Thursday, July 10, 2014



Here it is, my pretty NEW snow white computer all trimmed in silver!
You do know that silver is my thing, don't you?
It is!  
So when I saw this pretty little computer sitting there..all shiny and was love at first sight.
In this picture, it looks like the keyboard is isn't .

I just sat the keyboard up here so you could see it.  It sits below in a pull out.
(The movie on the screen is "An Unmarried Woman")
See?  There is pretty silver trim along the edges..and no it doesn't pop out.  It's moulded right into one solid piece and really beautifully made.

This is the back. ( Well...obviously!)   :)

I pulled it out so you can see the silver trim on the keyboard.  You can also see it clear around the base of the computer.
I'm beginning to feel SO much better.  Even the mouse is white and ...can you call a mouse "sweet?"
It really is!
This computer is all in one.  NO tower.  Yippee!  I can now put my feet comfortably under my desk.
My desk has a secretary I had lots of room..but 'tis even better now!:)

I think I'm going round the bend here...but it's just so nice to have things slowly getting back to normal.
I've bugged the Geek Squad a few times..but..they were great.
I want to break into song when I turn it on in the morning..sit down with my first cup of coffee..and
just run my hand over the keys. nice.
Thank you PH, you sweet man! :)

Thanks,  all my blogger friends, for all your support and for those who gave me a swift kick in the pants.  
Nothing like a swift kick to make you remember.
BE WARY!  BAD people are out there.  Sad, but they are.  So take care!  It cost us money, but it didn't go to THEM!

I got off easy but some have not.
Love'n hugs.


  1. It's beautiful! and a very good one as well! I wanted one like that but itvwas a bit too expensive for me at the time.

    The good thing is that now You know what to do if something like that happens again :-) They'll never fool You again and You can also warn others. The world wide web is sometimes a nasty place. Just imagine what these people could do if they put the same energy in to doing good things instead of bad!

    Have a great day and enjoy Your new computer :-)

  2. Mona what a great computer. You must be in 7th. heaven.Enjoy it and most of all have fun
    hugs kay

  3. Finally after all the talks we had, you got on the band wagon and hopefully you will never fall for that again - listen honey, Microsoft or anyone else is not going to call you over a virus - you know that now, and it could have been worse.
    They call me all the time and I tell them to ---- --- figure that out. he,he Usually I say, one moment please, I'll go get my husband and put the phone down and leave it there until they hang up - that's costing them money then. I can be such a B----h, when people try to take advantage of this street smart senior.
    Anyway, love your new computer - it sure is snappin looking and now the world is your "Oyster". Have fun my dear and pass on regards to California Sunshine Man OR Your main squeeze. he,he WE must chat soon.

  4. good for you mona! what a great new computer. just never answer your phone again! haha!

  5. Morning Mona, wow, you are right up town with that great looking puter. Wink-wink to ya.
    I think I am right behind you as my puter is sure acting up. Is your the window 8?
    Barbara in Florida

  6. Oh! Very nice computer. I liked it very much.
    Things to do in NYC

  7. Love that bright and shiny new beauty:) It makes me want one too! Enjoy your day sweet Mona, BIG HUGS!

  8. Thanks for sharing wonderful information, it is really nice information. stylish-living-room

  9. oh it is beautiful mona!!!! i completely understand your joy, every time you see it!

    pretty! new! shiny! working! ahhh yes, working like a top!!!! (does anyone say that kind of a thing, any more??? -giggggles-)

    it reminds me of my iMac, which is no longer new now. but i still like to just run my hand over the sleek keyboard!!!!! it feels so nice!!!! :-)

    guess lots of computers are being made like this now... sleek... smooth... easy to move this way and that... not-connected keyboard... and allll-in-one.

    wheeeeee, for the fun of learning to use your shiny new *toy*!!!

    i know our computers are much more than *toys* to us. but we need to make sure they keep giving us, the joy of a beloved *toy*... me-thinks. :-)

    gentle hugs,

  10. So much fun you are . . . amazing the things that bring us good cheer! Like the "silver edge" on the spankin' new computer . . . Love it!

    (I sure would like to get a hold on that creep . . . sad to say, many, many more out there like him!).

    Happy day Mona . . . enjoy your new PH gift!

  11. Oh it ia gorgeous. I love how pretty and white and silver it is. Stunning.

  12. Your computer is just great. I know you will enjoy it. There are bad people out there. I thought I was helping someone who was starting a business and got took not bad but when you are on a fixed income every penny counts. I learned my lesson and now I try to be very careful who I trust. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Your sweet computer is a dandy. I'm so sorry you got scammed, I received the same phone a few months back, thank goodness I hung up. I hope you got everything saved and protected.. fondly ~lynne ~

  14. Certainly a thing of beauty!

    Windows 8? I am having trouble with 8 and upgraded to 8.1.

    Have fun enjoying your computer. Thanks, sweet hubby.

  15. my friends sister got scammed like this and twice... this is a really beautiful comoputer. i love the look and the NO TOWER

  16. Mona, You probably helped others by telling your tale of what happened. I am glad you got a new computer and love it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  17. I love love lover you knew computer!

  18. I missed the previous post so I had to go back. So sorry this happened. It could happen to anyone. These criminals are good at what they do. I like your new computer.
    You know I used to think these people were just out there somewhere, not real people. When I got scammed a few months ago, the person stealing my info stated messaging a friend. She started talking to him. When she realized that it wasn't me she was frantic. The only way I got rid of him was to change my profile picture to a picture that had never been online before.
    So sweetie don't fret. You probably saved a lot of people by posting what happened.

  19. Mona, so glad that your bad experience had a nice ending and you warned lots of folks cause we can't do that enough...and you have a very nice looking new comouter. It's you, dear friend.

  20. Very nice Mona! Serious computer jealousy here.

  21. Your computer is lovely. I know you are so happy to have such a great new computer. Your sweet husband he is so good to you.
    You are so lucky not to have them get into all your records.
    Have a great weekend and I see we are in for some hot humid weather.

  22. Oh your new computer is a corker! So glad that your husband gifted you with one so nice. And thank you, Mona, for sharing your story because it is instructive for all of us! Enjoy that computer!

  23. How beautiful your computer is. Updated and everything. So sorry you had to get it the way you did, but glad your husband was so generous.

  24. Oh! Its so white and so SKINNY!! and so glamourous looking!! Very fancy!! Love it!! ENJOY!!!

  25. I somehow missed the previous post about the scamming. So scary! I'm glad it's ok and the new computer is a honey! Enjoy it!

  26. So happy for how things turned out for you. Enjoy your pretty new computer! It is sad that we have to watch out for bad guys. :(

  27. Hi Mona! What a beautiful new laptop...and yes, I think "mouses" can be cute!! :)
    I'm so sorry about your computer troubles because of those bad people, but you have a lovely new one!! Hugs to you!

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  29. So glad you love your new computer.
    I got a new laptop a few months ago and I know how you feel about finally having a computer that is awesome...

    I have been on a weeks vacation and just got home last night. Now, I am trying to catch up a bit with bloggers in between unpacking, washing all our dirty clothes,sorting thru the million pictures I took and drinking another cup of coffee. :)

  30. Looks like a nice computer for you! Nice to see that you have something new and oh so pretty for your desk. Once Apple started making the flat screened all in one computers with no towers, all of the other companies copied them. So funny. Anyhoo, it's nice that you have a dependable computer now. xox

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