Tuesday, November 5, 2013


What is so great about Autumn ...the entire season into Winter/Christmas decorating, you can just remove the Halloween stuff the day after and you are good until Thanksgiving.  
Mele in her Fall coat.. sorry for the blur!

From time to time I consider cutting my hair..but only for a moment.  Then the urge to do it goes away.
How did you come to wear your hair the way you do?  Do you change it often or do you pretty much stay the same?  I am a long haired woman.  I've tried to wearing it short but I am miserable that way..so I have grown it out and keep it long but pulled back..I really like my hair.  (Even if it is getting thinner...and thinner..)

Messy, but you get the idea..
It's such an easy style..just wash it, let it dry and pile it up on the back of my head.
Sooo easy.  When I tried to wear it short..it was always a problem.
MUCH better this way.
I collect pretty hair clips...so never a problem there.  I have many and still collecting.
Which reminds me.  
The Blue Ridge Gal is now selling them..GOTTA get one of those pretties!

Yes, it hangs down sometimes..but it's just my style.
The easier to take care of the better.
My garage sale jacket..old pair of sweats and a silly grin!  (note the double chins and wattle? :) I only wear sweats around the house..I promise.  However..jeans are the order of the day.  I love Lee's straight leg jeans and yes, t shirts, often with an overshirt to hide my butt... and always, always a cute pair of shoes.  
AND handbag of course.  LOVE handbags.  
Not much on a lot of make up.  I seldom wear lipstick..and then barely.  
I guess my style is no style at all.  
Maybe I should look into this ...ya think?  LOL
Yeah...maybe I should!!

Luv'n hugs,


  1. Mona, you hair is beautiful and you should wear what makes you comfortable.
    For 50 years I had to dress professional with heels, stockings and suits or dresses with jackets and get my hair done every week.
    Now it's jeans, jersey knot pants, t shirts or sweaters. Only put on makeup when I leave the house - hair I am working on a new style that is easy.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Mona, your hair is your shining glory. It is beautiful and I love it as well as the pretty hair clips. Your smile says a thousand words. I wish my hair would grow fast but it want so I keep it cut into a longer old fashioned duck tail as they use to SAY. My is the salt n pepper like yours.
    Loves your post, have a good day my friend.

  3. hey nice post Mona. I love your style of blogging here. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: Simple Tips To Stop Procrastinating About What You Want To Accomplish In Life .
    keep up the good work.


  4. i love the way you dress and wear your hair!

  5. If I had beautiful hair like yours Mona, I would wear it just like you. I have mins shortish and I have to blow dry it every day. I can become a pest.
    I like to wear comfortable clothes at my age, and the height of fashion is certainly not part of my wardrobe.

  6. I had very long hair Mona and when working in my career wore it up and down and on weekends braids, or braid or ponytail - sometimes basically like yours. I wore it that way for years. When I retired, I started to dress differently, more relaxing and just one day out of the blue I saw a lady with the most saucy hairstyle and took a photo and went to my hairdresser and asked if I could wear that style - She thought I was saucy enough to get away with it, so there you are. We dress about the same in and out of the house, so now can we hang out sometime soon ha,ha Love ya kiddo, big hug to PH :)

  7. Mona, I totally agree with your fashion style and jeans are for me as well, the casual the better. I prefer my hair short but your long locks are beautiful and suit you well. Yes, mine is also thinning and started before my 64 years, but the less worry and fuss the better. And I do prefer to color mine, but have it done by a professional. Tried the gray look, which did not suit me as well as it does yourself.

  8. I have worn my hair chin length or shorter for years. This year after having it cut really short and hating it, I decided to let it grow out. My husband loves it long and so do I. It's not quite as long as yours, but getting there. Almost. For work I usually wear it in a ponytail to keep it out of my way.

    As for clothes, for work I wear jeans a lot or pants. The work is dirty and I don't want to get my clothes messed up. At home I am wearing a lot more skirts. I just feel more comfortable in them. But in winter those pants come out again.

  9. I love your look:) You know that I am one of your biggest fans! Your hair is SO pretty! Mine is short and changes colors a lot:) It is dark right now and everyone likes it, even me! Enjoy your day sweet Mona, BIG HUGS coming across the miles!

  10. I love your hair Mona . . . and envy how thick and wavy it looks. You are Stylin' . . .

  11. thanks for the photos, now I know who i am speaking with. LOL on the speaking.
    your hair is beautiful. mine is as short as i can get it and in the same style that i cut it in back in 1980..my husband cuts mine, but it has to be cut ever 3 weeks, so the expense would be really high if he did not cut it. if he goes before i do, i intend to do what you do, let it grow and pull it back. wonder how long it will take to grow in...

