Saturday, June 28, 2014


Today, I finally got the poor, poor, pitiful Fairy Garden..(the smallest of the two) back in shape.  Wouldn't you think such a small spot would be in ship shape in nothing flat!  WRONG
I clipped...and snipped..

 and snipped more.. (poor stone sign had even  fallen over... what a MESS!  It's a good thing I didn't try to collect rent!  I've become a "slumlord"..  :(

 dead headed all those tiny mums and whatta job that was...

You would never know it, but this is a little iron arbor...the pathway through it all overgrown and hidden.

I found the little pathways and began clearing them...this one was nearly done.

This pathway started at the rear of the wheelbarrow and made it's way around the side of the house to
The little front yard. (I took the picture after the "tears" were laid.)

I laid new baby tears that have been sitting around in a flat for the past three weeks..  I could see it was beginning to die so I got busy!
 Tiny real clay pots are stacked on the bench next to the metal watering can.  You and barely see the little wheelbarrow full of gardening tools and flower pots over there by the front door.

I clipped and clipped and cleared away the little arbor, laid grass (baby tears) and put the
little stepping stones back in place.

I removed the little bridge and reset it...  The front door does open and close.   There is a little Fairy inside..but all the little Fairies statues have to go I think.
They are not real and I fear they may keep the real ones from returning.  I've already traumatized them when I began whacking away at their forest.  BAD me!!
BUT they are going to love, love, love their new soft moss floor inside the house.  :)
They will be singing my praises in no time!!

You can see the back pathway is all laid with moss now.  That's a large flat stone you see at the end of the path.  In the evening they like to sit here with tiny glass of cold nectar.  Miniature ferns and a few other miniature plants will go around it.

And when the last stone was finally in place, it was beginning to get dark.  I had to rush..The Fairy lights come on when night falls...and then the Fairies all come home.
Gotta run ..but it's DONE

It needs fine tuning...I need to remove some "things"..I'm not one that likes too many things in my little gardens.but I was just too tired to fool with it.
Don't try to do tiny clipping and raking and planting ALL in one day!
Once they are all done..there is very little to do except water...and every now and then pinch off a dead bloom or something.  They are really low maintenance...just WATER.  Thank heavens.

One Fairy Garden done..and one to go.  It's going to have to wait a bit..I think someone hit me across my lower back with a baseball bat and I was sitting in a chair most of the time!!

I ordered some tiny potted put in the BARE SPOTS!
Shhhh..don't say it! :)

It's something I've been wanting to get done for...months.  :)
It's such a neat hobby.  I would put a Fairy Garden on the ground  under one of the big corner trees..but if I got down..I might never get back up and besides, you can see how well I took care of this one.
There is still more that has to be done..but..I just plain petered out!
Hope you like it! :)


  1. What a sweet little garden! A happy hobby.

    Hope your back feels better soon.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. The fairies should be happy to live in such a nice place. Hard to keep things small enough so that it doesn't overtake them. I should think they were very happy with your hard work of yesterday.Leaning over in a chair for a long period of time is just as bad as standing and leaning over.Think breaks in between.

  3. precious!



    oh i'm sure the faeries are singing your praises!!!

    did you hear that little tinkling sound, later? that was their delighted laughter, at finding their home, all spruced up again.

    (long-live magical and whimsey!)

  4. do you have fire flies? which are really faeries, as you know. ours have just returned!!!!!

    it's time for me to rent 'midsummer night's dream' dvd. since i forgot to get it, onnnnn midsummer solstice.

    i love the faerie sequences in that film! both as bits-of- light. and as up-close so you can see them. :-))))

    and oh the music!!! i do own the cd of the sound track of the film.


  5. Love your fairy gardens . . . many other of our friends have them too!

    I have so many BIG gardens to tend to I have no time for the fairies . . .
    I wyspersweetly to the fairies and sent them your way!

  6. I love it and I know the fairies will as well. I'm sure when it is dark, they will come out and do a happy dance. It looks beautiful.
    Hugs Kay

  7. Oh Mona, your little garden is fabulous. I love it and how you talk about it and the fairies. Perfect.

  8. I sure enjoyed my visit in your Fairy Garden:) Love those tiny treasures! Lots of work went into building that garden and lots of work to manicure the plants! Thanks for sharing it with me! Have a blessed and restful weekend dear Mona, HUGS!

