Thursday, July 24, 2014


Last Saturday we got up early and hit the garage sales...except...

 There were hardly any sales at all.  It's the heat I think.  We saw maybe five of them and at the last one I found this little pine desk for 
$35.  They were asking $50 but I offered 30.   He said 40 and I said 35?  He crumbled and even offered to deliver it.  We have a pickup at home so PH went back and got it.   I mean after all,...  :)
Not a big deal...but I'm pleased
I have a portable sewing machine.  Many years ago it had a cabinet but the drawers broke and in those days...we didn't know how to fix it it was sold at a garage sale.  Which, of course, I regretted later.

Since then..I have seen only one that I wanted...badly!  It was a sold by Singer, very tall and very beautiful.
Too much money and if they still sell them  I haven't seen one.  If I ever do...naw...I won't buy it.  I don't even sew that much anymore, but when I do I want to be comfortable.

All these years my little singer portable has had to be pulled out of the closet and sat on a table..thus only hemming or mending was done..  Recently I took it out and sat it on another sewing machine cabinet that was not my own...and was way too tall for me to be comfortable at.
This little perfect.  A deep file drawer for material..drawers for my ribbons..and how I DO love extra storage space.  Paint it?  I don't know.  It's rather retro...and one day everyone will go into that stripping mode and things will be painted with paint remover and everyone will show off the "beautiful wood grain beneath all that paint!"   So, no.  It's going to remain pine.
  (However it would look rather cute...NO!  NOT painting it!)

 I also found a very long dresser scarf edged in pretty crochet.   The beige doily is really pretty.  I have a few strings to clip off after washing, a bit of spray starch and a good steaming...:)  Had to use that pretty steam iron you know! :)

Mele loves bit of fresh air which is always welcome especially when it hit exactly 110 degree's here today!
I do not mean 105 or 108,  but 110!   
What's the world coming to..  ???
Folks we are cooking out  here in the far West!  
Ask Las of my dearest friends lives there..and a couple of weeks ago she quoted me 118 degree's!  So..I won't whine.
I painted all morning until the heat hampered me..and the way I glasses are speckled and there was a paint in my hair and lungs.  No...I did not wear a mask because I am an IDIOT!

Big hugs!


  1. Leave it to you to find such a bargain on a slow sale day. It's really pretty. I would leave it pine also.

    I don't think I will complain about our 90 degree weather anymore. Try to stay cool.

  2. Just like the person above . . . It was 90 here this past Tuesday . . . hottest day so far this summer . . . I won't complain though with you at 110 and someone else 118,

    Perfect desk for sewing machine, fabrics, trims, buttons, etc! Looks in good condition, pine look might be just fine!

  3. Your desk is perfect for sewing and storage also. I also had a lovely sewing cabinet, but i sold it at my garage sale many years ago and now I wish I had it back. Oh well, guess we are never happy are we.
    Yes, the weather has been terrible. Try to get everything done before noon as after that it's to darn hot.It also looks like all of August is going to be in the 90's. So stay cool.
    I'm off to San Jose tomorrow to see my son and granddaughter and celebrate my 79 Bday.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. wow mona! what a perfect desk for your sewing machine! and a great price. you are so hot! we are about to get an autumn trough of cool air next week and i can't wait. it is 55 here this morning!

  5. Guess I won't be complaining about our 99 weather anymore, even though it is most unusual - you can have your 110 - Dear Lord, I hope you rushed PH outta the yard with the mirror. I can just imagine him standing out there sweating and eating Popsicle's - you do have Popsicle's, don't you?? I'd say you got a great buy and am glad you are not painting it, but why oh why would you paint anything on an especially hot day such as that - OH, RIGHT, because you did not wear a mask and because you are an IDIOT. HA,HA, ha - sorry, I just couldn't resist it. Love little Mele's photo and nice dresser scarves, especially the white one. I can never seem to find those - the nice ones - today, they are some cheap fabric, but yours are real cotton aren't they. Nice. Have a wonderful day Mona n PH. lol

  6. So, another great blog. Always such a joy to read your news and what all you get yourself into, lol


  7. What a fantastic sewing table that desk will make. Sooooo.... you say you are not painting it.... I can't believe it you paint most things. BUT what were you painting on a very hot, hot day. It is a wonder the paint didn't dry on the brush.
    Keep cool.
    Hugs Kay

  8. i was screaming NO don't paint Don't paint and was happy when you chose not to.. it is beautiful.. it is just to hot to be outside. we had the hottest June on record and July is trying to keep up. i am outside 5 minutes and run for the house. even the dogs don't want to be outside

  9. happy ending!!!

    you got to haggle the man down, for the little desk!

    you have a home for your portable sewing machine!

    you don't have to paint it!


    you didn't paint it, did you???

    so if not...

    what were you painting????

    getting paint, all over you, and in you????



  10. You are so right. It's just a matter of time before the pendulum swings again and painted furniture will be passé. Good call. It looks lovely as it is.

  11. I would not paint it. Looks great the way it is. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Love the desk and I say no paint. It is perfect. I have a portable too and if I want to sew it winds up on the kitchen table. Not good.

  13. Mona, When I read, "to paint or not to paint" I laughed and thought, well it's Mona. You know and we know you love to paint.LOL I loved your story about putting your singer on this desk. I had a a portable singer once and I used a little desk for it too. Yes, girlfriend, I painted that desk bright yellow. :):) I love yard sales and have not been to any other than my sisters. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  14. My sister, the queen of "paint it!", would go with "yes, paint it!" Me? I would leave it be for now. You can always change your mind. After the cold, miserable winter we had, I promised myself I wouldn't complain about summer heat. However, it's been a cooler summer so far. It was 47de this morning! Felt great! We have more warm days ahead, I'm sure. I hope it gets better soon in your area. When I'm crying about snow in a few months, you'll be sitting on your pretty porch enjoying perfect mild temps!

  15. I was hoping you'd say "no paint!" Although, I did paint a similar desk to use for the same purpose. Yours just looks so sweet as is - I've always liked a mix of painted/unpainted. Here in Wisconsin, we have had an oddly cool summer (ok by me!) - I think we will hit 80 tomorrow, still below normal, but higher than the 60's & 70's we've been having. (We did have a random 85 the other day - first time all summer). Hope you can stay cool! Jane

  16. You found another great treasure Mona & a functional one at that. I love well made older furniture & all that extra storage will be great for you. I have my sewing machine on a sideboard table that is the perfect height (after I cut a couple inches off the feet that is). I didn't want to paint either, although I am tempted to try some of the new chalk paints I see. Since I didn't want to scratch up the top of the table when I was sewing I bought a nice clearance roll of wall paper and covered a piece of poster board and made a pretty blotter to cover the top. I had enough to line all the drawers & I still had a big length left so I took a large picture frame I had and covered a piece of foam core with the rest of the wall paper to make a bulletin board to hang on the wall behind the table. I pinned all my sewing project ideas on it. I didn't have to worry about pins & scissors dinging the top & it looked put together when I was done. All for less than $7.
    Hope you stay cool this weekend. We will be back in the 90s here - ick!

  17. Your new cabinet is so pretty Mona, and I think you are going to love it left the original wood. Oh my's hot! Have a wonderful week end...hugs, Penny

  18. Been in Vegas when it was 112 and 113. It's been in the 100's here in Tenn but thank goodness it doesn't happen a lot! Stay inside!

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