Friday, March 14, 2014


First, I want to thank you so much for the kind things you said about my regrets of the past... and the compliments you paid to my son.  You really do touch my heart.

So...before the little secret...

...a couple of snaps of our  Crepe Myrtle tree out front which is leafing out beautifully and for the first time in five years I can already see tiny pink buds of flowers.  It's taken a long, long time for it to flower since it was nearly chopped down long before I arrived.  A neighbor told me it was once the prettiest tree on the street.

The bit of rope keeps the birds from getting their tiny legs broken in that crook.  Tragically one did just that once...thus the rope.

I hurt when I see a lovely flowering tree chopped so severely!  It's finally looking good after five years.

a view of our yard and redwoods through the Crepe Myrtle tree.  Crape?  Whatever... 
Little red bench is calling for a paint touch up. 
*happy sigh*
I think the city of  Riverside hates me...but I'm loving that sidewalk! 

These Geraniums are called "Big Reds" and are supposed to live in all sorts of HARSH conditions.
I bought them at Home Depot a couple of years ago.  Hanging pots in California are at risk and take lots of care because of the heat..and an ant problem didn't help matters any.  

NO more Ants.  (We now have a service that keeps them away!   Some of you may remember my long battles with those ants.
There is a SECRET to how pretty the Geraniums are looking,  (I mean besides no longer having ants.)

Went shopping for flowers this morning with PH.  He doesn't understand my need to plant..or paint things or decorate.  But bless his heart, he tolerates it.   So..he is off the hook for that sort of thing.  Since these are on the front window..and in some of the heat of the day, I now have a secret to keeping them alive!!


As I said, PH isn't much on plants, flowers or decorating..he just plain doesn't get it.  However, the man is a creature of habit.  Dependable.  Consistent.  I can rely on him as surely as I can rely night following day.
Each morning he gets up..gets dressed and pushes the button on the coffee maker (I set it up the night before) and heads out to pick up the morning paper.  Then he fills the water fountain and heads back inside.
It's wonderful and something he has taken upon himself to do for the past five years.

Then one morning a light bulb went off in my head (doesn't happen often) and I sweetly mentioned that it would be wonderful if when he is filling the fountain he could just give this little planter a bit of water and maybe give those poor Geraniums a tiny drink.  Could he do that?  Would it be too much..because if it was, it wasn't a problem at all.  *I smile sweetly at him right here*
Dependable husband with a big grin..said "...heaven's no, it wouldn't be a bit more trouble since he was filling the fountain anyway!" 
End of story  
His saying?   "Happy wife, happy life!"
Those Geraniums are looking wonderful.
By the way, I made him meatloaf,  a big potato salad for dinner tonight and his favorite candied carrots!!  :)
Yeah...that man knows what he is doing!



  1. I love that secret gardening cute. Your home looks wonderful. Hope your weekend is wonderful, xoxo,Susie

  2. You make a great couple......both sweethearts.

  3. what a beautiful home an I think you two are a match made in heaven,

  4. You are so cute and I love reading your posts. So fun. Hugs, Marty

  5. Now sweet. My hubby hates yard work of any kind. I only ask him to do what I really can' flowers...yep, mine....but I love them, so I water them!!

  6. I love crepe myrtles and can't wait to see yours in full bloom. I like your secret to the geraniums. My husband doesn't even go out into the yard. He is definitely not an outdoor kind of guy.

  7. Your front porch is just gorgeous and the front yard...lush and green. I can see they get a lot of tlc from you and PH You found a real sweetheart when you found PH...of course, he didn't do too bad either when he found you! Hugs, Penny

  8. Beautiful tree and your front porch is also very pretty. Your plants look so good and how nice of your honey to help you out.
    How about our weather - going to be close to 90 on Sunday, I think our Summer is here. We just skipped winter and went right into Spring.
    My plants are going crazy so unusual this early.
    Have a great weekend Mona.

  9. OH SO beautiful! Green grass, blooming flowers and a bright red bench:) ALL of that makes me smile, along with such a precious husband doing something SO nice... SWEET! Enjoy your weekend dear Mona, HUGS!

