Saturday, September 21, 2013


I'm REALLY motivated now!
You see, I got out there in that shed today...(the temp high was only 78 degree's!) and pulled all that junk out and went through all of those plastic bins to see whatever happened to all my Halloween stuff.  I kept thinking of stuff..and wishing I could figure out where it all went.   TONS of Christmas, but no Fall or Halloween. careful what you wish for.  I found it! 
I am NOT, I say NOT, going to put all of that stuff out. 
Monday I am going through every bit of it and what I don't put out is going to GOODWILL!
I'm not kidding about this.
 These are the new Fall placemats I found on ebay..and napkins.
 ...and on the back?  Halloween, of course!
 The napkins are black with tiny stars on one side and a pretty Fall tiny print on the other.
 This is my pumpkin tea set that daughter Mary gave me many years ago..and which she has borrowed...uh huh, indeed she has!  :)  I finally got it back..
I love it! 
Isn't this exciting???  LOL  This is what you post about when you really have NOTHING!  :)
Remember...I said "motivated" not "inspired"...  :)
Do I REALLY want my hutch decorated with this?  Maybe...I 'll add a spider to his head ...:)  Oh why not?!!  heh heh! :)
Today I saw homes in full HALLOWEEN dress...I mean ghosts and all!  Already!  Kinda tickled me to know I am not the only one that rushes things!
Big Fall hugs,
P.S.  BIG Fall bon fire Sunday night at the and friends will all get together and celebrate the first day of Autumn!
Isn't it wonderful?? 
I am so appreciating my wonderful family!!  The bigger the better my Mom used to say!
I'll take picture!  (if I remember)


  1. Mona, put your camera in your bag now so you don't forget. I just love the Place mats and Pumpkin tea set. I'm not so sure about the scull.
    I'm sure your home will look a treat by the time you get all those decorations out.
    Big Fall Hugs to you.

  2. Oh dear sweet Mona, so glad your back. I have missed your posts and emails.
    Love the place mats and napkins. How cleaver to have fall on one side and Halloween on the other. Also like the Pumpkin tea set.
    Have a wonderful time at the beach and take lots of pictures.
    By the way my email has changed to

  3. Hi Mona, Who made your crochet Tablecloth? I have made that one before myself, My e-mail is I hope to hear from you. Have a good day today.

    Your Florida friend

  4. I am thinking about the bonfire on the beach which I think would be sooooo much fun. Also love that you are decorating and found everything. Love the pumpkin teapot set :) lol

  5. Looks like you are READY....and what a ton of fun it must be to have a big family outing! We finally have some cooler weather to bring the Fall Season in...Hope you have a terrific day!!

  6. Great post Mona . . . like the color too!

  7. I love your new placemats and napkins, they are so pretty and the teaset is fabulous. I need to purge big time too. YOu always find the neatest treasures. Love the skeleton. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi darling, love the placemats! Can you say fabulous? Yes we can, the skullhead is certainly a conversation piece, what a fun centerpiece for a Halloween Party... hint, hint. Have a great time on the beach DON'T forget the camera. fondly ~lynne~

  9. That is on my TO DO list... get up in the attic and find those FALLISH Pumkins:) Have a blessed day! Can't wait to hear all about the Bon Fire, sounds like tons of fun! HUGS!

  10. We've had autumn here for some time but the warm and sunny weather has made it feel like it still was summer here :-)

    But today autumn arrived. It's cool outside and it has been drizzling all day, so I started a fire in the kitchen stove for the first time this season. I don't like winter aproaching but I do like to have a fire in that stove :-)

    What a nice tea set! We really don't have any autumn decoration here, especially since we don't celebrate Halloween, well it is starting to become popular here too but almost only in the big cities so far.

    Have a great day!

  11. I am waiting for my husband to get all and I mean ALL of my Fall tubs...and yes, some is going to Goodwill!!

  12. First, I love your new header, so cute! Such pretty placemats and napkins, they go well with your pumpkin tea set. Glad you got it back! Sounds like a wonderful time with your family to be had at the bonfire! Enjoy!

  13. I LOVE getting rid of things in the house. You will too. It's empowering and makes me ROOOAAAR.

  14. I am so glad you are back! I love fall because when it is cool you just feel like doing everything again - it feels like life you know what I mean. Can't wait to see the photos!

  15. I love your new banner. Great finds for fall. I am so happy that your family is getting together for some great fun. (((((HUGS)))

  16. It is so nice to see someone who likes to decorate like I do. I love the napkins and runner. Right now I have fall decorations out but come October my Halloween decoration will come out. I love your pumpkin tea set. Have a blessed day and first day of fall. Madeline

  17. Hi Sweetie,
    Just read your email, and saw this sweet FALL post by you !! FUN !! I REALLY LOVE FALL .... SPRING and FALL have always been my favorites !! The colors of Fall and feeling in the air ... the Autumn Sunrise and BEAUTIFUL HARVEST MOON .... casts such beautiful warm colors and glow upon us ..... I have dressed our home in FALL as well .... gets me in the mood to bake, Noooo .... NOT BIG dinners or such, BUT, yummy cookies and pumpkin bread ... and the smells that drift around our home .... YUMMERS !!!
    Your bon fire sounds wonderful, dress warm, and bring a big fluffy blanket to snuggle in !! YES !! Family is the BEST !! Enjoy yourself sweet one, and happy FALL decorating to you !! Your sweet cottage looks smashing, skeleton heads and all :):)
    Love to you ~Tanza~ xo

  18. hi mona! i love those placemats. great find! time to decorate. i can't wait to see what you do. have fun at the bonfire. i will be building a fire outside tonight. it is going down to 44 tonight! joyce

  19. Hi Mona, I am a new blogging friend and so glad I found you. I am now inspired to do fall decorating. Also, I think I will keep checking out Goodwill, maybe I can find inspiration from what you gals no longer need LOL


  20. I hope your beach bonfire creates many wonderful memories. I am sorting things, too-xo Diana

  21. This really puts me in the Fall mood. Time to pull out our pumpkin shaped cast iron enameled pot that I like to keep on the stove. Have a fun bon fire! Will you be in CDM? That's where friends and I walk the stairs.

    LOVED you comment about SF>

  22. I'm just slipping a few fall goodies out and then I'll hit the Halloween trail next week. I love this time of year and I would love to go through those bins of yours..but I have my own to go through and I don't need another thing. (even though I did pick up a few "treats" last week!) Enjoy that bonfire..a bonfire on the beach...How fun!

  23. Mona - I was smiling thinking about you digging through tubs in the shed. We just moved here last fall and in an effort to be "organized", I boxed up all of my fall things and put them up. Of course, now fall is here again and I can't find them anywhere! You have such an eye for decorating. Your home seems so welcoming and "homey" (with the exception of the skull, perhaps. lol) I hope your family bonfire was wonderful! - Rhonda

  24. Dear Rhonda...thank you. What a nice thing to say! I try..and you are right..the skull in the pretty least early if not just plain scary! LOL
    I will try to do better! :):) Not even sure why I bought it last year.
    Hugs!! I hope you come back and see my answer to your comment..

  25. Love those mats and napkins. Really cute.
    I don't decorate very much for Halloween....just a few things....and they are packed away so may not decorate at all this year.

  26. I always enjoy your decorations for each occasion, holiday and season. You have a talent for making it look perfect.

  27. Mona...Adore your Halloween placemats and napkins. Goodwill, and eBay are always full of great treasures. I really like these. Today I added your name to my sidebar and added mine to your listing of followers. I really do enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice week. genie


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