  9. I love this Fairy garden Mona, Sooo sweet. I am sure the Fairies will be gathering soon so look for their thank you gift by the rock. A little sign that reads "Mona, gardener to the Faires".


  10. Your little fairy garden looks very nice after you did all the work on it. I am trying to get some flowers planted where once I had a swimming pool. Had it filled in now I am trying to get it planted with flowers. It may not look good until next year. I enjoy working out in the yard. Hope your back gets to feeling better real soon. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  11. They are out of the jungle :-) :-)
    Now it looks really nice again!

    Have a great day!

  12. What an adorable little faerie garden, Mona. I had no idea they were so time consuming.
    Have a great weekend, girlfriend!

  13. fairy garden slum lord...hhehehe! i always love seeing your little gardens. you do them better than anyone!

  14. I have a black cat named Mr. Miyagi we call him Miyagi for short, he curls up in our bathroom sinks to catch his sleep..He would love to be in your garden and meet the fairies he such a good and gentle kitteh cat..Our other cat Miss Cody would chase after them to let them know she is a large girl with no type of instinct to do anyharm to any animals, the dogs run after her and sniff her and she stands still and just gazes into their eyes, she is a gentle soul..Love your blog, if more people could be gentle and loving to faeries and garden this world would be better..We have an only child who gardens in a top of the roof apt. in NYC she loves the smells and even if it rains she is up them gardening away, here at her home she gardened all the time and when she was a wee one she thought angels came at night to protect her tomato and pea plants, she is a most beautiful human being with real love and a heart for the earth, enjoy your pathway and garden..ciao!

  15. Dear Anonymous...My daughter who passed away just a little over a year ago, was like yours. She said she hoped God gave her the task of keeping the gardens in order when she got to heaven. She came to me in a dream not long ago..and when I cried and held her she whispered, "I'm alright, Mom, don't worry. I am tending the gardens for God." I woke crying but I've been more at peace since then.
    Your daughter sounds wonderful.

  16. Oh I love your fairy garden. Does it stay alive all winter. The plants are so full. I need to bring mine inside for winter, I think. I just love them. I don't kill them like everything else
    Rest your helps too.

  17. What an adorable job,to be caretaker of fairy gardens. Such a sweet job....

  18. I have worked on my fairy garden, but it doesn't look anything like your lovely garden! I think I need more "stuff" in mine if I want it to look like yours. Hugs, Penny

  19. the fairies are dancing now, I just know it!!! they are happy for the upgrades and housekeeping!

  20. How sweet your fairy garden is. And what a lot of work to keep it looking good. I have to get out to mine and clean it up also. I too am a "slum lord". :-)

  21. The Fairies in my garden were just talking the other day about the great forest at Mona's place. Some little fairies in the middle of the night whispered "Take your rake, shovel n spade to the forest, for it is so overgrown, that we cannot find our way into our home at night". They truly felt quite horrified walking through the wildly growing vines, grasses, and flowers. I heard them singing your praises last evening just about when the moon reached its peak. The fairies spoke quietly on the wind last night, giggling and playing on the bright path - I could hear them whispering on the wind - would you please add a gentle male fairy holding a mirror to beam messages up to Canada. haha Love all your hard work and the garden looks lovely. My brother is doing well after triple bypass - hope to be back soon.

  22. When I was at my Mom's my sister pulled out an old, rusted wheelbarrow from the shed...I told her about you how that could become a future fairy garden! I hope she does it! Yours looks great! FYI...sitting is the hardest thing for the back! Ice and Advil. Hope it's better for the next garden clean up!

  23. Love that you are posting more often. I can just see you snipping away in that adorable Fairy Garden.

  24. Ok now I have to have a fairy garden. LOL! Hugs

  25. Dear Mona, what a sweet story Anonymous told of her daughter and your reply made me a bit sad, but then when you said you were more at peace after the dream, I was happy for you. The fairy gardens look lovely and it is a beautiful hobby to should always be shared.

  26. You should make lots of these! This is just the cutest thing ever! Such careful planning and care went into this lovely piece.

    Awesome, Mona!!!!

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