  10. We have lots and lots of crepe Myrtle trees in Australia, the do very well in our heat. I love them and I hope you can enjoy all the beautiful flowers. You are a great rescuer. I love your porch and tell PH keep up the good work with the water.
    Hugs Kay .

  11. What a guy!!!! You house and garden always look so beautiful! Love Pat

  12. A little sweetness goes a long way doesn't it?

  13. What a SWEET wise woman you are . . . Your secret watering system is a winner!

  14. I love that he loves you enough to do little things to please you, Mona. Isn't that wonderful? Your geraniums look lovely and that Crape myrtle is going to be gorgeous. xo Diana

  15. You know your man! Got to make them feel important! But you made him a nice dinner so you are an equally wonderful wife!

    Love your plants...geraniums are one of my favorites. Of course they die before winter but one year I brought a plant in and it survived not only the winter, but the next summer! Feisty little thing! ;-)


  16. Your plants and yard look so pretty! I'm very envious and can't wait until we can have geraniums and all the various plants outside.

    PH sounds like a keeper! You two are such a cute couple and so good to each other. Enjoy your weekend!

  17. You are so cute my friend..Great talking to you today and playing catch up..Have a great weekend girl..Hugs and love Gloria

  18. As soon as I can see my garden I shall give you a call and borrow PH for a too and we will plant together. YOU know those olde sayings work, now - DON'T YOU JUST KNOW IT. Happy Day dear Mona and hi to Mirror Guy :)

  19. It's the little things that a husband and wife DO for each other that matter and not whether they like the same things. I suspect you fully know that Mona and you and Howard enjoy and appreciate each other in so many little and BIG ways. We also set the coffee up the night before and it's one with an auto timer, so it's ready when we awake. Pat gets the coffee and brings it up to the bedroom where we enjoy the first cup daily.

  20. Mona, My friend Steve Bender who is a senior editor of Southern Living Magazine has a Grumpy Gardener blog. He has a contest going now for Crepe Murder. People send in pictures of the crepe myrtle trees that have been cut to stumps like yours. It just about ruins the tree and the shape. You might check it out. PH sounds like a winner in my book!!! If there is coffee made....for me...I make it! You are a lucky gal!

  21. What a sweet love you two have going on! The best! Love your front porch, flowers look so pretty!

  22. I don't do well in caring for flowers, but I sure would like some on our new deck this spring.... maybe I'll get off my patookus and actually water some this year. Ya think? LOL

  23. Any secret that involves getting hubby to do it would work great with me! Those geraniums are beautiful.

  24. Geraniums are a seasonal flower here. I used to bring them in for the winter, but they got so scraggly I start out with new ones.
    You and Howard are quite a pair...I'll bet you have lots of laughs.
    Have a nice weekend.

  25. I love all of those little routines we get into when we get older. It helps make life make sense and feels like security. Sweet we love them! Happy weekend my friend!

  26. give him a pat on the head and say Good Boy from me... maybe that is why i have killed many geraniums in my life time. i tend to forget to water things... i love your porch and i love crepe myrtles and red buds

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  28. Oh I am so happy that you gave that Crepe Myrtle tree, lots of love and care... And it is rewarding you! What a sense of accomplishment, it must be, for you!!!!

    Aren't we lucky, to have such acommodating husbands? Yes we are!!!

    And thank you for the peeks at the front of your lovely California Cottage.

    Gentle hugs,

  29. Everything looks great Mona. You have a beautiful home and yard. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  30. Should add, it is so interesting to see how homes look, at the same time of year, in different parts of our Beloved Beautiful Country.

    Yours is blooming! Mine is snow covered. -chuckle-

  31. I love hearing that your PH has come to your plant's rescue! Bless his heart. It truly is the small things, isn't it? Your posies look beautiful.. and good news on your tree too!


  32. Such a cute tip. :))
    Your flowers and yard always makes me green with envy ....not really....I DO wish we could grown flowers like Calif. but I'm very glad YOU have such pretties.

  33. Sounds like a match made in heaven! Your combined efforts have resulted in a beautiful yard. I would love to be your neighbor...but then again, maybe not. I would have garden envy and Jack would be inviting himself over for dinner! Your place is adorable! Have a great week Mona!

  34. I always had good luck with geraniums when I lived in Riverside.
    Everything looks wonderful!

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