and think of you. There will always be that odd person with something negative to say and who the heck cares about what they think anyway. Obviously they weren't a friend in the first place.
    So for those of us out here that are sitting on the edge of our seats, please tell the mirror stories.
    There are many things in this world we don't understand and afraid to know mostly due to ignorance or being taught to think a certain way. What we don't understand we fear. I say have an open mind and just might be surprised at what you will learn

  6. Mona, if you would like to send me a private email on I can help you with this mirror. Go to my website, which is so you can have a read about what I do. It will be private between you and me, but I do know that there is nothing 'evil' about the mirror, just someone needing help. If you do not want to follow through with an email, then I shall put the mirror and all that there is associated with the mirror, on my absent healing list.

    You can delete this comment if you want to. Vx

  7. Mona, I think at some time or other all of us have unexplained things happen. I wouldn't worry about what people think. You love that mirror and it looks so good on your new wallpaper.
    You will have to tell me the story the next time we get together.
    Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

  8. That is a lovely mirror dear Mona. Your son did a great job restoring it.

    Remember, 'Greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world'. Things do happen in our lives that we can't explain. Hopefully they all draw us closer to God.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  9. i don't know about anyone else but i want to hear the mirror story! i love this kind of stuff!!! plus, it is getting to be the right time of year, right?

  10. A conversation piece and a pretty one at that:) Enjoy your day dear Mona, HUGS!

  11. You've got me going now and I want to hear the story! I don't want you to be afraid though . . .

  12. Mona, whatever mysteries this mirror holds it obviously holds a special place in your memory and heart. Displaying it again was the best choice unless of course you change your mind later...let us know.

  13. I think you should tell the story and then everyone in blogger land gives off positive vibes and your mirror just becomes a mirror again. It has control over you because you are intimidated by it. You have to not be afraid and we would all share good vibes towards the mirror. I also want to hear the story if you can do it - will leave that up to you. Just got home - hi to PH :)

  14. I've never seen a spirit of any kind, but a friend and I sitting next to one another both had a spirit float or pass right through us. VERY weird, and until a person has had an experience like this, there is most likely no convincing them that it happened. xox Would love to hear your mirror story in full, xox

  15. The mirror is very pretty. Your son did a good job of refinishing it. I also would love to hear the story of the mirror. Have a blessed day and great Labor Day weekend. Madeline

  16. I promise I will NOT think you are strange.. i am dying to hear the story, we can 'believe it or not" LOL....

  17. Haunted or looks good on that yellow wall with the yellow roses in front of it.

  18. Hi Louise, it's me - Agatha Rose.

    I wonder if you could somehow trace it's original owner? The Internet can be a good thing, I wouldn't know where to start except finding out the address of that apartment. This could be a fun project, maybe even a historical one. You may at least find out how old it is - or at least a time frame of its age. Keep me posted.

  19. Lovely mirror, probably was when green, too!
    Have a great upcoming week. I am looking forward to my 23 year son from Arizona visiting for a week.

  20. Oh my Goodness, Mona, I must be really known as the nutty person. I have so many ghost stories and angel stories that have happened personally to me........I would so love to hear your story of the mirror.

  21. Well, please think about it, write us a great story 'cause you are an awesome story teller....xoxo

  22. I too have quite a few ghost stories I could tell - it is real to me as anything else So don't feel bad or question yourself - if they think you are batty - there are many of us who can join you!

  23. I don't know what happened.

    I net-know YOU.

    You are way too kind hearted, to hurt anyone, on purpose.

    We LOVE you Mona. If anyone doesn't, we all have plenty of love, to make up, for she who misunderstood or whatever.

    Hugs, hug, hugs, hugs, hugs,

  24. I am back from my break, Mona...and I DO believe! I know from personal experience that things happen that cannot be explained by any earthly means.

    God bless you- and I am sorry you feel afraid on some level. If you feel you CAN share we would love to hear the story...if not--well, we will understand that, too.

    Those that are nay-sayers are those that are afraid of something THEY can't explain. I feel sorry for them. xo Diana

  25. Hi Mona. I have been gone for a coupe of weeks and missed your first post about the mirror. I too would like to hear more. You know how I feel. I think most of us have had things that we can't explain. Don't ever worry about changing how I feel about you.


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