Tuesday, June 24, 2014


How do you feel about color?  any hangups?  I mean really!  Does it intimidate you a bit, not at all?  Well..it does me. Or did.
For years though, as much as I loved red, I would never, ever wear it!  I was raised to think that a woman in a red dress was...well, loose!  Yes, loose!  A hussy!  LOL     Trying to call attention to herself.  So..I never wore red.
As a child I had a little red and white polka dot dress that I loved and would have worn every single day had I been allowed.  
Brown, blues, greens, and prints were of course just fine.  But red?  Never!  
Not any more.
I change what I like to wear, what color I like to decorate with and all that sort of thing, often.
I've been through a faze where I painted EVERYTHING red.  I still love red and it's a favorite color..
 I looked around and spotted my  very old birdcage that my daughter, Maryalice, gave me for my birthday when she was in high school, and she is now 50 years old and got the urge to paint.  It was turquoise and pretty chipped and beat up.  But look at it now.  
As usual, I'm not finished with it and just popped a froggie in it for the picture.

Cute little tabletop cage was sitting there a total mess..so it got a bath of Strawflower too!
 Was I done?
Heavens NO!

I headed for the living room and ....
WHY NOT, my pea brain shouted!!!
...off to the painting table went the first end table!
I have had these for ...so many years.  They are old and split and one even appears to be handmade...but with ANOTHER coat of paint...they are new to me!

..next came the other end table..
and next ...the other end table, and then....
...the coffee table.  All of it is second hand.  The coffee table was a fairly recent garage sale find..for $10 or $15 dollars...I forget.  

Cord?  What cord?  Do you see a cord?
I don't see a cord! :)

All done!  I did it all within a couple of hours..at the very most.  

So... Yes?  No?  Maybe?  
Be nice...okay?

Big hugs..

P.S.  What I wear?  ALL the beautiful colors I can find.  I favor turquoise to wear right now.  Some kind person said it matched my eyes and made them look pretty and you KNOW how that effects us women!  Men too!  They don't fool me one bit!!  LOL


  1. I love that color. You are so funny. You know that you can paint your sofa too, hah.
    I bet you do look beautiful in blue. Your eyes are so pretty.

  2. You have a brand new room. I think that you must paint like a pro......and so fast.
    I love turquoise too.

  3. oh boy I love that color, I think I love it more than white an that surprised me, I have a couple of things I want painted an that is the color I want!!!!!You have the most beautiful home, created with such treasures!

  4. oh mona...i love what you did here. and if you change your mind down the road, paint them a shade of green! sage is one of my favorite colors. i love colors! i wondered if you were really busy and now i know why!

  5. Great color choice, Mona - one of my faves! And the beauty of it is, you can always change it to whatever color strikes your fancy. Just lovely! Jane

  6. I like that color Mona, more than the white I think. It looks warm . . . is it a pale yellow or off white. And brush or spray?

    There may have been a time when I fretted about what to wear, the color, style, etc. No fretting any more. If I am happy . . . everything will be fine. Know what I mean?

    If you like red . . . Wear it, Live it, Enjoy it . . .

    The cup and saucer shelf behind the sofa might like that paint too. On my iPad the color looks somewhat like the walls. I think your china pieces will look pretty against that color.

    Just paint . . . right?

  7. Oh how pretty your living room looks...so fresh and new! And I love to wear turquoise, too. I have bright blue eyes and wear all shades of blue. We would make a pair, wouldn't we? Have a beautiful week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  8. Paint is the quickest, easiest way to freshen up a room...and you sure have accomplished that in your living area! I love that color...I call it warm white! Hugs, Penny

  9. Wow! I love it! The yellow freshens the room up. Great job! I love color but I do over think it when it comes to my home. My sister isn't afraid to paint anything and she has the decorator eye. I just need her to spend some time here! Red is my color for clothes although pink is showing up this Summer! Take care Mona!

  10. Looks great to me! I have worn a lot of red because some family members have given it to me as gifts. Not a color I'd buy for myself. I'd wear black or white on my own. Glad that you wear what you enjoy now!

  11. The color is wonderful! I, too, was told I shouldn't wear red or pink when I was a child, but have made up for it. I just finished designing and making an afghan in tropical colors of the sea, sand, birds, and flowers. I just love it!