  12. You look great Mona. Love your smile. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Your style is very similar to mine, except I keep my hair fairly short. My hair is very fine and I have to use hairspray, which I don't like, so I wish I could wear my hair like you do, but the style doesn't suit me. Looks good on you!

  14. Your hair is beautiful Mona! I don't do short hair either. Whoever said short hair is easier just does not have my hair. I agree with you totally. Wash it, let it dry and put it up with a clip. Infinitely easier and frankly, never goes out of style. Just think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's! You're stylin' girl!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  15. Love your hair, Mona. I've often thought that I could let my hair grow,but half way there and I have it cut. Guess I'll always have short hair.
    As I age, I'm getting natural curls. My hair has been straight as a stick...but now, I have some curls.I find curls hard to manage.

  16. Well, I sahve it off two or three times a year :-) So much easier to get clean with the job I have :-)

    Have a great day!

  17. AFter age 50 we all deserve to dress as we like in our own unique way. I've started my hair wearing longer since I started selling the hair clips. Hope you will visit soon and find one you like.. by the way, Tomorrow, the 7th, there will be 3 new styles on sale and free shipping so be sure to come to my website and click on the sidebar to go shopping for one.. xox

  18. I'm with you- I am a long haired gal. I have cut it short but feel uncomfortable and it never feels/looks "right". I wear mine pulled back also-it is just me! xo Diana

  19. I love your long beautiful hair and its color. I wished I could have long hair like that but its not to be.
    You are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Remember that when you are feeling blue - and we all feel blue once in awhile.
    Your posts always put a smile on my face and joy in my heart.
    Connie, IN/FL

  20. Your hair is lovely! It looks healthy and thick.

    A couple of years ago I had a "mood" and decided to get my hair cut into a bob. That is the style in my profile pic. The problem with that was, every time I would catch sight of my reflection in a window or whatever, I would at first think "Who is that?" and it never felt like "me". I had always had longer hair. I got tired of startling myself, so I grew it out a bit longer than shoulder length. That is the way it has been for most of my life.

    I have to watch out for those moods to change myself. I do not always make the best choices in the midst of those moods. One time I took the hair salon up on an offer of a darker hair color for free, as part of a training session for the colorist. I was in a "mood" so I said yes. It came out to be a very unusual maroonish, purpleish auburn shade. Scary. I wanted my blonde hair back way before the other color finally was able to come out. That lesson lasted for a while.

  21. CONNIE...I get so frustrated when I cannot write and thank a person for their precious comment. Everyone who visits my blog are so kind.
    Thank you. You ladies always make me feel good no matter what is going on around me. :)
    My love to you..

  22. Some nice hair jewelry you have, and a very nice and cosy blog you have.

    Greetings from me in Stavanger.

  23. Some nice hair jewelry you have, and a very nice and cosy blog you have.

    Greetings from me in Stavanger.

  24. Your little Mele is adorable.

    And so are you - your hair grayed beautifully.

    I have never ever in my life had long hair. Always short. Put yours is pretty.

    I bet you are tall. I am short.

    You are a natural beauty.


  25. I used to change my hair style constantly. I think my hubby liked it long, but I cut it short about 15 yrs ago and haven't gone back. It grows slower now and trying to get it long would take more patience than I have! My daily wear are scrubs and surgical caps..very hard on the hair style! I think you have beautiful hair and a cute style of dress...just enjoy!

  26. Now, I have to tell you....you are one good-lookin' 70+ lady and your hair is....well....just YOU. It's very pretty. I haven't worn long hair since I was in my 20's...

  27. Mona I love your blog. I wish I could wear my hear long. It would probably be easier than short. I have to wear mine really short as my hands will not work anymore. I also have a cute little pomeranian (spelling) dog her name is Kiwi. Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are the best.

  28. Your hair is beautiful, Mona....and if it's getting "thinner and thinner" I sure can't see it in the photos! It looks amazingly thick to me. Now MY hair...IT is super thin. Always has been. I've been wearing it very short for the past ##years!
    Just being happy with who we are is what's important, right? Hugs..

  29. Hi Mona I love your Hair Style It suits you I have not been blogging much since my daughter got sick I was thinking of you so I thought I would have A look in I hope you and your Family have A very Merry Xmas Big Hugs to you Mona xxxxxxx


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