Friday, July 25, 2014


Paint in the air
Paint on the ground
Paint in my hair
Paint all around
No..not just a little bit..but covering the entire car !
White spray paint!
All I could think was "He's gonna kill me!  He is going to KILL me!
I KNOW he is gonna to KILL me!
I am dead woman walking!

I have been wanting to paint this awful black chipped up screen door for a couple of days ago
I began my project.  As usual I didn't take a great deal of time to think it through.
Dusted it off..grabbed the spray paint can and snapped on that wonderful invention of a handle that saves the finger from falling off and began spraying away..
Need newspapers to slip under the door!  Done!
More spraying..
Need to shut the garage wait..cover the window with paper.
So...I do that!
Back to painting.
"What a difference!" I think to myself.
"PH is going to be so surprised..."
Half done.  Getting hot!
Go take a break and get a cool drink.
Sit for a while...
I go back to painting....
Forgot to shut the garage door!
No problem...and I shut it!

I finish both sides of the door.  It looks gorgeous!
Sooo  much better than it did.
The entire patio looks lighter and brighter without that awful nasty black door.
What a great day to get all that done in nothing flat.

I rest a bit and go into the garage to put in a load of wash.
The door to the patio  is open?  Hmmmm..
I open the washer....and it feels like...sandpaper?!
How strange..I rub my hand over the lid...OH NO...I got spray paint on it.
I look down...the garage floor is covered in ..a fine mist of white spray paint.
I feel a slight bit of panic begin to creep upon me.
I grab a rough washcloth and towel and begin scrubbing the washer..
and it first nothing happens..but it  begins to come off.. and I get it
all cleaned off.
Then I start scrubbing the comes off the concrete rather easily.  GREAT!
Then it hits me!
I rush over to check...and OH GOD! NO!  The entire car is cover with paint.
Both lights go on in the garage and I frantically go to work.
My daughter in law calls for her evening chat and I tell her what has happened..
I'm out of breath and near tears, scrubbing frantically!
Several times I check on PH but he is quietly working on his computer.
Daughter in law offers to come and help ...NO!
"No!!" I tell her,  "He cannot know what I have done to the car!"
She feels so sorry for me...No need.  I feel sorry for myself enough for both of us!
I scrub, and pray, and pray, and least an hour passes..and I know it won't be long
before PH shuts down his computer and goes in the kitchen and he will know I am not in the house!
I work faster.
I check.
I double check!
I think I have gotten it all.  I turn off the lights and quietly slip in the house.
WAIT!  The front window...the wiper back I go and in another ten minutes I am through.
Just in time.  I hear his light click off at his desk.
Thank heavens, I made it just in time!

We head for bed and by the time I am ready to climb in..PH is already dozing off.
I can't do it.  I have to confess.
I tap his shoulder and say..
"I have to tell you, I did a terrible thing but I think it's alright..."  He says " To your computer?"
No! Worse!
I have his attention...
So I tell him the story and all he says is "Do you think you got it all off?"
I say "Yes, it's all nice and smooth so I think I did,"
"Well, that's good."
He smiles.  I smile.
A lovely ending to a wretched evening.

Then he says..."I let the dog out and saw you in the garage on a ladder scrubbing the top of the car,
and I thought to myself, she sure has more energy than I do, cleaning the car at almost ten at night!"

Big hugs!


  1. That last line "takes the cake" and award winning. Not only is this funny - its real good funny. Are you sure your maiden name isn't "I Love Lucy". he,he A lot of people wouldn't even know what I was referring to, but you will. Thanks for the laugh and gotta love the PH man - he really is PH, eh :)

  2. Oh Mona, I can feel your heart beating so fast. I bet you worked your little butt off cleaning that car. I must say I did smile. It might make you smile in time,but I bet you were not smiling when it happened.
    Your painting is always (Interesting!!!)
    I hope you have a quite day tomorrow and can now enjoy your door.
    HUgs Kay

  3. i can't tell you how many times i have done this sort of thing! too too funny!

  4. You poor thing! Now that sounds like something I would have done. I expect a little wax or rubbing compound would have gotten it off the car since it was a fine mist. I painted a little antique bed once and thinking it was dry moved it around in the shop. Didn't realize it wasn't dry and ruined a perfectly beautiful tablecloth that did not even belong to me. The stuff never would come out so I figure
    you are ok!

  5. Now that is a story to post for sure. So funny Mona, you can sure lift a gals spirits so thank you for this funny post.
    Hugs from sunny Florida

  6. so sorry for your painting-day-from-hell....


    it goes to prove that...


    gentle hugs,

  7. Oh dear Mona ~ What a story, but one with a happy ending. Confession is good for the soul!

    Love and hugs to the both of you ~ FlowerLady

  8. Mona no one can tell a story quite like you. This one was truly ala I Love Lucy as the other lady said. Only you don't need an Ethel to be funny. If you tell a story in person like you do on paper, then you could be a comedian. You are the perfect example of "it's not the story, but the telling of it"

  9. What a SWEETIE you're married to!! Aren't we just the LUCKIEST?

    And your way with telling a tale is priceless---I was laughing and being so sorry for you and my heart was beating a mile a minute like when Pauline's tied to the railroad track. What a night!

    All is well in Monaland, and we are most blessed.

    says Rachel, who set fire to a potholder this week on two successive nights Will we ever learn?

  10. I read this and couldn't stop laughing...I know it wasn't funny to you at the time. I could feel your panic.I had to read it again...this time to Joe. He just wanted to know if you got it done right? sense of humor about those things.
    That would have made a good episode for I Love Lucy.

