Thursday, September 12, 2013


 Anyone who has not had the experience of blogging, is just missing SO much.  IF you are not a blogger, but you have thought of doing it,  it is one of the most rewarding experinces you will ever have. 
Caring, love and acceptance at your fingertips.

We all have our dearest friends that we love and see in our every day lives, have lunch with, chat on the phone with, etc.  But Bloggers...are different.  They are just so loving, giving, kind and thoughtful, without ever having met you in person.  Some even travel miles and miles to meet you, such as Joanne from the OC, Marydon and Tanza 
An amazing group of people. 
I sometimes wonder...does the world know about us?
We are the way the world should run, don't you think?

 BJ!  Thank you dear!  The package came today..and I was just plain overwhelmed!
 I won bj's "GIVEAWAY" just before she took a short break and had tests done to make sure all was well.   PLUS, she and her Mr. Sweets are in the middle of a house sale..and anyone who has done that KNOWS how challenging it can be! had time to do a "GIVEAWAY"...  An amazing woman, our bj!
 This is what greated me when I opened the package.  First let me tell you that I was expecting a nice box of delicious Texas Gingersnaps..  and THIS is what was delivered to my door and greeted me when I opened package...
Just look at the beautiful box my gifts came in!  A box of Texas Gingersnaps?  :)
YOU sweet, sweet friend of my heart!  HARDLY a box of Gingersnaps!
Yes indeed! *smile*
 OH MY!! 
A wee out of focus, but I was just so excited!  Like Christmas!!

...and inside that pretty paper wrapping, each little delicious cookie is shaped like TEXAS, of course! :)

 This adorable mug with a cute hen on it.  (bj KNOWS me!) but ANYONE would just love this mug! 
Cocoa and Good Earth tea.  YUM!!

..not to mention the Gingersnaps...they are just delicious!!
See?  bj's little tutorial taught me something.  :)  I took my time and tried bj's way of photographing.
Nice, huh?  At least a lot better than my usual efforts... thanks for the photography lesson!
 I had to grin at the sweet extra's she added to my box of cookies!
But...that's bj!!!  (By now PH is VERY interested!!  I actually think he was a wee jealous!)
 ....inside was this little container of flavoring to add to my water bottles?  HOW did she know I hated water and the doctor is almost force  feeding me the stuff!  I cannot wait to try this...AND I drink everything with straws.  AND...AND..I adore polka dots!  These straws are just adorable.  I will add them to my jar of straws..but NO ONE CAN USE THEM!  They are just to look at and admire!  :)
Remember when we bought our polka dotted baking dishes, bj?

When I opened my box of gifts, the most fantastic aroma met me.  This is just plain delicious smelling and now my whole family room smells delightful!

As bj says..." Can you say OH HONEY!"
WILL you JUST look at the goodies??

...And this is the most WONDERFUL part of all...her note!!
I've won a lot more than those delicious Gingersnaps and all of the delightful gifts.  I've won your friendship, bj,  and THAT is the greatest treasure of all.
Love to ALL of you out there that take the time to visit me and comment and take part in my life.
You are the wind beneath my wings..unseen, but out there helping me put one foot in front of the other.
Hugs and love,



  1. Hi Mona, I read every one of your post. I've cried with you and laughed with you. And of course I've said lots of prayers. I don't have a blog, I wouldn't know where to start! So for the time being, I'll just enjoy yours! Your gifts are wonderful!
    Susan in SC

  2. Susan dear, if you ever need help starting one, I am here. You are exactly the sort of person that I was speaking of when I wrote that part of my post.
    There is not one of us that wouldn't help you. All of us had help. I had lots! I would not even be here if it were not for so many out there that took the time to help me. Send me your email address and I will answer any questions I can..IF you decide to try it, and if I can't help, I know those who can. I am SO glad you read my blog. You've made me so happy tonight!

  3. Oh NO, I posted and for some reason where did it go. Now I don't remember what I said, is this called Ole Age. Mona, my dear friend, you deserve the beautiful box you received. Enjoy, your Florida Friend,

  4. Aah, what a delightful surprise Mona - I am impressed with your photo of all your goodies and also the photo of the rooster mug with tea, spoon and lovely gingersnaps. I like all your photos, but these two are very well done - now, that last photo just has me hungry - Werther's is one of my fav's, so looking at this photo just makes me want to hop in the car and go buy some. he,he
    I can tell by your post that it was a delight just to receive and open each gift. You deserve it Mona, my dear, you really do. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Friends are like precious diamonds. Dear BJ certainly had a wonderful give away.
    If any one would enjoy it you would.Had to smile about the gardener. The hedge is looking as though he got out with the nail scissors it is so perfect.
    Big Hugs to you.

  6. WHEW....I was beginning to think a total stranger was enjoying your cookies and wondering who in the world sent them. haHHHaaa...

    So glad it arrived, safe and sound...
    but more thrilled that you like it.