    The pattern on your couch is very familiar. I had two love seats with a similar pattern for a long time. I always liked them, but hubby wanted to go plain the last time we replaced the furniture. I think the plain love seats in front of the fireplace are dull, but, hey, hubby is getting his turn.

  12. Beautifully done....love the color. I wear a lot of red; love it.

  13. Love the way the pale yellow turned out on your tables and cages. It looks fresh and pretty.

    I love to wear red and wear it quite often. It makes me happy and also feels lucky to me. A little weird, I guess. I also like wearing bright turquoise and shades of teal.

  14. Very pretty color Mona and I like it.
    My favorite color is red and I wear a lot of it. Always have to have a pair of red shoes, even when I was little.
    Love the bird cage and it looks terrific.
    I had hoped to get out this week but time slipped away from me. hopefully next week.

  15. Mona I would like to keep you at my house for a week or so! I love color...especially the deep bright colors. Green has always been a fav of mine paired with another bright color. Turquoise and aqua are big right now and I bet you do look good wearing it. Love the tables...I think I would like my kitchen floor painted that color..hmmm...are you available?

  16. Hi Mona - Love the colour and I love the fact that you continue to pick out such nice colours. We should all have more colour in our lives. I will answer your letter soon, as I have been most busy with Graduations and some other things I will write about. Ask PH to direct some sun and warmth up this way. lol Lilly

  17. Goodness, how could I ever top your blog. You did it again, amazing blog. Love the Yellow birdcage of course. I see on your wall you love tea cups, well that is one thing I collect. I love all the different shapes and sizes. I had to stop getting them as I am out of ROOM, but, you never call tell where I might find a spot if I see a keeper.


  18. Oh I love a fresh coat of paint! Your tables look SO pretty! I didn't see a cord:) I am loving Aqua and Coral this year! Have a blessed day dear Mona, BIG HUGS!

  19. Miss Mona....this has the WOW factor! What a lovely soft shade of yellow! I think you did a fantastic job! I love it all!

  20. I love what you did, the color is perfect in your living room and wow what a deal on the table. i like furniture painted but have none becasue i hate painting. when i paint it looks all messy and ugly because i have no patience and try to hurry, get to close and make it run... get so messy i can't get the paint off. but if i had someone to paint for me i would love it... that is why people like you can make beautiful things and then Sell them to people like me

  21. forgot. i love red to. and wore it a lot back when i was not the size of a whale.. now i don't bring attention to me and wear black blue and denim...

  22. fun! you had so much fun, doing this project. i can feel it come through, reading your post. and you know, i do believe in getting as much fun as is humanly possible!!!! :-))))))

    oh so pretty they look too! they go beautifully with your decor!

    love your couches. my kind of print!!! oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!


  23. Mona, I almost laughed about the "red" hussy. There must be some ho-ho-ho in me then, cause I love red shoes. I love what you did with the tables. You are so right , a new coat of paint and you have new tables. Hope you are doing well and enjoying some pleasant weather. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  24. and of course, you also know that you made-my-day, by saying that you threw off the old idea, that one couldn't wear red!

    oh those silly old ideas, which get put into our young heads. and which we carry around with us, as dreary/heavy baggage, for so long.

    and how wonderful, that we give ourselves "permission" to question them!!! yesssssssss!!!!!!


  25. red clothes!!!

    please check out these ladies in red!!!!


    i totally love this gal. she made me want round black glasses!

    photo on bottom here.... the whole outfit, of the above pic...

    and are you ready for this?!?!?! helen mirren in a red bikini at 62!!!!

    -clapping hands- who says we can't wear red?!?! ,-))))


  26. Your living room looks lovely with the painted tables. I wear red because my husband, God rest his soul, loved me in that color. Like you I wear what ever I feel like wearing. I really like the bird cage. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  27. Your tables look so nice with that fresh coat of paint. Love the bird cages too. I love color. Always changing my walls. And wear red if you want to.

  28. Love the tables and birdcage, such a pretty yellow. Your couches look so comfy and cozy. Just the place to curl up with a good book. Red would look nice on you with your light skin and hair and a little "Sexy Sadie" never hurt anyone...bet PH would like it too.


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