Monday, July 14, 2014


It's been a few days and I've spent a lot of time finding  my way around my new computer.
Downloading photo's is a new trick I am trying to learn.  Haven't quite grasped it..but I'm getting there.
I've decided I am not much of a "Techie"...and that's unfortunate because we live in a world of  lots of technology and it's changing faster than I can grasp them .

 Yep.  Lots of  jammin' bread here! :)  A little play on words and it sorta gives away the era of the owners..doesn't it?   My son's idea, I believe. 
My son, Pat, and his wife, Cheryl, own this little bakery.

This is my daughter in law Cheryl, and little Emily is their first grandchild.  If someone had told me that one day there would be a bakery in the family...this chubby little lady would have just plain swooned!  :)  

 A couple of girlfriends and I went to lunch and I was lucky enough to run into three of my children.  
That always makes my day.
Their little bakery is such a nice place to sit and visit with friends and sip ice tea..

 The stone wall is a waterfall and it's a pleasant sound while you are eating lunch..or a breakfast of waffles on a Saturday morning...

There is a little stream that bubbles and gurgles through and over rocks...also adding to the nice surroundings.. 

Little shops line both sides of their bakery...

A really lovely place to have lunch with my friends.
A free loaf of bread when I leave is always a plus!
(They love me!)   :)

See those double chins?  Well...three guesses as to what helped me get them!
Chocolate bread pudding for starters. Not to mention my BIG MOUTH!

Just another day in the life of a rather spoiled Mom!

Thanks kids!  I made french toast with my bread!  DELICIOUS!

Sweet blogger friends...
Come and see me when you get to California and I will take you to lunch.  :)

Lov'n hugs,

P.S.  The inside scoop...
Okay..well .the truth of the matter is that I took lots of pictures of my friends.  Or tried.  It ended up a video because I hit the wrong button and all you can see is the camera jerking around while I tried to figure out what was wrong and my mumbling and grumbling about WHY I couldn't turn it off.  Then the food arrived...and we ate..and then forgot all about taking pictures.  You KNOW what big thick sandwiches, soup and bread pudding does ...(besides make you  :) rather plumpish)   everything else leaves your mind...and then of course we went SHOPPING!!  


  1. What a cute idea for a name. Love bakeries with eating areas...especially outdoors. You deserve a loaf of Bread pudding...yum!'

  2. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, I love your pictures and it's always a pleasure to see more of your beautiful family. I didn't realize you had such a cute little kitty in the family. Nice to run into your children too. You look beautiful and doughnuts and sweets are my favorite foods! :) Come by and see me and see what I've been up to.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. What a great place! I'm betting they have a fabulous bakery. Sure sounds yummy! I have family in California...Riverside & Whittier..but I'd rather visit with you! Not planning a trip anytime soon so I guess we'll have to stay backyard blogging buddies!

  4. Mona, Love the bakery café. Yummy stuff. It's sweet that you saw some of the children. You are a pretty lady. xoxo,Susie

  5. Love the bakery name and the sounds of the setting . . .
    Perfect place to enjoy with friends and family? And enjoy some chocolate bread pudding too . . .

    I am proud of you learning how to navigate the new computer . . . more techie than you think!

    Would love to sit at Jammin' Bread and talk for hours . . .

  6. Your kids picked a gorgeous place to open their bakery....I love the sound of water when I'm having a fun lunch! My computer has been overheating and I'm scared to death that I might have to get a new one!!! Hugs, Penny

  7. Mona, it would be the most wonderful thing to sit and drink coffee and spoil our selves with yum for your families bakery.I just adore the name and the decore. Wish them well from me.
    You are getting very tech savy. Congratulations.
    Hugs kay

  8. Oh a bakery in the family would be a very dangerous thing for me. Not you, though. You're as cute as you can be.

  9. Your son and daughter-in-law's bakery is just charming! I loved the front, thinking I would like to sit in that window and people watch. But then I saw the back with the waterfall and stream. No, I want to sit there! Sounds as if you had a lovely day.

  10. What a beautiful place!

    I would love to see that video :-)

    Have a great day!

  11. what a wonderful place. i am a hopeless techie too! i pass the directions to everything on to someone else so they can read them and then show me what to do!

  12. One of my fun things to do is to inspire seniors to buy an ipad mini or android and then show them just how simple it is to operate. I do this for fun n free. I am so happy when they learn and trust me they do. We have a lesson a week and I give them assignments and you, dear Mona would be my best student if we were closer. My reward in doing all this is that a bunch o'seniors are now techy and enjoying it. Your new computer day by day as you use it will be conquered eventually. Just keep doing what you are doing, ask questions and play. I love the bakery - I want to eat lunch here - it really looks quite lovely. lol n hi to PH :)

  13. YUM! I hope when I make it out there that I can meet up with you for a HUG:) Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS and PRAYERS heading your way!

  14. How fabulous have a baker and café owner in the family! You look so pretty in the picture....and happy! Your posts are so endearing, funny and just fun to read! Blessings!

  15. What a cute shop in such a cute place! Who wouldn't want to spend time there? I would love that. Must be a nice place to work too. You are a lucky woman Mona!

  16. I wish I could take you up on your offer to visit my home state once again and go out to lunch with you, but I know it is impossible. I so enjoy your post. The bakery-café is just beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. Cute name for the bakery! Oh, I would be in such big trouble if there were a bakery in my family! I'm "fluffy" enough as it is. lol! You look great, Mona, and best of all, you look like you are having fun!

  18. you got enough pics, to show what a lovely place this bakery is! lovely surrounding. neat place to eat outside. delicious food, of course.

    thank you for sharing!


  19. and good luck with the computer learning!!! oh i know, we are not techy. that's just life. but if we keep at it, eventually "light bulbs" do go on!!!

    especially when/if we can corral a young member of the family, to _show_ us!!!!!!

    gentle hugs,

  20. Yum...can't think of ANYthing more delightful than having a bakery in the family. I would probably weight 400 lbs and have 6 chins hanging around. hahhaa...
    Love all your photos and you are looking sooo good. You are happy and it shows.
    ♫♪if you're happy and you know it,
    clap your hands...♫♪♫

  21. Oh Mona, I can hardly wait to come and have lunch with you at the Bakery. Everything looks so nice there. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friends.
    Next week I am going up to Los Gatos for my Bday with my son and granddaughter. So will call and set up a date when I get back.
    Stay cool....
    Hugs Mary

    Bread Pudding is my very favorite dessert - yum yum

  22. Looks like a perfect place to spend time! Oh, and French toast? YUMMY YUMMY

  23. Hi Mona - what a neat bakery. Lucky you that you get to be the official taste tester! I am huge fan (no pun intended!) of the name, too - so clever. Jane

  24. Mona, an invite to lunch with you would certainly make a cross country trip worthwhile even without a bakery visit...vut much sweeter because of it 😏


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