Tuesday, March 25, 2014


With all that is going on out there in our world, a lost plane, the possibility of war rearing it's ugly head and a nightmare mudslide.  ...it's important that we have interests..things we can relax and enjoy doing.  Hobbies..music, reading, gardening...and decorating, whatever.  

Well, it's a start I suppose.  The mantel, I mean.  Mr. Bunny needs some nice moss in his basket.  I'll do that today.  And...that ivy has to go.  I'll just keep the light dim in there.
The flash sure makes the ugly show up!  

Michael's had some really pretty garland...these were made by the florist on site.   I bought enough of the burlap ribbon for more decorating.  A little bit of country... :)

See?  I did it again!  I should have dusted  before I started snapping pictures!
 California is SO dry and dusty that it gets away from me.  It cannot possibly be because I am not that great a housekeeper!  Never!
Would you believe the burlap ribbon was $10 per roll???  Enough for about one bow..or..maybe not.

That's it.  That's all I've got!  My get up and go, got up and went!  You know, it would be a LOT easier if I knew my style..like.. Country, French, English, Shabby Chic...etc. etc.  I just don't.  I started off years ago leaning Country, mainly because it was easy.  Or..rather..Early American, as they used to call it. Now I have no idea whatsoever!
It's our passion, it's fun and it's interesting to see how we all feather our nests.
Actually, it should be called "nesting," not decorating, don't you think?  
Sometimes I think it helps keep me sane.
Try not to worry today and I hope you have one really good laugh.


  1. everything looks so pretty! my decor is a mix of very formal with very rustic. i love mixing the two. still no decorating here but i did make a traditional polish easter basket to send to a friend and it was so much fun putting it all together!

  2. I wish I had the desire to decorate.

    You may be eclectic. You have what you enjoy and that is the best style.

  3. I love putting out pretty Spring things. You have lots of beautiful treasures you've collected over the years. Enjoy your day my friend! (we have a dusty house here in FL and it's not even dry!) Hugs!

  4. I have no idea what my style is either, hah. Anyway, I like your style.
    SO true, the news is always so bad. Things that happen around us can be so sad. We have to do a lot to keep our spirits high. Esp. when the days are dark and cold.....in the single digits and snow today. Soon it will be spring. Enjoy your warm days in sunny California.

  5. Hi Mona! Everything looks lovely! Dust? What dust? I have to admit I don't dust much. I just pretend it's not there. :) Love the clock on your mantel and those tall bunnies. I haven't been in much of mood to decorate lately either. I need to get out of my chair, turn off the computer and get some housework done! :) Well, maybe tomorrow.
    Be a sweetie,

  6. Just do "our thing" and enjoy doing it!
    I have no bunnies or eggs or springy things out. Must get busy.

    Yes, the news . . . I can't listen. Not that I am not empathetic and caring . . . the mud slide is so devastating!

    Hark . . . guess what! It is snowing and snowed a couple inches during the night. I am so OVER it!

  7. Prayers of strength to the families of the downed plane and mudslide.
    Your mantel is very spring-y!

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  9. My style is what I call "homey, cozy" but would probably be called "eclectic". I don't know where the dust comes from, either. I consider myself a good housekeeper, but I can't keep ahead of the dust!

    The news of today is horrible, frightening. I don't watch the cable news because they go on and on and on about everything too much. I just can't listen to that. All I can do is pray and that I do.

    Your house always looks so pretty. Have fun decorating!

  10. Funny Lady, I see you have dust bunnies like I do. Lol, oh well that is whats makes a house a home right?
    Have a great day

  11. Yes that's what I call it....nesting. And I will be nesting soon. I close on the cottage in 16 days. I'm so excited. It's been 3 years since I had a home. Can't wait to get in there. Woot woot. Love ya!!

