Friday, March 21, 2014


I've missed so many special days lately, that I considered just going to bed and not trying to at least say something about the first day of Spring.  One of the reasons I considered not mentioning it is because so many of you sweet people out there are not seeing much signs of it.  And...but then know...maybe you would like to see a bit of green grass and blooms.  
We missed our Winter..but some of you have had more than your share..and I know it must get tiresome after awhile.
It felt so good to get outside after being cooped up inside  for nearly a week.  The gardener came yesterday and the smell of new mowed grass was more than I could bear so I headed outside this morning...and didn't miss that genuine First Day of Spring!  I puttered all day long..  
See the pansies I'm going to try and plant ....soon?!   There is just so much I want to do...

 I vacuumed the patio furniture, freshened the table..

Then I collapsed on the lawn swing and watched the little Finch Hatches flitting in and out of my bird house that I bought so many years ago.   
 On a trip up the coast of California on the beautiful Highway 1,  Pat and I stopped in one of our favorite little towns, and in a sweet old house made into a shop call "Hearts Ease" I found my cozy little birdhouse.
It was love at first sight...and yes, one can be very fond of a birdie house.  

It's very old now and since those days, Pat has passed on and so has our daughter, and I found myself wishing he could see the pair of little Finch Hatches settling into their home and working together to build their nest.  
So much has changed in my life since that long ago trip up the coast..
 I keep the little house in good repair by tapping the roof back in place, checking for any weakness..and now I keep it out of the damp.  NO added paint..ever! :)  I've learned the value of caring for things I love.  One day they may not be there anymore.

The little male sat on the roof with a bit of clover in his beak.  Then hopped down and she met him at the door and took it from him, disappeared inside and in seconds joined him on the back of the little red chair.  They conversed about their plans for building their nest..and flew off together across the yard.

 I went back to watching the early episodes of Downton Abbey on my Kindle, sipped vitamin water and waited for my sweet PH who was off having coffee at Starbucks with his son...who by the way is just like his Dad.  :)

May you all have a beautiful's a new beginning..
My love to you,


  1. Good morning Mona. Your patio is so pretty and I'm jealous that you have grass and beautiful plants. You share wise words about caring for things that we should all be reminded of regularly. :)

    I'm having a little give away. Love for you to come by.

  2. Spring sure looks good from your patio:) LOVE seeing all of the beautiful blooms, green grass and hearing of memories of that little birdhouse! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. hi mona! i am happy you feel well enough to be up and moving around!your porch looks wonderful as usual! green grass and yellow flowers are almost startling to see! we are going to be in the 50's for 2 days and then plunge again!

  4. I think you have the nicest patio in all of "Blogdom" - your is filled with colour and warmth from the heart and hard work from the hands. Each and every flower, bush, tree - each and every bit of furniture all put together with a touch of elegance, yet gives a most tranquil feeling. I'm just waiting to see what your garden elves n fairies are up to :)

  5. I am sneaking in a quick break with you to tell you I love the fragrance of freshly cut grass too. The birdhouse story left me misty eyed as I listened to your reflecting. And to let you know I am missing you and can't wait to get back to our one and one journaled conversations. Just sayin' girl, I'm loving you . . .

  6. Good morning dear Mona ~ Your place is so lovely and inspires me to work on making my spaces prettier.

    Happy Spring to you ~ FlowerLady

  7. Morning to ya from sunny Florida. As always your blog is so nice. You have a wonderful day and remember, someone in Florida likes to make you smile.

  8. Hi Mona, I do hope it won't be long before you are feeling well again. Sitting on your garden seat watching birds and enjoying your beautiful garden must be food for the soul.
    For all the years I was house bound, I got so much pleasure watching nature and I thought not many people would ever have the time to see what I saw.
    I wish I was there to make you chicken soup.
    Hugs Kay

  9. What we would do without you Mona? what a blessing it is in my day to share your lovely garden. It is a peaceful sanctuary of beauty! I thank you so much for letting us be a part of this!