  7. Sweet BJ! I love her and what a sweet gift! Enjoy your snaps dear Mona! Blog friends are precious to me too! HUGS!

  8. Delightful, warm and humble . . . that is you dear Mona!
    No one else deserves a cheery giveaway more than you!
    Enjoy those Texas Snaps!

    Cheers back to you bj!

  9. Good morning my sweet friend,
    WOW !! You hit the jackpot .... you DID !! Something yummy to drink, with pretty red polkadot straws !!! I have the PINK ones :) Yummy gingersnaps, and a NEW wonderful friend !! Can NEVER have too many of those :)
    And, YES, I agree with you !! Bloggy friends are the BEST !! There is soooo much wonderful in the world, and, I can say for myself, I have been BLESSED out of my socks with meeting my many bloggy friends, and, look I met you !! SWEET WONDERFUL YOU !!! Love your heart and soul, it comes out in everything you share !! I feel blessed and honored to call you FRIEND !!
    Have a happy day sweet one .... and enjoy the rest of your cookies.
    Love you to pieces ~Tanza~ xo

  10. Perfect... and just what you needed to cheer you up! I can here the happiness in your words and hope that the tea, gingersnaps and other gifts are doing their work on you to get you joyful once again.. XOX bj sounds like an awesome gal.

  11. A big box full of love! How sweet and what perfect timing! I'm sure there were lots of hugs that came with those goodies, too! Sweet hugs from Florida!

  12. Oh what a special gift and I love it all, so thoughtful and so perfect. I am thrilled for you and yes, bloggers are the nicest people in the world. Enjoy your wonderful cookies, tea and water. Hugs, Marty

  13. Oh, Mona - I just can't wait to read your posts! You are so full of life and enthusiasm and joy! I ALWAYS feel like I've talked with a friend. BJ was sweet to send you so many goodies, but I'm sure she knew you would be so excited to get them - and that's the fun of giving. I'm sorry I always comment anonymously, but I am so technologically ignorant I can't figure out how to otherwise. I need to take some classes. lol Enjoy your tea and cookies! Hugs - Rhonda

  14. I DO believe people find each other, in the strangest ways, but for the most wonderful reasons.

    Finding YOU, Sweetpea, is one of the delights of my entire internet experience, and I hope you know how your words and joys and tears have touched so many, sharing their own, and each taking strength and joy from the other.

    I count blogging friends as a special lagniappe in life---how else would we have met, or shared in each others' days?

    You're a special gift to folks you'll never know, or even know of, and that's a wonderful, special thing.

    love and,


  15. Dear Rhonda..Since there is no other way to communicate with you and Susan in SC, I am hoping you both come back and read my responses to your comments. I wanted to thank you for your comment but my posts have not always been upbeat. Life happens and it is sometimes heartbreaking.
    I usually try not to speak of my heartaches but blogs are supposed to be where you let it all out. That cannot always be and I would rather do lighter post of just my every day life..even when I am complaining. :):)
    Thank you for stopping by and for commenting and being so kind.
    Love to you..

  16. Blog giveaways are so much fun and I'm thinking of having a Welcome Fall giveaway in the next few weeks. You deserve a nice gift like that and I know you'll enjoy each item! Congrats and enjoy your weekend!

  17. Dear Sweet Mona, I am so glad that you are back blogging - you have been missed.
    How sweet of BJ to send you all those wonderful gifts.
    take care of your self and have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Dear Mona, Thank you for responding to my comment. I have been reading your blog for a very long time, but have only recently tried to comment. I know you have had heartache in your life, and that you've just gone through something no parent should ever have to. But in the midst of your sorrow you've shown a deep faith and love for your family that has really touched my heart. I know that some of your posts were probably very difficult to write, but I'm sure many people were encouraged or inspired by your strength and courage. I love your sweet spirit and I never feel like you're complaining. You seem very genuine. Love and Hugs - Rhonda

  19. Wow did you rack up.....You are such a good and faithful blogger...I am promising myself I HAVE to get back to it. I have missed it so much....

    Happy Fall,

  20. What a super box of thoughtful gifts...thank you, bj, for absolutely making Mona's day and for the spin off effect...I was ever so excited sharing in the slow unwrapping of it all. You did SO WELL, Mona, taking such lovely, detailed shots each step of the way...and it was really lovely to see bj's pretty penmanship. A very nice script indeed.
    So delighted your day was made extra special, Mona!
    Big hug, Des xxx

  21. Congratulations on your win! What a sweet box of goodies you received from bj! You both are such warm and friendly gals and I'm glad to have found both your blogs this year. Take care and enjoy your goodies and the rest of the weekend!

  22. Wow, what a generous giveaway that was! The Texas Snaps made me smile. Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting!

  23. I agree! Blogging is such a wonderful way to connect with people around the world. I love my blogland friends and always enjoy my virtual visits on their blogspots:).



  24. Wow!!! That is a bonanza. Who would not love all those treasures and treats? Congratulations on winning.


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