  11. this is your best post ever.. i can not stop laughing, my husband is howling with laughter because i laughed so hard he wanted to know why and i read it to him and we got hystercial. when we got to the punch line at the end we were crying.. tears are rolling down my cheeks. so glad the car is ok and the hubby is speaking to you and the door does look nice.

  12. Oh my word, I love how you tell a story, this is so cute. I am thrilled it all came off, that would be a disaster if not.

  13. Well you will never forget painting that door AND everything around your house:) Happy to hear that you got it ALL cleaned up! Sending HUGS your way!

  14. Oh my gosh, you are a really masterful writer! The way you built the suspense, then so funny at the end, I laughed so hard!! You sound just like ME! Hey, my hubby is P.H. too! Phil Hartzler. Madsnapper sent me, she gave me a link. And the screen door is beautiful!!! It looks brand new and fancy.

  15. I was reading your previous post with the lovely desk you got. Anyway, at one point you mentioned painting something and I burst out laughing! I think I will laugh whenever anyone mentions painting now!

  16. Hahahahaha...that was a wild day! Your husband seems not to ask too many questions. LOL!

  17. Sorry Mona but I'm laughing out soloud right now :-) I know how You must have really worked hard to get that paint of, I am a car painter You know :-)

    Have a great day!

  18. So funny Mona . . . NOW, not in the midst of realizing the car was painted as well! Oops! Happy it turned out ok, thanks to YOU!

    Exciting story . . . ended just fine!

  19. I know it's wrong to laugh, but......Glad it all worked out in the end!!!! Jane

  20. I'm sorry, Mona. I know it was horrible at the time but I just couldn't help laughing. You are married to a GEM!

  21. Oh my lands Mona I would have been panicking too.Now that it is cleaned up I can laugh along with you over it.LOL!

  22. Mona, That is terrible but turned out well. Unless you are sore from all that scrubbing. That's called "over spray."...Whenever you spray paint you have to think of the wind carrying it to other places. Once at work there were about 50 cars that got the over spray from a company painting one of the buildings near by. Talk about a mess. You husband cracked me up thinking you would be washing the car that late. LOL.. Bless your sweet heart. xoxo,Susie

  23. I am sorry, but I am laughing at the vision of you washing the car that late at night! It's a good thing you noticed it before it had a chance to really dry or we wouldn't all be laughing...
    Have a great weekend, Mona...stay away from the paint can, though!

  24. Sandra the Madsnapper sent me over. You did a marvelous job on your door! Great post! I can't imagine spraying the car. I would die! So glad you got it all off. I would have wanted to sneak out to take it to a car wash but I live a good half hour from any car wash so I would have been busted right then and there! lol

  25. Oh, I am still laughing. What a great story. I am glad you were able to get all of it off of the car.

  26. So sorry but this has me laughing. When your husband saw you scrubbing the car at that hour.....hah. He must be a special man for sure.
    Reminded me of my recent accident....spraying my entire body with the gas at the gas pump. It could have been awful. Hope it all came off. I think I would have headed to the car wash. HUGS

  27. Oh Mona! What a Chevy Chase moment your had when you realized the paint was on the car. Good thing you touched the washing machine or you never would have found it until it was really stuck on. I can't believe PH thought you wanted to wash the car at 10 PM. Luckily, you got it all off before it baked on high temps. you've had there. I wish I could have helped you and we could have at least laughed while we scrubbed. You must be mentally & physically exhausted, you poor thing.

    Enjoy the heck out of your lovely white door. Especially since it is responsible for taking several years off your life. Being able to tell this now very funny story.... Priceless! You do manage to get yourself in some crazy situations Mona, but I bet you'll never forget to cover every single thing next time you decide to spray paint anything (Tee Hee).

  28. Ellen poor shoulders hurt so bad since yesterday. But it's little punishment enough for being such a dunce!
    Yesterday morning when I went in the kitchen, I suddenly noticed a fine mist of white spray paint on my big red kitchen aid mixer. AND on my two crystal cake covers. The back sliding patio door must have been open at some point. Poor prior planning is all I have to say. I hope I've learn a lesson. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  29. oh Mona, you poor thing! What an experience, but I must tell you, don't get mad at me but it sounded like a something from an episode of Lucy! Oh my gosh, you wrote this so well, I could feel your panic, and your husband calm as a cucumber, wow, that was a night! The door looks great, whats next?

  30. This is so funny. I know at the time it was not funny to you. Glad you got it all off the washer the floor and the car. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  31. Your had me laughing and also thinking what in the world I would have done and how Jack would react if he saw his beloved Jeep with a new color! I asked him what would he say if I accidentally got paint on his car. He said: "Hmm...I'm sure there would be something that would get it off"...I guess I'm married to a PH too! Your door does look nice!

  32. Wow!! that man is a keeper....
    You are also.

  33. Dear Mona - I laughed so hard when I read this story (sounds like something I would do)! I'm so glad it turned out ok. You do have a very patient (and kind) husband. I think you are a good match. Hugs - Rhonda

  34. ha ha very funny post... sometimes such things happen... just chill..
    Led Lures

  35. Dear Mona, I was not laughing at all when I read of your painting disaster (really). I truly felt badly for you the more I read, but those last few lines really made me smile...but not at you.

  36. My husband does a bit of spray painting and I always advise him to get away from the house... WAAAYYYY out into the yard because the fine mist of spray can fly onto everything. You were lucky to get all of the paint off and I am happy that all turned out well for you.


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