  10. I can smell the GREEN from here! That, and the back door is open to the screen, with the sun streaming down the stairs. If you know how precious a commodity that's been in these dark Winter days---it's doubly welcome on its arrival.

    First Days are special---of anything, I think, and your little story is a charming and captivating moment I'll remember from this one. Our little married couples are mostly cardinals, and they've been perching in the bare Luck Bush for weeks now, talking about renovations and hatchings, as we brunch up in the sunny sitting room. Then, when I open the back door just a crack for my hand to emerge and toss out the toast crumbs and bits of breakfast, they flit right down and partake in the leftover drifted leaves.

    Best of every single sunny thing there is to you this glorious day!

    love and,


  11. Oh I love your words about caring for things because they may not always be there it hits home with a lot of us. Your patio and garden are truly beautiful and I now am waiting anxiously for our spring. Hug B

  12. Your patio and yard are just beautiful (as always). You inspire me so much to try to make my yard look nicer. I'm so looking forward to warmer temperatures and nice weather. I think I will mow my grass tomorrow to get that nice smell you are talking about. It's the best.

  13. Your yard looks so nice. Pretty spring time picture. Glad you are feeling better and able to get out doors and enjoy the spring time. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I love seeing your patio and yard Mona, so pretty and it always looks so inviting. Hugs, Marty

  15. Mona, I couldn't agree with you more about caring for the things you love...:)JP

  16. You have the most inviting places to be at your house! I love where the birdhouse is. All green and cozy looking. No wonder the birds want to build there. I do have some house finches that have built a next on my columns inside the front porch. Not that I wanted them to but they pay no mind to me and do as they please.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  17. I can't help but wishing I was sitting there have a cup a coffee with you - such a wise woman. That garden and area looks to me so serene and peaceful and happy feeling. Safe. You must have a lot of memories there and in your heart and soul.

  18. I am so glad that you felt like going outside today. It just looks lovely there. We are having a beautiful day here. I want to go outside and spring it up. But snow is coming again and low temps again, so I will wait. But thanks for sharing, it gives us hope for spring. I did put my Easter little things around the house.
    Your little bird house story was so sweet. Your memories are so important when you loose someone. Keep on feeling better. xo

  19. It is always such a joy to see what you are doing in your yard and on your patio! Lots of inspiration and great decorating ideas! Things are starting to "Spring Up" a little bit here in St. Louis. Thank goodness! The little red-headed finches have been looking for a place to nest around here. I hear them warbling and tweeting back and forth to each other every time I open the door. I bought a birdhouse for them, but have not gotten it up in the tree yet. I had a little bit of a problem finding a birdhouse with an opening that is the proper size. It seems that most of the birdhouses that I run across in my price range must be for decorative purposes.

    After waiting impatiently for this long winter to pass, I have been having to limit my time outside because the pollen is giving me breathing problems. Have just gotten over a cold and medication allergic reaction, and it has left my asthma really persnickety. Time and antihistamines will smooth things out and hopefully I will be able to get out and start getting my little flower beds ready and growing. I don't want to keep the finches or soon to arrive hummingbirds waiting!

  20. Mona, I am so glad that you are feeling better and was able to be out in your beautiful yard. I love the covering that you have on your porch swing, I have been looking for a new one for mine, a pretty one is so hard to find. We drove to Lubbock Tx today and spent the day relaxing, eating, and doing a little shopping. I went to several estate sales and found some really good stuff..will try to do a post soon! Hugs, Penny

  21. Mona, you have the sweetest ways of seeing everyday things, like the finches and their nest building, and relating it to your life. Althoigh the memories can be bittersweet at times and so personal, you share them with such carung and obviously much love, my friend.
    I was glad to read that you are feeling better and able to be out on your patio, which is lovely, inviting, and restful. Maybe a photo of you and PH sitting there one day soon?

  22. So glad you are feeling better!!!!!

    Thank you for the peek at your beautiful in-bloom-surroundings.

    Gentle hugs,

  23. I just love your patio and seating area. The swing/bed us so inviting and trust me, I could take a VERY long nap there listening to the birds. You are incredibly lucky to have created such a welcoming oasis on your porch.. xox


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