  12. Haha you and I have the exact style problem going on - but yours is prettier than mine!

  13. I know I've told you this before, but my Sister decorates just like you!...:)JP

  14. Still nothing here:) You are way ahead of me! I enjoyed seeing your pretty home! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  15. Mona, I hate to dust..I just tell people that it came with my antiques and it's patina now ha ha!! Girl I can take a photo and upload it and then see cobwebs that I can't see with the naked eye anymore ha ha!! I love ya my sweet friend..How are you feeling now??
    Dawn did a post on her fb page about you and me..check it out..Love ya..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  16. Hi Mona, I love your decorating so much. Especially that little basket of eggs.
    You have made me smile and it is only 7am.
    Hugs Kay

  17. I'm so glad that you are Wise enough to realize, that we can't spend time, dwelling on the Woes of the World. To do so, does nothing to help. And only hurts us, who fret about things, we can't effect.

    Hooray for whatever any of us find, to keep our minds in a happy path. And your "feathering your nest" was the perfect way.

    Not to worry about dust! I don't keep after it either. We are normal, my Dear. The really fussy Martha Stewarts are few and far between. That's my story, and I am sticking to it. -gigggles-

    And as to our decorating style or whatever... I say, we put around us, what makes us happy. Fiddle-de-deeeee to certain "Styles"! :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  18. Looking like spring around your place. :):) I like your bunnies. xoxo,Susie

  19. I think your home looks beautiful Mona! Have you ever read my blog profile...it says that I decorate "with a mix of romantic,country, and cottage all rolled into one" I have now added shabby chic and french to that list...lol! So, it seems we are two peas in a pod...neither can can decide exactly what our decorating style is! I can't think of another "pea" I'd rather share a pod with....Hugs, Penny

  20. I don't know what your style is, but I like it a lot. My style is "family hand-me-downs". Ha, ha! Love the little basket with the eggs in the last picture. So cute! Dust? What dust? I don't see any dust. Do you?

  21. I'm not sure what my style is, but I'd call yours "pretty"! We heat with wood and boy do we get dust! Your mantle brought Spring to me today. We have a snowstorm tonight..again! I needed that pick me up!

  22. Thanks, Mona- I hope you had a really good laugh today, too. I had a couple of them. I love your header. Is that Emily you are kissing in that picture? She is such a pretty little girl. She reminds me of our SweetCheeks.

    Your spring decorations look wonderful and I hope you had a great day. xo Diana

  23. Oh Mona, I didn't see any dust. Don't feel bad, I can dust one day and the next it looks like I never did.
    Everything looks so Spring and I love the rabbits.
    I finally cleared off the dining room table and decorated it a little and a little here and there. There is so much I want to do, but..... I lost my get up and go. LOL
    I am hoping that we get the rain tomorrow that we are suppose to get. Have two flats of flowers to plant.

  24. Most of us have a mix of decorating styles. I think that is what makes a house homey. House nesting...yes I like that. Being a floral designer I do not like the burlap ribbon. It smells and is very hard to tie bows with. The reason it's so high priced is supply and demand. Seems like everybody wants some of it now except me.

  25. Do the governments of this world, with all the spy satellites, etc really expect us to believe any of the story of finding bits and pieces of the plane in the water. I think what they are trying to do is cover up yet another disaster and plant a hoax crash, with bits n pieces, while that plane has already flown on to wherever it was intended to go. There is a skunk in this story and it smells rotten - how could any one Government play with 239 lives? Apparently was on the plane that someone wanted real bad, or what is the intended use of this plane wherever it has landed and covered up, while a bit of debris and personal items are found floating elsewhere. Too much time passed in today's technology for this to be a simple takeover and crash. NOPE, don't believe it for a moment. I truly feel sorrow for the families.
    So, thank you for the news and thank you for the lovely mantle . The bunny's look so cute and I love your little lamps. Mona dear, you do have a style and you know it....Style de Mona!! Have a good day, while we bear down for the nor'easter, which is just starting to happen - I am sure in a few hours the winds will howl and the snow will fall in a blizzard like fashion once again. Shovel= check, Snow pants n coat = check, Warm winter boots, gloves, hat, scarf = check. Attitude great = check. See ya after the storm and hugz to the dude PH :)


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