Thursday, June 19, 2014


The day was over 21 minutes ago.  June 18, 1954.  I would have been married 60 years had my first husband lived.
I started my life over once again and PH and I will celebrate six years in just a few day. Together that makes about 104 combined years of marriage!  Think of it!
I was married 43
He was married 55
We've been married 6
I think you could say we are experienced at it..this art of being married!
(I had to come back this morning and change my figures..  LOL
I should never blog late at night..rather EARLY morning.)

Getting on with it..yesterday....those flagstones I've been fretting about for the past couple of years..finally went in.
Our gardener arrived early in the morning in his little red truck..and

...went straight to work and worked all day long..setting those stones.

For about two plus years those stones have been stacked beside the house..waiting and waiting for one of my sweet sons or sons in law to place them for us.  We are just a bit ..( a bit! ) too old to do that sort of chore anymore.  He really did a nice job.

 Across the front and...

.(They made a good sized pathway...)

around the corner and down the side of the the back gate and through the rose arbor.
Now for the grass to grow back.  The trees are growing bigger and bigger and the sprinkler system is now repaired.  (bless our gardener!)  Lots more to do..but it's slowly coming together.
*heavy sigh of happiness!*

I had begun to think the stones would never get put down.  I tried lifting one with the idea of doing one a day..and gave that thought up immediately!
PH liked them all stacked neatly in a corner.  Yep..didn't bother him one single bit!
But he rather liked no plants, tree's or flowers either. LOL

I fix and make me happy.
He plays Saduko (sp?) reads his books and that makes him happy!
From past experience we know when to live and let live!


P.S.  Now I can walk clear around the house and never have to wear shoes!  The irony of it all!!!


  1. Yep, I think you should be the new Dr Ruth :) I love a stone path, we have several in the back yard, as spring time is mucky n wet. I just stone step and keep my feet dry. I love the path and nice huge stones. Looks great Mona. - Face it girl, now you have an excuse to go bare foot all the time - right - hi to PH lol

  2. I love your new stone paths. Your gardener did a great job.

    Enjoy walking them in your bare feet.


  3. they are beautiful.. if they are slate they will cook your feet. we have slate and i could cook and egg on them when the sun is on them.. or my feet which i have done... good idea to hire it done...

  4. what a great stone path. you must be thrilled with it! i have about 42 years of combined marriages!

  5. The stone walk way looks very nice. Your gardener did a beautiful job. Your yard looks very pretty. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Love the path but then who is going to wear all those pretty shoes if you dont wear shoes anymore? Tee hee

  7. Your new path looks so nice and your yard with all the flowers and grass. Now that's where I would like to walk barefoot. The feel of grass tickling your feet always reminds me of summer.

  8. Your new path looks so nice and your yard with all the flowers and grass. Now that's where I would like to walk barefoot. The feel of grass tickling your feet always reminds me of summer.

  9. I love it that your new path can get you all the way around the house...great idea! The bottoms of my feet are starting to look like I go barefoot most of the! Hugs, Penny

  10. Ok, do I love the stones? You bet I had the same type at the home we sold and loved them. A beautiful yard speaks wonders, as my Mother once told me, "you can judge a persons house by their yard." I do believe that .
    Love the blog Mona
    Barbara in sunny Florida
    My Blog

  11. The path is so very pretty - worth waiting for!

  12. I love, love, LOVE it! I've always loved stepping stones from when I was a little girl. The path is just lovely.

  13. I love that stone path. I can see that it was too much work for you two. So glad you were able to find someone to do it just right!
    Now, all those shoes Missy...what are you going to do with them now that you can walk barefoot around the house?
    Balisha :)

  14. happy 116 years of marriage to the both of you!!!!!!!!!!

    oh your path looks lovely! soooo nice to have something finally work out!!! oh yes!!!! something we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for. :-))))

    hooray for years married and for paving stones laid!!!

    gentle hugs,

  15. What a beautiful yard and path. It looks so inviting.

  16. it looks beautiful!! We ha a path like this at our house, we did it ourselves in our thirties, seems a longggg time past, I think you an your love have the perfect match, you compliment each other just right!

  17. The walkway looks great!!! Thanks for coming to visit my blog-I didn't realize the link on my blogspot wasn't active for Bearton Abbey so here it is:

    Of course, this may not be active either-hmmm. I really need some technological help...



  18. It really looks nice, Mona. It's great to have a walkway in the yard. xox Oh, and I love that cute red truck!!

  19. LOVE . . . the flagstone path . . .
    One hundred and how many married years . . . WOW!

  20. Mona, I wish God would have left us our strength even if we had to grow old. I get tired easier and can't go as long as I once could. I'd love to be as strong as I was at 40. You and your husband do know about marriage. I love your new walkways. That helps so much when the ground is wet too. Blessings for a great fun filled weekend, xoxo,Susie

  21. Oh don't you just love a flagstone pathway. It looks wonderful. They are a chore to lay. I can get down to lay them but the getting back up is a problem. LOL! I get aggravated that I cannot do some of the things that I never gave a thought about before. LOL! Have a lovely weekend Mona.

  22. The stone pathway looks wonderful, Mona! You have a beautiful home and yard!

  23. Your pathway is a lovely addition to your charming home! I can just imagine the pleasure you are deriving from taking regular little strolls just for the joy of using it, as I am sure that's exactly what you have been doing. I do love a garden path!
    Big hug, Des 🌷

  24. Now that's how to get it done! Looks great. You have a lot of marriage experience! Pretty clever how you figured it out.

  25. Hi Mona, I love your path! I always leave here with some great ideas! Congrats on your anniversary!

  26. Mona, never too many shoes if that is what you enjoy...go for them and the purses as well. And going barefoot is nice, but on a hot walkway might not be a food plan. The yard is looking great despite the drought I have been reading about in CA. Wish we could send you some of the expected rain coming later this week here.

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