Sunday, May 25, 2014


We are being encouraged to use plants that used little water..drought resistant AND replace our lawns with rock, gravel or something that does not take water....  
Okay to PLANTS..but I just cannot let them dig up our lawn..not yet!
I've never been a huge fan of succulents..but these pots were pretty..and will get prettier with time.  I hope!
I bought two of them to hang on the arbor until the roses grow higher.  "   

 I  read that they are paying a couple of dollars a foot for grass when you have it removed and have stone and/or gravel and plants that takes very little water.  It's tempting rather than a dead and brown lawn..  I just haven't gotten there yet... it's plan is to just wait and see what happens.  You know.
It's called "laying low!"

I admit I dread the hot summer to come with so little rainfall in California this year.
We have to be reasonable here..
I've NEVER been reasonable.
Is that a good excuse for not complying"
Probably not!  :(

Second one.. hmmmm...

Then suddenly I notice BLOOMS.  Pretty yellow sunshiny flowers.
:) :)
The new umbrella's will arrive in a couple of days...I know they have been shipped.
"Dragonfruit" is the color ...I already told you that, didn't I?
It's a red..they say.  Hoping it looks good and that it is a pretty red.
Hard to tell from a picture, you know?

And ONLY within a day or two... :) flowers!

..they bloomed and bloomed!  I really rather like them.  :)

This is a pretty plant stand I found a couple of weeks ago in a second hand store.  it comes in two pieces..

 BOTTOM~  Not very pretty is it.  I like rustic..but..sheesh!!

Sitting on my paint table waiting to be sprayed.
I chose Strawflower, a very pale yellow.  


 Remember how I wanted a doily for the bottom of my tray? A search in my linen dresser turned up this little  piece and it's perfect!

We finally made it out to a few garage sales on Saturday..and this tiny POT OF ROSES for a quarter was just what it needed.. and I noticed there are roses of the same color in my tea set print. I DO love chintz!

I found a couple of other items..that were functional and sweet.  A pretty heavy clay flower pot with raised flowers on it, this little pot of roses and a pretty tomorrow..OH ..and a lovely Liz Sports sweater in cream for just one dollar.  It turned out gorgeous.  I will love it for next Winter...IF WE HAVE ONE!  I will show them to you tomorrow.
This is already too long!!  Are you still here??
If you are, I love you!!

Mona   :)


  1. Hi Mona! Oh, no! Dig up your grass? Well, when we lived in New Mexico there were areas of our front yard that held rocks. One of our children's job was to go and rack the rocks! :) No kidding. I've never really paid much attention to succulents but yours are very pretty! Love that pretty green tray and the plant stand looks wonderful in its new color.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. I think you should wait awhile to dig up your grass. Can you water or is there a band on watering? I pray it rains soon!

  3. The straw yellow color is very soothing. I like it!

  4. I am here and the post was NOT long enough!!! I loved every word and every picture!! My son just moved back to Texas from California!!

  5. Dear Mona - Your patio is just lovely! I think the colors you use are very peaceful. What a great place to sit on a pretty day. I'm with you about digging up the lawn. Aren't plants necessary for the water cycle? It seems like the fewer plants the less rain - no help there. Maybe you can recycle some of your indoor water to use on your plants and lawn. I remember my grandmother using a dish pan to wash dishes, then pouring the water on her plants. You are never too wordy, Mona. I always enjoy your posts. Hugs- Rhonda

  6. I love ya Mona..I hope your having a GREAT Memorial weekend so far..Didn't Memorial use to be on the 30th?? or again am I getting old and can't remember right anymore..Please tell me Christmas is still on Dec 25th ha ha!! Hugs and love gloria

  7. Oh I so hope you don't have to dig up your lawn, that would be so sad, your plants look fabulous and the blooms are so beautiful. Love the roses, so pretty. Hope you are having a super weekend.

  8. That garden cart is scrumptious and I love the color you chose . . . I think I need to find one like it. I love it!

  9. We have lots n lots of water in Canada - you could have your back yard up here , then we could visit. he,he Gee, I never heard of banning grass and going to rocky yards - must be pretty bad to have to make that choice. Love your new things and always love your patio, greenery, you n PH. Have a wonderful day lol

  10. Hi Mona, We went through what you are experiencing in 2009 it was terrable. Lots of people dug up their lawn and put in fake turf. Some put in gravel.
    Me... I carted every scrap of water from my washing machine and shower and what I used in the kitchen. We were not alowed to water our lawns at all by the sprinkler or hose. I kept it all alive and thank goodness the drought broke. I hope you get rain soon.
    Love your pant stand.
    Hugs Kay

  11. We did away with most of our grass many years ago to have flower beds and garden areas.

    I hope you all will get some sweet rain soon.


  12. I am still here and I love you too! I pray that you all get some rain! We just recently dug our entire lawn up and replaced it with a more heat resistant grass AND irrigation. We had trouble with it burning up in the Summer heat. I adore your new plants! I actually love succulents, but blooms too? YEAH! Enjoy this day dear Mona, sending hugs across the miles!

  13. We've had so much rain it's been ridiculous...although it's been dry since Wed of last week...but the mosquitoes are out in force. I sure wish I could ship some of the wet to you..not fair is it. I hope it does rain soon. Maybe a little rain dance? You have a green thumb my friend..that planter is beautiful and I love the plant stand you rescued and made pretty once again! Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend. My cousin from Riverside is visiting my Mom in Chicago this weekend. I'm sure she's enjoying the very green grass there!

  14. Oh dear...such a decision...I'm all for your method of taking a wait and see approach. Your new flower stand in the palest of yellow is wonderful and The baskets of succulents are gorgeous. Say have you heard of Water Dots? They look interesting. I saw them at Lavender Cottage.

  15. those succulents are very pretty! such pretty flowers...

    i'm not a fan of grass. i'd replace it with low lying green ground cover, in a minute. wonder if that would be ok, or if ground cover still needs too much water? probably so.

    rocks and gravel do not turn me on. -sigh-

    could you spray paint them green? -ducking, running and hiding-

    you must have some sort of watering restrictions. wonder how they work? designated watering hours? pay for water, by its use? must be something.


  16. hi mona! happy memorial day!!! i LOVE that new (old) plant stand...what a find! don't dig up your grass yet! you'll want it when the drought is over!

  17. Mona I love your yard and all the beautiful flowers. Love the color you did you plant stand in. I hope you do not have to dig up your grass. Hope it rain for you all real soon. Have a blessed day and a Happy Memorial Day. Madeline

  18. You are bound to get some rain "one of these days" right? Hope it is sooner than later. Your porch and your flowers look so inviting.

  19. Mona, I hate that you may have to change your lawn,.I love your yard. Your Pots looks good. That is a cute treasure form the sale too. Things look so cozy at your place, I love it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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