Thursday, June 26, 2014


Maybe I'm easily impressed...but I have this item I want to show you.
No..the ironing board cover isn't it. 
Since you all know by now that I iron the heck out of everything, just about,  it won't surprise you that I bought another ironing board cover.  The reason is..I iron in the garage, and even though it is the garage..I like it as nice as I can make it.  Rugs on the floor, even under the car.  Crazy?  Probably.  But it's the closest thing I have to a laundry room.
 Since I do a lot of ironing and things get dusty in the garage no matter how much I clean ... here is my second spare cover.

 .Though I am not a "blue" person..I thought this was adorable.

 And this is where I got tickled!!  This pad fits on the top of your dryer..OR washer, whichever you prefer.
It's on my washer right now..but that's just so I can show it to you.  The dryer is really the place for it.
I got in a rush and there were clothes on my dryer... :)    AND LOOK AT THIS...

 It curves over the sides secured by these LARGE magnets!  Yes...magnets!!

On the other side as you can see, is so you can iron on it.  It is MADE for ironing  NO setting up your board if it is not always up and you need a quick touch up of your clothes.   
I am loving this.  
I mean these  pads are SECURE!   
Isn't it neat???  :):)  
I thought so too.  I just had to share this with you as I had never seen one before.  
The lady is on Etsy.  Her things are QUALITY!
If you want to know where I got it...just email me and I will send you a link.  I am delighted with mine.
The fact that I ordered mine to match my ironing board know how it is.
Probably a girly thing. you like it?

Lov'n hugs,


  1. What a great idea, although I hate my garage as that is the only place I have to store all my Christmas, Fall, Easter and other decorations.
    So I would NEVER iron in there. But, I do love the pad that goes on the dryer and the lovely fabric that it is made out of.
    Have a great weekend Mona. Looks like we are going to get hotter weather.

  2. That is a lovely pad and great idea. I love my ironing board cover and have posted about it and yours on my own blog. I also posted the Etsy shop link in case anyone else is interested in these. They are beautiful and wonderfully made.

    Happy ironing and have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Very nice idea. I am impressed and the next place that could use something like that is the top of the refrigerator!

  4. What a fantastic idea. Often I want to iron something small and it is a pain getting the ironing board out.
    Plus it is very pretty.
    Like Vee said it would be good on top of the fridge, then we could just wah it instead of cleaning the dust and grim off the top.
    Hugs Kay

  5. that is amazing!!

  6. I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with this! It can be so strange the little things that can make a girl happy! Just love this!!!!

  7. Mona, That is a perfect ironing surface. I have done the big towel on the dryer before, to do a touch up ironing. Blessings to you for a fabulous weekend, xoxo,Susie

  8. Absolutely LOVE IT! What a brilliant idea. Wish I didn't live so far away. Postage to South Africa would be prohibitive, otherwise I would gladly ask you to send me her link and order one for myself. I am sure you have inspired many readers of your blog to re-examine their relationship with irons, ironing boards and the actual job of ironing! You make it all sound so exciting!
    You are just too cute, and so inventive, with your prettied-up garage laundry space. You have shown there's no excuse not to have an inspirational ironing spot.

    Big hug, Des 🌷

  9. What an awesome idea! I love that it fits the top of your dryer AND stays where you place it! Love that it matches too:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, BIG HUGS!

  10. what a great and cute idea!!!!

    if she thought of this, all by herself, i hope she got some sort of a patent on it!

    love the pattern! who wouldn't feel perky, seeing these items, in one's laundry?!?


  11. and congratulations to you, my dear!!!!!!

    for giving us a perfect example of finding your "joie de vivre"... finding joy, through out the day.

    gentle hugs,

  12. Now that is something that I've never seen or even thought of! I have ironed on my dryer many times....but I used a towel...not very pretty! I may just need to get me one of these! Have a great week end .....hugs, Penny

  13. Hey I love that - and I am with you - not a blue person - but it is gorgeous. Wish I had one girl! You got a great deal.

  14. Oh, I love it! That is a fabulous idea! Thanks for telling us about this little gem. And have a great weekend!

  15. How utterly clever and cute too! I love it. I hardly ever iron, but I might do it more with this cover.

  16. Wow how cute and very useful. I love it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. I absolutely need her link. Brilliant idea!

  18. this is the coolest thing ever! i need her link cause i am getting one asap! can you send it to me mona?

  19. That is one super idea. I have touched up many a thing on the kitchen counter which is not made for such things. You have the fanciest things!

  20. Ok, now how fun is this!!! I love it and what a genius idea. Some people are so smart.

  21. Well that is just the thing. I have never saw one. It would be great for those little pieces that I hate dragging the ironing board out for. Cool! And pretty too.

  22. Great idea . . . I think it has a few pluses . . .
    It matches your IB cover . . .
    It can be used on your dryer as an ironing board . . .
    Makes for a great protector for the appliances . . .
    Best of all . . . YOU LIKE IT!
    and so do I!
    Great idea!

  23. Fancy things? Jean dear..I am in the garage! No heat, no AC..the GARAGE! The covers make me feel better..actually, a LOT better. At least for now. :)

  24. Mona this is the prettiest ironing board cover and ironing pad I have ever seen. It almost makes me want to iron. Almost..


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